International Organization For Migration (IOM)

Programme Coordinator (Ddrr), Nairobi, Kenya

International Organization For Migration (IOM)

Job Description

Core Functions / Responsibilities: Programme Design and Management 1. Oversee and manage the implementation and technical oversight of all IOM Somalia DDRR Project(s) in a timely manner, to include financial, administrative and managerial oversight of project(s) in line with IOM policies and practices, as well as other donor requirements.

2. Provide overall strategic direction for IOM Somalia’s engagement in DDRR, to include IOM’s Women, Peace, and Security portfolio of work, as well as other Youth and Risk and Prevention of Violent Extremism (PVE) initiatives. Ensure that activities are implemented in a manner that is in line with international and national laws, and Human Rights standards, context specific, conflict sensitive, and gender responsive. Contribute to the identification of new project activities in accordance with research and assessment results in consultation with the donor and the relevant government authorities.

3. Oversee the management and operations of IOM activities to support the government in managing (4) transitional rehabilitation centres for former combatants and formerly associated women.

4. Oversee the selection, hiring and Capacity Building of all international and/or national staff hired for the programme.

5. Provide supervision to national and international project staff and consultants, providing close guidance and support to address challenges and navigate cultural and political sensitivities.

6. Conduct regular/weekly field visits to verify project progress and results, and coordinate with the DDRR unit's field staff, implementing partners, and government focal points to drive for results.

Planning and Policy 7. Drive forward the successful implementation of DDRR project activities and the ‘Transitional Plan’ through effective cooperation and Coordination with IOM's implementing partners, field staff, technical focal points, UN Agencies, and Federal and Regional government counterparts from relevant line ministries.

8. Work in close coordination with the Project Support Unit (PSU), Chief of Mission and other relevant colleagues to plan and develop new DDRR projects based on the mission strategy and engage members of the donor community to solicit support for further developing the programme.

Strategic Advice 9. Make recommendations to further enhance the objectives of the DDRR programming in discussions with international and national counterparts including donors and seek programmatic partnerships and synergies when appropriate.

10. Advise senior officials on the implications of established programme policies, plans, priorities and strategic objectives.

11. Develop and implement a strategy for managing the institutional, security, political, financial and programmatic risks related to the DDR programme, including the development of milestones, targets and standard operating procedures.

Reporting and Coordination 12. Develop and maintain relations with DDRR stakeholders, including government officials, UN counterparts and other key players; actively promote coordination and communication between international and national partners with a view of pursuing DDRR objectives and ensuring participation in and effective integration of ideas in the planning and implementation of activities.

13. Represent IOM at the National Programme and Strand working groups and various Sub-Working Groups.

14. Coordinate the timely submission of all DDRR briefs, reports, proposals, and project documents for internal and external consumption and project evaluation.

15. Identify, evaluate and, as appropriate, establish cooperation with institutions that can undertake activities on behalf of and in partnership with IOM.

16. Support the development of strong Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and knowledge Management Systems to promote effective reporting, organizational learning, financial accountability, safeguards, and innovation to improve the effectiveness and appropriateness of interventions.

17. Provide timely updates on programme issues, including regular risk Analysis and recommendations for operational improvements, to the COM / IOM management, as well as regular, timely reporting and presentations for donors. Provide any other supplementary written materials (e.g., 'think pieces', promotional materials etc., as required).

18. Based on a detailed understanding of UNDSS security requirements and the complex situations of restricted access, monitor, manage and abide by UN security regulations and guidelines.

19. Perform such other duties as may be assigned.

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