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NTD/WASH Framework Development Consultant

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Job Description


Duration: Maximum of 15 days 1. Introduction

Accelerating the Sustainable Control and Elimination of NTDs (ASCEND) is an investment from the UK government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO), to advance the impact and sustainability of national programmes tackling Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs). To be implemented between September 2019 to March 2022, ASCEND comprises of two lots - one focusing on South Asia, East and Southern Africa (lot 1) and the other on West and Central Africa (lot 2). ASCEND lot 1 is implemented by a consortium of technical partners led by Crown Agents, including Abt Associates, Oriole Global Health and the Royal Tropical Institute. Central to ASCEND 1’s approach is a close collaboration with National Governments and other implementing partners, to enhance national approaches to NTD control and elimination. ASCEND’s goal is to contribute to the global goal of reducing the burden of targeted NTDs so that they are no longer a public health problem.

In Kenya, ASCEND will focus on three NTDS – Schistosomiasis, Lymphatic Filariasis and Visceral Leishmaniasis anchored on the following broad areas of intervention: (i) *Treatment and prevention of disability, including mass drug Administration (MDA), diagnosis and treatment, surgeries, morbidity management.* (ii) *Increasing the integration of aspects of NTD programmes within the Health Systems.*** (iii) *Strengthening national health systems, integrating efforts to strengthen the relevant building blocks of the health system.* (iv) *Data for targeting and monitoring, including Impact Assessment and alignment of NTDs with national and international MEL systems and processes.* (v) *Cross-sectoral collaboration, in particular within the health and WASH/BCC sectors. * FCDO has contracted Crown Agents together with its consortium partners to act as Fund Manager for ASCEND in Kenya.

ASCEND programme supports the Ministry of health (MOH) in cross – sectoral activities such WASH and BCC. For the BCC activities the MOH with support from ASCEND is developing the ACSM strategic plan. The main gap identified by the MOH in the Coordination of the WASH and NTD activities is lack of a framework to guide and provide standards for the coordination and collaboration of the WASH and NTD sectors both at the national and county governments. The WASH – NTD coordination activities will be guided by a national framework. The MOH has started the process of development of the NTD – WASH framework, hence the purpose of this technical assistance.

Scope of work

The technical assistance offered by the consultant will be focused on reviewing of all the relevant documents and provide the information needed for the development of the NTD – WASH framework. The reviews will provide information on the status of the WASH – NTD activities, background information on the WASH – NTD collaboration, coordination and planning activities, integration between WASH and NTDs and the technical programme quality.

The specific roles of the consultant will be;
  1. Identify and obtain all the relevant WASH and NTD documents to be reviewed
  2. Review the necessary policy documents and provide the policy context of the NTD – WASH interventions both globally and nationally
  3. Review the WASH – NTD activity documents and data and provide the NTD and WASH statistics per County
  4. Develop an excel sheet with WASH and NTD data per sub - county.
  5. Collect background information on the NTD – WASH collaboration and the link between the collaboration and the national health agenda
  6. Provide information on the coordination structures for NTDs and WASH at the national and counties and also any joint coordination and planning activities
  7. Review the various programme implementation guidelines and structures and identify areas of integration for WASH NTDs
  8. Review the technical performance of the WASH and NTD interventions against the national standards.
  1. Preliminary report which outlines the documents and information reviewed
  2. Provide background information on the NTD – WASH status, co-ordination structures, and areas of integration
  3. WASH and NTD data per sub - county
  4. Technical report after incorporating inputs from the stakeholders in a workshops
Key Requirements.

Knowledge (Education & Related Experience):

o Bachelors degree in health, environmental or WASH related discipline – Master degree is an added advantage o Experience in implementation of WASH related activities o Experience in review of research documents, policies and guidelines o Working knowledge of NTD diseases is essential, experience in NTD research is preferred.

o Experience in report writing as proven by past experience Skills (Special Training or Competence):

o Strong communication skills o Ability to conduct desktop reviews of various documents o People management skills with clear understanding and ability to interact with government officials and other partners o English fluency (required) - written and spoken.

Send a covering letter, copy of your CV and samples of the previous similar work to “” by 19th February 2021 NOTE: This is a national only position and applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis
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