Management Sciences for Health (MSH)

Portfolio Manager (Hs4tb)

Management Sciences for Health (MSH)

Job Description

The primary accountabilities of the Portfolio Manager (PM) are a) work in partnership with the HS4TB Country Project Director (CPD) and team to manage the project to plan and ensuring and documenting that all project deliverables and milestones are met on schedule and to the expected quality standard. This includes contributing to the development, writing, editing, and quality assurance of all contractual deliverables b) Lead the home office project support team, cultivating a positive team identity, and overseeing performance management of home office staff. c) to be the supervisor of the CPD. All accountabilities are guided by the principles of empowerment, efficiency, effectiveness, accountability, and authority.

This role is expected to manage and support multiple CPDs.

The PM is a member of the Project Support Team. S/he leads the Project Support Team, assesses the quality of support provided to the CPD by the team, and, when necessary, escalates issues regarding the Project Support Team performance to the respective and appropriate level of supervision. S/he will escalate ethics and performance issues for the home and field offices as appropriate, working collaboratively with relevant parties to resolve them. S/he brings a strategic view, application of best practices in project management, and client relationship skills throughout the project cycle.

Ensure Country Project Performance (50%)
  • Ensure that all technical and operational inputs required for successful implementation of programs under PM’s responsibility are in place, that the programs run smoothly, adhere to technical quality, fulfill programmatic objectives within budgetary guidelines, and comply with contractual requirements and applicable regulations.
  • Responsible for the on-time delivery of the work plan and budget
  • Supports the CPD in the work plan development process by:
    • Leading development of WP sand budget
    • Writing WP sections
    • Assisting with PMP development
    • Leads the development of the work plan budget (consulting with the CPD and Finance Director)
    • Reviewing WP for quality check
  • Tracks and ensures project implementation is on time and deliverables are submitted (including consultant deliverables
  • Develops budgets and tracks pipeline expenditures ensuring programs stay on budget
  • Reviews and edits quarterly, annual and ad hoc reports before submission
  • Ensures timely submission of quarterly reports and all other reporting
  • Reviews and advises on compliance, risk management and audit issues
  • Works closely with the technical team to identify needed resources, as well as working with the TSL to coordinate and mobilize such resources
  • Supports technical implementation where possible
  • Develops scopes of work with support from TSL
  • With the support of the Technical Strategy Lead and other technical advisors, ensure appropriate integration of technical approaches and tools into programs’ design and contribute to technical or management cross-fertilization within HS4TB and MSH.
  • Leads Team meetings
  • Keep HS4TB Program Director, Deputy Director and Finance Director informed of project activities, budgets, challenges, strategic plans, and team dynamics through scheduled meetings.
  • Facilitate the documentation of programmatic achievements of field activities, including USAID and other donor reporting requirements, M&E, TrailNet data, HS4TB communication materials and technical reports, and technical reviews.
  • Supervises CPD, project support officers and project support associates as needed
Support Country Project Directors (25%)
  • Oversee, support and monitor the CPDs in the design, implementation, and monitoring of programs to achieve the results assigned by USAID Missions and USAID/W, providing support as needed.
  • Provide strategic support to CPDs to develop work plans and budgets closely aligned with programs’ technical mandate and in compliance with established standards and procedures. Monitor program implementation and use of resources. Regularly review financial reports with the HS4TB Program Director and Finance Director.
  • Participate in project reviews of how CPD’s are leading and be accountable for any manager-appropriate follow-up actions.
  • Work with CPD to develop clear Performance Objectives and Professional Development Goals and actively monitor and discuss these objectives throughout the year and evaluate their attainment during the annual Performance Review.
  • Ensure the CPD is responsive to internal audit follow up in collaboration with the Project Support Officer.
  • Provide continuous performance development feedback to CPD on operational, leadership, and management competencies.
  • Solicit periodic feedback from client and stakeholders and maintain effective and continuous engagement with stakeholders
  • Support CPD to develop and implement appropriate capacity building plans to address weaknesses or gaps identified.
  • Supervise CPD as per MSH values, policies, guidelines, and implement an effective performance-management plan which focuses on expected results and CPD accountability, and including regular check-ins, annual appraisals, rewards, training, coaching and career development support.
  • Provide strategic support and coaching CPD to navigate political environment and local context and manage clients and stakeholders.
Synergy and cross-fertilization (25%)
  • Ensure performance reporting that reinforces reflective thinking and learning (including from failures).
  • Ensure partnership of project team with PDG in embedding common processes, standards and good practices.
  • Ensure and monitor project performance improvement based on learning and adoption of proven practices.
  • Report on synergies, themes, insights about assigned region to appropriate stakeholders and partners.
  • Monitor TSL, SPSO and PSO performance and provide feedback to the Program Leadership.
  • Organize and chair periodic meetings of the project support team (CPD, PM, TSL, SPSO and PSO) to assess quality of support, and ensure coordination and alignment with MSH principles and ensure performance on technical, financial, contractual and other deliverables are on target
  • Ensure the CPD collaborates with and supports country level initiatives and processes, and synergies between projects.
  • Coordinate with other Portfolio Managers and other Project Support Teams.
  • Represent the interest of the Project at the Home Office and translate these into his/her daily work on leading the project.
  • Partner with the CPD in the development and execution of project and MSH positioning (project, country, technical and political).
  • Partner with MEL Team in preparation and execution of internal reviews and ensure timely execution of follow up actions.
  • Partner with client and donor for preparation and execution of external evaluations.
  • Partner with Internal Audit for preparation and execution of internal audits and ensure timely resolution of issues identified.
  • Partner with Communications to capture and publicize impact.
  • Lead the work necessary with CPD’s to develop a portfolio Analysis and management of ongoing innovations included in multiple projects.
  • Partner with Research Team to optimize and harmonize operation research activities across projects; guarantee aggregation, compilation and dissemination of new knowledge and evidences.
  • Collaborate with Technical Strategy Lead and Deputy Technical Director to identify and mobilize MSH Global Talent, Partner resources and/or external consultants as needed, and ensure timeliness, responsiveness and accountability of internal and external consultants.
  • Ensure and support effective field office participation in MSH Technical Exchange Networks, cross fertilization, and south-to-south exchanges.
  • Ensure effective project collaboration, coordination and partnership with the corporate-level Country Operations Support Team, the Finance and Operations Team, the MSH Country Lead (where applicable) and other projects, Groups and Offices.
  • Contribute to performance evaluations for team members not formally under his/her supervision. Mentor Program Coordinators in the implementation and management of projects. Supervise selected HS4TB and MSH staff, as well as consultants participating in teams under his/her management, in accordance with the project’s and MSH’s norms and standards.

