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Operations Officer / Regional Advisors Lead

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Operations Officer / Regional Advisors Lead

Job #: req10918 Organization: IFC Sector: Advisory Services Grade: GF Term Duration: 2 years 0 months Recruitment Type: Local Recruitment Location: Kyiv,Ukraine Required Language(s): English, Ukrainian Preferred Language(s): Russian Closing Date: 2/28/2021 (MM/DD/YYYY) at 11:59pm UTC Description

IFC—a member of the World Bank Group—is the largest Global Development institution focused on the private sector in emerging markets. We work in more than 100 countries, using our capital, expertise, and influence to create markets and opportunities in developing countries. In fiscal year 2020, we invested $22 billion in private companies and financial institutions in developing countries, leveraging the power of the private sector to end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity. For more information, visit Ukraine Energy Efficiency Fund Project (UEEF) The Government of Ukraine has established the Energy Efficiency Fund (EEF) to support energy efficient (EE) modernization of Ukraine's residential housing stock. The EEF will be funded by the Government of Ukraine and will provide grants to homeowners of multi-family buildings to perform EE retrofits in their buildings. To support the Government of Ukraine, the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany have contributed EUR 100 million into an IFC-managed multi-donor trust fund (MDTF) to provide grant assistance to HOAs to co-finance the implementation of energy efficiency measures in multi-family buildings.

To support the EEF, IFC has launched a comprehensive advisory services project (the Project) that aims to support the EEF, manage donors' contributions and create a market environment conducive for facilitating energy efficient renovation of multi-family buildings in Ukraine. The Project aims to support the EEF in disbursing grants to approximately 1,000 homeowners' associations (HOAs) to co-finance energy efficient renovation in their multi-family buildings facilitating total investment of about USD117 million.

The Project is funded by the European Union and will be focused on the following:
  • Creation and full operationalization of the EEF, the innovative instrument for energy efficiency improvements in the residential sector in Ukraine.
  • Building up the market demand through large scale educational and awareness campaigns, as well as direct facilitation of a pipeline of applicants to the EEF (via regional advisors' network, project administrators etc.).
  • Building capacity of banks to help them Design residential energy efficiency loan products for HOAs, as well as services that are aligned to EEF's grant approval and disbursement process.
  • Managing the donors' contributions (through the MDTF) as the co-funding mechanism for the EEF's grants to homeowner associations.
Objective: To help the EEF to build up a robust pipeline of EE renovation projects, IFC has hired regional advisors throughout Ukraine. Regional advisors work with individual homeowner associations (HOAs) and provide on-the-ground support to them throughout the grant application process. The key role of the Regional Advisors Lead is to plan, implement and supervise the work of (24 to 36) regional advisors targeted at creating a sustainable pipeline of projects for EEF's operations. The Regional Advisors Lead is also expected to (a) contribute to the design and improvement of the EEF's programs through his/her own technical expertise as well as through Coordination of input collected from regional and legal advisors; (b) lead in designing internal technical processes and procedures for the MDTF; and (c) supervise the process and quality of the technical assessment of the applications for the MDTF.

Role & Responsibilities: The selected Operations Officer will perform the following functions and tasks.

1. Leading the network of regional advisors to build the pipeline of project applications to the EEF:
  • Develop methodologies, procedures and systems for the regional advisors' work with homeowner associations (HOAs), and enable the Project's regional advisors to efficiently use these tools;
  • Planning and supervising the execution of the workplans of regional advisors in 24 oblasts in Ukraine to ensure the achievement of the Project's objectives;
  • Recruiting new regional consultants and training them, ensuring regular improvement of consultants' skills;
  • Providing regular reporting on regional activities to the Program Manager;
2. Contribution to the design and improvement of the EEF's program:

  • Participate in development and improvement of the EEF's program, related procedures and documents by leading/coordinating the input from the Project's technical and legal specialists;
  • Collaborate with the EEF's technical dept. to work out standard technical solutions for HOAs implementing EE retrofit projects;
  • Contribute to the project team's work on improving the legislation in relation to the EEF's operation and business environment as required.
3. Support the operationalization of the MDTF:

  • Lead the development and formalization of technical processes and procedures, incl. technical assessment of the applications to the MDTF, procedures for the verification of completed works, alignment of the technical criteria with the EEF etc.
  • Supervision of technical assessment of the applications; and
  • Supervision of the verification process of completed projects;
  • Lead the development of technical requirements for outsourcing of the verification function;
  • Support the procurement team in assessing the technical qualifications and capacity of the future verification services providers;
4. Promotion of the EE retrofits and other outreach/communication activities:

  • Ensure regular contacts and consultative dialogue with partners on central and local level on EE retrofit solutions offered by the EEF;
  • Contribute to the project's development of educational and training materials on the topics of EE renovations, EE project managers, EEF's program (such as presentations, handbooks, manuals, leaflets etc.);
Initiate seminars and other events for partners to explain and promote the EEF's programs and specific of work with HOAs; Participate in conferences, workshops and other events on local and central level with private and public sector players; and Contribute to development of the Project's success stories and publications.


  • Regional platform consisting of 24 to 36 regional advisors capable to provide high level on-the-ground support to HOAs throughout the EEF grant application process;
  • Steady growth of grant applications pipeline to achieve the project's targets;
  • The EEF's and MDTF's procedures developed, aligned and continuously improved;
  • Monthly, quarterly and/or annual progress reports on advisory services provided by regional advisors to HOAs and other stakeholders;
  • Workshops and other events on local and central level with private and public sector and PFIs;
  • Data for success stories and lessons learned collected and provided to the Program's M&E coordinators at their request.
Selection Criteria

  • University degree in engineering and economics, finance or business;
  • At least 5-8 years of experience in supervisory role; solid experience of launching work in new regions, creating effective teams;
  • Wealth experience of work in different international organizations and in technical assistance projects. WB/IFC experience is of great advantage;
  • At least 5 years' experience and knowledge of energy efficiency sector in Ukraine, close acquaintance with both engineering and financial energy efficiency issues, ability to calculate final financial result of the modernization;
  • Experience in working with homeowner associations and housing managers, and financing thermo-modernization projects;
  • Strong communication and presentation skills. Experience of preparation, conducting and moderation of seminars, training, round tables and other events for different audiences;
  • Strong reporting skills;
  • Experience of cooperation with local and central governance and NGOs. Good relations with suppliers in energy efficiency sector;
  • Ability to travel extensively around Ukraine and to other countries;
  • Outstanding interpersonal and persuasion skills;
  • Fluency in English and Ukrainian, with Russian language skills as a bonus.
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