Project Manager (Protection)


Job Description

INTERSOS is an independent humanitarian organization that assists the victims of natural disasters, armed conflicts and exclusion. Its activities are based on the principles of solidarity, justice, human dignity, equality of rights and opportunities, respect for diversity and coexistence, paying special attention to the most vulnerable people.

Terms of reference

Job Title: Project Manager - Protection Code: SR-35-1888 Duty station: Aden, Yemen > roving (South) Starting date: 01/07/2021 Contract duration: 7 months Reporting to: Programme Coordinator Supervision of: Project team Dependents: Non-family Duty Station /non-accompanied General context of the project

The project "Provision of life saving protection services to IDPs and conflict-affected PoC in South Yemen" will provide IDPs and conflict affected communities from Aden, Lahj, Taiz and Hadramout, with a comprehensive assistance package, to respond to their most urgent protection needs.

INTERSOS will support vulnerable IDPs, returnees and conflict affected local communities with specific needs through: Legal Assistance: individual counselling, mediation, representation and access to civil documentation, as well as legal awareness raising.

Protection Monitoring: protection monitoring activities on community and individual level in the form of Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), Key Informant Interviews (KIIs), and Observation to monitor the protection environment and protection incidents, understand push and pull factors and drivers for displacement, protection needs and flag-out protection risks.

Household Assessments (HHAs) and Facilitation of MPCA/RS: conducted through Household (HH) interviews using UNHCR’s PMT-tool to primarily assess the socio-economic vulnerability of a HH. The data will be made available for UNHCR scoring and disbursement of cash (MPCA / RS) based on UNHCR-determined criteria to help HHs meet their Basic Needs. INTERSOS will facilitate the disbursement process by contacting beneficiaries to access their cash assistance.

Individual Case Management (ICM) / Psycho-Social Support (PSS): through mobile protection (Teams) and at a community center provide for case management services for Persons with Specific Needs (PwSN), Child Protection (CP) and Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) survivors (identification, assessment, Psycho-Social First aid (PSFA)/Psycho-Social Support (PSS), internal and external referrals for specialized services and cash assistance).

Cash for protection: As part of the ICM/PSS, individuals who are facing an immediate protection risk that they are unable to overcome are supported with Cash for protection to prevent potential protection threats, or mitigate the impact of an imminent risk, or respond to urgent and immediate consequences of a protection risk. Cases may still be referred for MPCA/ RS HHAs.

Community Self-Management Support: Community-Based Protection Networks (CBPNs) established or strengthened, with a focus on hard-to-reach areas, which will serve as a bridge between UNHCR/INTERSOS and the community, to identify, assess and refer cases; to monitor protection needs and issues; and to facilitate feedback and complaints from the beneficiaries.

General purpose of the position

The Project Manager (PM) is in charge of the implementation and the supervision of the activities of the project ensuring timely and qualitative planning, implementation, reporting and monitoring/evaluation of project activities in compliance with sector specific SOPs and guidelines, Sphere standards and good practices, code of conduct and ethical values chart.

The PM is responsible for an efficient financial management for the project in compliance with INTERSOS’ model and donor regulations, in addition to full oversight of the HR and logistics arrangement in cooperation with relevant departments.

Main responsibilities and tasks

  • Ensures the planning, implementation and monitoring/evaluation and sets targets as included in the project description.
  • Guarantee an efficient financial management for the project in compliance with INTERSOS’ model and donor regulations.
  • Team management (staff and volunteers).
  • Deliver quality project activities reporting, including the findings in terms of impact/changes at the level of beneficiaries achieved through the project.
  • Ensure final link and reporting to relevant sectors and hubs.
More specifically: Ensure activities implementation:

  • Project kick-off and presentation/sharing of project with teams;
  • Review and prepare a detailed activity plan with team;
  • Agree and establish clear reporting and communication lines;
  • Prepare regular project monitoring and provide updates to UNHCR;
  • Ensure sector SOPs and guidelines are properly applied and adhered to;
  • Permanent on-job coaching of teams to work on quality in delivery;
  • Supervise and monitor the cash-based interventions as well as maintain the relationship with the Cash Transfer Agent;
  • Provide guidance to the team on Data Collection, Management and Analysis, especially regarding Protection Monitoring;
  • Provide guidance to the team on identification of people with special needs, and PSS/PSFA when required;
  • Provide guidance on PDM for cash assistance distributions;
Financial management and procurement:

