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Partnership Research Consultant (Leveraging Plan-adb Partnership for Country-level Development Results)

Plan International

Job Description

Background and purpose

Plan International (hereafter Plan) and Asian Development Bank (ADB) have been in formal partnership since 2013. Plan was the principle NGO to support ADB in creating Youth for Asia (YfA). YfA is recognized as unique amongst multilateral Development Banks in being a youth led initiative which makes significant contributions in relation to both knowledge (including events) and operations (project and program activities). Plan has a secondee at ADB primarily working on YfA Project Support, strategy and funding. However, despite this close relationship between Plan and ADB there is little spillover effect at country level. There is limited understanding about strategies for Plan Country Offices1 (COs) to influence ADB Resident Missions (RMs) and Regional Departments (RDs), the operational wings of ADB. Improved engagement is required to enable Plan COs to raise awareness of issues of importance to Plan in-country within their own context, and to engage with ADB programs and priorities.

This consultancy will be tasked with identifying the best way(s) forward through consideration of multiple inputs from Plan, ADB and other NGO staff. The review will additionally consider positive recommendations for engagement at regional level between ADB’s regional team/national offices (NOs) and ADB’s Manila based Headquarters. The review will also encompass engagement between Plan COs and ADB headquarters on country specific issues, necessitated by ADB’s centralized staffing structure which means most decisionmakers on major programs who focus exclusively on one country (or if not two or three), are based at HQ rather than in-country. The review will cover recent engagements between Plan and ADB and between other NGOs and ADB, to learn lessons from these experiences. Based on these and other evidence, the report will suggest specific thematic entry points at country level.

Scope and methodology

The review will primarily be conducted through interviews with staff from ADB, Plan and also other NGOs where applicable. Documentary review will be utilized as a means of verifying inputs from interviews and providing additional evidence for findings.

The scope of the review will primarily address influencing objectives of Plan COs, but also cover Business Development. The focus will be on country level engagement (including Plan CO engagement with ADB HQ country specialists) and the bulk of the findings and Analysis will be at this level in order to ensure that the objectives of the review are clear and do not get distorted.

Detailed Tasks


  1. Create a workplan including identifying interview subjects. Note: ADB interview subject selection will be supported by the secondee and he will make introductions where possible 2 day
  2. Create semi-structured interview questionnaires for different stakeholder groups 1 day
  3. Arrange interviews 1 day
  4. Conduct interviews of approximately 10 ADB staff, 8 Plan CO staff and 7 Plan regional/NO/other NGO staff. Document outputs from interviews in an engaging format. 8 days
  5. Review relevant ADB documentation such as policies that relate to engagement with CSOs, and documentation from Plan COs from other NGOs of relevance (for example the NGO forum on ADB) 5 days
  6. Carry out workshop with Plan stakeholders in order to discuss and test draft findings 1 day
  7. Report writing and presentation of final findings which are of direct operational relevance to Plan COs and Plan APAC 5 days
  8. Contingency (in case for instance there is a challenge in scheduling interviews) 2 days
TOTAL NUMBER OF DAYS 25 DAYS Note: This review should be carried out on an intermittent basis in order to allow for time lags in getting responses and to requests and for feedback. At least 2 months is required from start to end of the review.


  1. Proposed research methodology with survey questionnaire
  2. Documentation of interviews
  3. A Report which highlights:
a. Recommendations to Plan COs on how to engage and influence the ADB at the country office, and regional levels; b. Identified entry points for influencing the ADB at the country, and regional levels c. Recommendations to ADB on the benefits of engaging Plan COs and how to go about it, only if feasible.

DURATION: 1 March 2021 to 31 May 2021 Please send your application with the expression of interest to Mr. Supornchai Nawataweeporn at referencing Application deadline is 19 February 2021 (17:00 hrs, Bangkok time)
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