Job Description

  The NSD Manager will directly support PNG RC in their efforts to be a relevant, effective, accountable and sustainable humanitarian actor in Papua New Guinea.

The primary focus of this position is to enable PNG RC to improve the foundational aspects of the organization, including governance and leadership, so as to create a strong culture and positive environment that supports staff and volunteers to deliver PNG RC’s strategy, in line with its core humanitarian mandate as an auxiliary partner to the PNG Government.

The NSD Manager will work with PNG RC to develop a five-year work plan, while working with already agreed priorities and short term benchmarks, assign roles and responsibilities, and support implementation. This work plan will be informed by, but not limited to existing institutional development priorities identified through prior health checks, organizational assessments and NSD support from Movement partners.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Work alongside PNG RC Secretary General and management team to unpack, analyse and address ongoing and entrenched foundational issues.
  2. Work directly with the PNG RC Secretary General and management team to co-Design an approach to their skills development that meets their needs, as identified by them.
  3. Support PNG RC to identify and access Technical Support where it is needed from in-country organisations, Pacific regional networks and Red Cross Red Crescent Movement partners.
  4. Provide support to the PNG RC in prioritized areas for organizational development (legal base revision, HR development, Finance development, Strategic Planning 2021-2025, Resource mobilizations and Branch development), which will be further refined and prioritized in the work plan, in collaboration with PNG RC.
  5. Support the Coordination of PNG RC strategic planning and development of new PNG RC Strategic Plan 2021-2025
  6. Support PNGRC finance staff to identify and resolve key Financial Management challenges
  7. Work with PNG RC Secretary General to implement the finance Development Plan prepared for Capacity Building of finance team in coordination with IFRC APRO finance development Coordinator and ARC Finance Development team.
  8. Assist with the identification of resource mobilization opportunities, including capturing learning from successful Fundraising and Business Development initiatives.
  9. Work with PNG RC Secretary General and leadership to agree on a coherent strategy for branch development and decentralization.
  10. Work with PNG RC to capture quantitative and qualitative data and establish pragmatic processes to enable and identify where additional technical support or investment is needed.
Programme Management, Coordination & Representation

  1. Report against milestones as identified in the work plan, to IFRC Head of Country Office and Red Cross Red Crescent Movement partners.
  2. Liaise with international, governmental and non-governmental organizations and collaborate with them as appropriate.
  3. Work with Movement partners and assist the National Society to coordinate their support in such a way that contributes to organizational development and capacity-building according to PNG RC Strategic Plan and operational needs. The annual partners planning will be the platform for this alignment.
  4. Maintain an up-to-date overview of Red Cross Red Crescent capacity building activities and promote, develop and support regional NSD approaches
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