  • Prepare, monitor and implement monthly financial and procurement plan;
  • Prepare weekly liquidity plan;
  • Approval of all purchases/contracting and budget line allocations;
  • Verify on a weekly basis the book-keeping entries in the INTERSOS accounting spread sheets (Journal): verify budget line allocations, budget expenditure status against actual delivery and the financial plan for the remaining project implementation period;
  • Ensure for all purchases/contracting of goods/services/supplies the correct UNHCR procurement guidelines are applied and properly documented;
  • Verify the list of expenditures prior to finalizing the interim and final financial reports;
  • Holds final responsibility for verification of all support documents;
Manage team and provide relevant Capacity Building and on-job coaching to the project team:

  • Manages and evaluates the performance of the project staff;
  • Conduct regular meetings with the team to review the planning and discuss the main concerns to focus on for the upcoming period;
  • Ensure use of correct/relevant forms for assessments and reporting by the team;
  • Ensure fluent chain of information/data transfer from field to PM Assistant and Reporting Officer;
  • Ensure timely processing of information/data by Reporting Officer and conduct coaching for teams on the analysis of the processed data;
  • Continuous/fast verification of data quality collected and received from field staff and processed by Reporting Officer;
  • Establish a participatory process to inform/develop relevant response strategies for conflict mitigation and enhanced social cohesion;
  • Undertake (if security situation allows) field visits to implementing locations’ offices to provide technical guidance and supervision to the team and to monitor the progress and quality of the different project activities;
  • Ensure good practice and system for internal and external referral of most vulnerable cases, in close Coordination and collaboration with the protection coordinator.
Monitoring & evaluation:

  • Ensure periodical monitoring and verification exercises on the targeted beneficiaries for cash transfer programming; Applying a result-based management approach, monitor the project outcomes, in addition to the outputs and activities, including changes at the household and community level achieved through the project.

  • Ensure quality reporting on achievements through daily short briefings, monthly and weekly planning presented against weekly and monthly performance reports containing clear quantitative and qualitative information related to the activities.
  • Deliver monthly timely, complete and qualitative a comprehensive project reporting (PAT – project appraisal tool) to the HoM.
  • Prepare ad hoc progress reporting for the donor and official required interim and final project reports.
  • Holds final responsibility for all support documents (means of verification) and general project documents.
  • Delivers regular communication products on the project to be used by the INTERSOS communication department in different outlets.
  • Reporting to relevant clusters and provide input for reporting at AHCT levels
Coordination and representation:

  • Conduct regular meetings with the donor representatives and facilitates field visits by donor missions (when security allows for).
  • Aligns as per guidelines provided by the HoM and helps to set strategies for INTERSOS in Yemen particularly relevant to protection and IDPs.
  • Contribute to the coordination between the different project-teams in the areas of intervention;
  • Proactively participate in protection cluster meetings and other relevant working groups per hub, also relevant inter-sectorial coordination meetings at national level.
  • Ensure systematic information and update sharing with the INTERSOS protection coordinator and HOM.
  • Perform any other related duties as required.
Required profile and experience


  • Hold an advanced degree in law, social science or any related field.
Professional Experience

  • Minimum 2 years relevant working experience in humanitarian project management with INGO, including direct financial management of project budget
  • Demonstrate minimum 2-year experience in the implementation of protection programming in Complex Emergencies, including unconditional cash transfers and prior experience in post-distribution monitoring
  • Experience in conflict resolutions and social cohesion programming
  • Experience in protection monitoring and/or human rights promotion Demonstrated experience in staff supervision and Remote Management
  • Strong experience with monitoring tools and systems
  • Prior experience in working in complex emergency setting, involving displacement
  • Prior experience in project management funded by UNHCR
  • Relevant work experience in Middle East
Professional Requirements

  • Good knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) and ODK/KOBO or other similar software
  • Ability to deal with stress and demanding working environment
  • Ability to adapt and respond to programmatic sudden changes
  • Ability to adhere to deadlines and respect line management
  • Readiness to commit and adhere to the values, mission and vision of INTERSOS

  • Excellent written and spoken English – native Arabic would be asset
Personal Requirements

  • Excellent analytical skills, observation and analysis capacity
  • Very strong interpersonal skills: strong communication and diplomatic skills
  • Practical and problem-solver
  • Excellent ability to establish inter-personal relations and good negotiation skills
  • Strong team spirit, comfortable in a multi-cultural environment
  • Attention to detail and structured way of approaching tasks (very organized)
  • Ability to plan ahead and output oriented (pro-active)
  • Able to ensure quick quality delivery in stressful environment (stress-resilient)
  • Ability to deal with heavy work pressure; while living in a heavy movement restricted living environment
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