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Professionalize African Union Staff (Rule of Law Initiatives Activity: Training in Employment Law and Policy)

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Job Description

PROJECT: Professionalize African Union staff for Rule of Law Initiatives Activity: Training in Employment law and policy Background

On the 28th of September 2017, the Government of the United States of America and the African Union Commission signed a Letter of Agreement (LOA) on Rule of Law and Criminal Justice Assistance. The agreement provided for, inter alia, training, mentorship, Capacity Building and material support to the AUC staff to develop their skills and to promote good governance and successfully implement rule of law projects. In September 2018, the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative was contracted by the United States Government to implement the program with the African Union. Project Goal: To strengthen AUC staff’s capacity to advise on issues of governance, transnational crime, and peace and security, to propose effective approaches to advancing these AU priorities, and to successfully oversee and implement mechanisms addressing these issues.

Project Objectives: 1) AUC staff possess increased knowledge and skills for handling matters related to governance, rule of law, criminal justice, transnational crime, and other legal and rule of law topics requested by AUC officials; 2) AUC staff and offices have enhanced capabilities to develop and manage implementing mechanisms related to the topics identified in #1; 3) AUC staff possess improved skills to measure and analyze the effectiveness of mechanisms implemented to promote rule of law, good governance, an improved law enforcement and judiciary, and Human Rights; 4) AUC staff have a strong knowledge of open source resources to facilitate their work.

Project approach: ABA ROLI will in consultation with the AUC draw on a mix of internal experts and its global network of members and contacts to identify qualified individuals to develop curricula for Training Programs, administer the trainings, and develop reference materials on the topics prioritized by the AUC. ABA ROLI will develop additional trainings and reference materials over the course of the program in response to emerging issues facing the AUC. The project also offers AUC staff the opportunity to participate in a tailored mentorship program in which AUC staff will propose change plans that will serve as the basis for the mentorship.

Professionalize African Union staff for Rule of Law Initiatives. Funded by the Government of the United States of America, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law enforcement affairs, implemented by ABA ROLI) The Training

The African Union (AU) is an International organization with its own set of rules and regulations (SRR) which include provisions for the handling of staff claims and grievances within the Organization. The SRR are intended to provide a neutral and fair forum which aim to provide staff members with Access to Justice, equal treatment, and fairness including the opportunity to have a fair hearing by neutral panel which operates under procedures established by the SRR and is empowered to issue binding decisions.

These Regulations and Rules are to be interpreted and applied alongside AU relevant Treaties, Decisions, Protocols, Regulations, Rules and Procedures as well as international principles.

The main objective of the training is to facilitate capacity strengthening, mentoring and coaching of Human Resources staff and other staff on employment law and policy and selected employee relations issues. The specific topic to be covered include Collective Bargaining & Negotiation; Prevention, management and conflict/dispute resolution; How to handle Disciplinary cases and grievance; How to handle sexual harassment cases legally at the workplace; Managing poor performance and probation in a legal manner; Policy development; Unfair labor practices and coaching both Employers and Employees about their legal rights and promoting access to justice on the following subject area: Promotion; Demotion; Non-allocation of tasks; Benefits and training; Suspension; Managing probation and Managing poor performance.

The training will strengthen staff knowledge in handling employee’s related matters while improving capacity on other skills required in managing staff matters. It will enlighten both staff and employees on the rights and the procedures to be followed to ensure timely intervention on staff matters. It will also promote the use of internal systems that are trust-worthy, transparent, accountable and robust.

The training will target the following groups of staff at the African Union:
  • Human Resources Staff
  • AU Leadership and staff
  • Staff Association
  • Ethics Office
  • Administrative tribunal
  • Grievance Panel
Scope of work

The project seeks to engage an expert to facilitate the training. The selected expert will Design and administer online training for staff of the AU.

Professionalize African Union staff for Rule of Law Initiatives. Funded by the Government of the United States of America, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law enforcement affairs, implemented by ABA ROLI) The specific deliverables include the following: -
  • Develop curriculum and course content for an online knowledge and skills training of AU staff in employment law and policy
  • Conduct knowledge and skills online trainings for AU staff to strengthen their capacity in employment law and policy
  • Develop reference and guidance materials, manuals and forms for AU staff to consult and learn about additional sources of information that can facilitate their work.
  • To provide mentorship to staff of the AU in selected areas
The trainings will be participatory in nature, incorporating practical application of skills that are directly relevant to the AU operations. They will be designed to suit a mixed audience including youth and older participants as well as more knowledgeable and less experienced staff. The expert will be expected to research and incorporate both international and context specific examples in the training.

Experience required: Expert in trial advocacy and litigation skills training
  • The expert will be a qualified legal practitioner with over 10 years’ experience in Curriculum Development and training in employment law and policy.
  • The expert will also have practical experience with institutional policy and procedures in employment law, labor dispute settlement and performance management.
Proposed activity dates and location: Virtual training 26th
  • 28th April 2021 (3-4 hours per day) Applications: Send CV with brief cover letter explaining relevant qualifications and experience for the position; Deadline: 9 April 2021. Send to:
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