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Vacancy Announcement VA21P050V01 Project Officer - Psychologist European Return and Reintegration Network (ERRIN) Posting Date: 8 March 2021 nd Deadline for Applications: 22 March 2021 Duty Station: Yerevan, Armenia Target Start Date: As soon as possible Contract Duration: 1 June 2022 Type of Post: Local Organisational Overview: The International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) is an international organisation tasked with promoting innovative, comprehensive and sustainable migration policies. With 17 Member States and over 60 projects active throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, ICMPD isagrowingandever-morerelevantpresenceinitsfield.Theorganisation’sgreatestassetsareits200+ staffmembers,whopersonifyitsvaluesofcommitment,integrity,partnership,respect,andinnovation in actions and decisions.

Project Overview: ICMPD isinviting allinterested candidates to applyforthe Project Officer –Psychologist’s position for the ERRIN Project and its activities on Capacity Development of the Migration Service of the Republic of Armenia (AMS). The overall objective of this project is to ensure continuous reinforcement of AMS capacities and those of its staff, thereby facilitating larger ownership for AMS regarding the management of return and reintegration processes around its returning citizens. This project will be set-up within the framework of the European Return and Reintegration Network (ERRIN), an initiative of 15 Member States, FRONTEX and the European Commission. The objective of ERRIN is to facilitate and support co-operation between European countries in the field of return and reintegration. ERRIN is funded by the European Commission (DG HOME). ICMPD is the implementing partner of this initiative. The ERRIN Programme Management Unit (PMU) is based in Brussels.

Please note that this position is subject to approval and availability of project funds. Job Description: The Project Officer – Psychologist is responsible for strengthening the psychological and psychosocial counselling capacities at the Counselling and Referral desk at the Armenian Migration Service as well as the ‘Single Window’ service at the Armenian Ministry of Justice.

The Project Officer – Psychologist will work with Armenian citizens (hereon clients) that (have been) returned from i.a. Europe to Armenia and/or other displaced persons applying for information, (in- 1kind) assistance or other types of support. Due to their background, migration experiences and/or precarioussocio-economicconditions,clientsmaybestrugglingwithsituationsofcrisisandhighlevels of stress. Making thorough assessments and the development of clear and comprehensive treatment plans (adaptable to the clients) will be an integral part of the Project Officer – Psychologist’s duties. Where needed, the Project Officer – Psychologist will refer clients to external services/mapped stakeholders, with whom they will maintain close contact throughout the process, for long-term therapy, psychological or psychiatric support.

The Project Officer – Psychologist will organise training and Intervision sessions for counsellors and desk workers engaging with returnees from Europe and other displaced persons to improve their counselling and communication skills to clients.

The Project Officer – Psychologist will also continuously monitor the implementation of applicable projectactivitiesandregularlyreporttheprogressofsuchactivitiesto theArmenianMigrationService and the ERRIN Armenia project manager.

Tasks and Responsibilities: 1. Providing psychological support to clients: Providing in-the-moment or crisis psychological support (clinical interventions) to clients contacting the desks whenever needed – via live chats (face-to-face), telephone or video calls in a supportive, ethical and professional manner while maintaining client-confidentiality. Special attention will be paid to the psychosocial counselling of young adults, teenagers and children that returned with their family to Armenia after a long stay in Europe as well as to the detection of possible intrafamilial violence or child negligence due to long-standing situations of high stress, due to e.g. Covid-19 restrictions, the violent conflict in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, the difficult socio-economical context in Armenia, etc.; Assessing clients thoroughly to ensure appropriate short-term counselling, whenever needed; Developing clear and concise treatment plans for clients with various session models, whenever needed; Appropriately referring clients to external services/stakeholders for long-term therapy, psychological or psychiatric support whenever needed; Providing long-term therapy services to specific groups of clients, if needed.