Required: MA/MPH/MBA with a minimum of 10 years of senior-level management experience Preferred: Advanced degree in public health or related field preferred. Specialized training and/or experience relating to Health Financing or Economics or Health systems strengthening.



  • Minimum of 10 years of relevant and related experience.

  • At least 10 years senior-level management experience in strengthening organizational performance for Health Programs in developing countries, or related field.
  • Strong writing and oral presentation skills in English
  • Relevant experience in international public health with experience in health financing and systems strengthening in developing countries strongly preferred.
  • Experience with public health programs supported by bilateral agencies such as USAID and international agencies such as WHO and World Bank preferred.
Knowledge & Skills

  • Proven track record in financial management of international projects and in senior level project management of large and complex projects overseas.
  • Ability to write, review and edit workplans, technical documents, briefs, etc.
  • Experience in the management of USAID-funded activities. Understanding of USAID and field Missions; USG audiences, trends, and requirements.
  • Prior experience and success directing large international donor-funded projects.
  • Demonstrated leadership, management, and supervisory abilities, particularly with senior-level colleagues.
  • Well-honed active listening skills, combined with a desire to actively coach, mentor, and provide thoughtful feedback to colleagues, peers, and subordinates.
  • Demonstrated ability to build and maintain relationships with senior-level colleagues, particularly interacting productively, proactively, and comfortably with government agencies, NGOs, private sector groups, USAID, CAs, and donor organizations.
  • Demonstrated competence to assess priorities and manage a variety of activities in a time-sensitive environment and meet deadlines with attention to detail and quality.
  • Track record of strong commitment to sharing knowledge, documenting experiences, supporting creative initiatives, and sharing credit.
  • Proven experience in new Business Development.
  • Successful experience working in a home office environment.
  • Proven international development experience gained through working in a field office environment preferred.
  • Proficiency in French or Spanish is desired, as are languages of other USAID-supported countries.

Interpersonal Savvy, Managing Diversity, Peer Relationships, Motivating Others, Negotiating, Managing Vision and Purpose, Innovation Management, Strategic Agility, Drive for Results, Organizational Savvy and Agility.

Core MSH competencies:

Adaptability, Communication, Problem Solving, Creativity and Innovation, Quality and Timeliness of Work, Quality of work and Team Relationships Position may require up to 30% international travel
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