2. Providing training and Intervision to desk workers/counselling staff at the desks: Providing on-the-spot training to counselling staff and caseworkers at the desks to improve their counselling and communication skills to clients facing high levels of stress and/or struggling with mental/psychiatric issues; Providing (monthly) Intervision sessions to counselling staff and caseworkers at the desks at the Migration service, the Ministry of Justice and desk workers from other organisations providing (counselling) services to returnees and/or displaced persons; Providing ‘on-the-spot’ Psychosocial Support to counsellors and caseworkers at the desks in case of (highly) stressful incidents with clients, and support them to cope with and reduce stress. 23. Project management and Coordination: Setting up and maintaining a broad network of stakeholders (a so-termed ‘psychosocial map’) acrossArmeniawhereclientscanbereferredto forlong-termtherapy,psychological/psychosocial or psychiatric support by: Mapping relevant stakeholders, and organising (bilateral) meetings with them, whenever needed; Designing and setting up operational referral flows to refer clients to these stakeholders, and monitoring and adapting these operational referral flows, whenever needed; Continuously updating the ‘psychosocial map’, making it available for counsellors and desk workers at the Armenian Migration Service, and the ‘Single Window Service’ of the Ministry of Justice.

4. Project management: Organising training and Intervision sessions for counsellors and desk workers working with returnees from Europe, and other displaced persons, and working together with external trainers whenever necessary; TogetherwiththeERRINArmeniaprojectofficer,actasafocalpointfortheERRINprojectmanager and EU MSs for the assistance of returnees struggling with serious mental and/ or psychiatric issues; Monitoring the implementation of applicable project activities; Regularlyreporting to theArmenianMigrationservice andtheERRINArmenia projectmanageron the progress of the applicable project activities.

Key Results: High-quality psychological support provided to the desks; An established ‘psychosocial map’ including a network of psychosocial and psychological (and psychiatric) services and operational referral flows; Easy access to psychosocial/psychological support for returnees struggling with mental health issues, and other vulnerable groups (i.e. children, teenagers, young adults); Counsellors and desk workers trained in providing counselling to persons facing high levels of stress, or mental/ psychiatric issues.

Incumbent Profile: At least 3 years of experience in providing in-the-moment or crisis psychological support to displaced persons; Experience in providing short-term clinical interventions such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, solution-focused counselling, Contextual therapy; Experience in working with clients presenting with substance abuse, situations of crisis, mental healthorpsychiatricsymptoms,family/relationshiprelatedconcerns,minors(children,teenagers) and young adults; Experience in providing Intervision and (on-the-spot) training to desk works/ counselling staff; Experience with project management; 3Corporate Qualifications: A minimum of a Master’s degree in (clinical) psychology or a related field; Proficiency (verbal/written) in Armenian and English, proficiency in Russian and German is an asset; Cultural awareness and culturally sensitive with regards to Armenian culture. Compensation: ICMPD offers an attractive compensation package. Additional benefits include Health and Accident Insurance, as well as six weeks’ annual leave.

Application Procedure: Interested candidates are requested to submit their application in English through the ICMPD online recruitment system at http://www.icmpd.org/work-for-us/current-vacancies by midnight (CET) of the closing date specified above. For this purpose, candidates will first need to register with the ICMPD website. Once the relevant data has been entered, candidates will be able to apply for vacancies. Please note that in thecourse oftheonline application, themotivation letter andpersonal CVmust be uploaded in the EuropeAid format in English. The template is available for download at http://www.icmpd.org/work-for-us/.

All applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible after the vacancy has been posted and well before the deadline stated above. Applications received after the published deadline, and offline applications submitted via email, fax or post, will not be considered.

Due to the high volume of applications, only short-listed candidates will be contacted and applicants are expected to be available for a personal/telephone interview.

In the event of a technical issue with your application, please email recruitment@icmpd.org. General Information: ICMPD retains the discretion to re-advertise the vacancy, to offer a different contract type and/or duration, or to cancel the recruitment.

This position may entail frequent travel to high-risk areas at short notice for the execution of the tasks and duties, which may warrant adherence to security protocols, and/or health procedures. 4
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