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National Consultant (Integrate Low-emission Climate Resiliency Into Subnational Planning for Local Governments)

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Job Description

  The threat of Climate Change is becoming increasingly clearer with international entities such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) identifying even more uncontested evidence linking anthropogenic activities with global warming. Increasing bodies of climate science predicts an inevitable and dire future for small islands. These include long-range and global scale models that projects scenarios of multiple climate perturbations, such as increase in sea level rise, intensified storms and variations in rainfall patterns; all of which would have significant impact on the social and economic well-being of the people. This inevitable future calls for stronger and carefully strategized adaptation measures, particuarly at the peripheral levels where vulnerability is more likely intesified.

The historic Paris Agreement on climate change in 2015, triumphs the calls made by small island states in bringing this unprecendented threat to the stability and prosperity of small island states, through the Paris Accord targeting limitations of global warming to 2.0°C to pre-industrial levels and the monumental international commitment pledged towards climate financing. Moreover, participating countries pledged ambitious plans to limit national GHG emissions through their Natonally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in aspiration to meet the global targets.

As part of the Maldives Climate Promise initiative, UNDP is engaging with Ministry of Environment and other key stakeholders to support the Maldives in increasing its ambitions as part of the nation’s NDCs under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). This will be sought through coherence with the Climate Smart Resilient Islands Initiative (CSIR) inaugurated by the President of the Maldives at the United Nations Secretary-General’s (UNSG) Climate Summit in 2019, in addition to supporting the present Administration’s Strategic Action Plan (SAP) 2019- 2023 and National Resilience and Recovery Plan (2020).

In this regard, UNDP seeks services from a qualified national professional, to support the Local Government Authority (LGA) in incorporating principles and concepts of low-emission climate resiliency into the subnational planning process which is expected to commence in early 2021. Local governments are the main vessels through which transformative changes can be actualized through embodiment of the sustainable development goals, and adoption of measures to enhance blue-green economies, and safeguarding fundamental Human Rights in the face of a changing global climate,

Duties and Responsibilities

Scope of Work

Under the guidance of UNDP and LGA, the consultant shall:
  1. Review all pertinent documents, laws, policies, regulations, protocols, reports, studies and available data relating to climate change in the Maldives.
  2. Review the Sixth Assessment Reports of the IPCC, specifically, the AR6 Synthesis Report and the report on Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability.
  3. Review the existing planning methodology of LGA including (but not limited to) the 5-year development and financial plan handbook, Councillors’ Handbook and Women’s Development Committee handbook currently being developed.
  4. Building on available secondary reports and consultant’s own research, identify the existing legal, institutional and governance frameworks for low-carbon climate resiliency in local Development Planning.
  5. Identify potential impacts and vulnerability for small islands, including the Maldives, based on available global knowledge, and regional models, and highlight potential adaptation strategies in response to different climatic scenarios.
  6. Identify areas to integrate principles of low-carbon climate resilient planning to multi-sectoral (social, economic, environmental and governance related) planning at the local level.
  7. Develop low-emission climate resilient planning modules within the existing planning structure, with an emphasis on stronger alignment with Maldives’ NDC, CSRI and SAP and NRRP commitments.
  8. Review the Knowledge Products produced through the United Nation’s Low Emission Climate Resilient Development (LECReD) Programme, including but not limited to, scientific assessments, climate profile, multi-stakeholder dialogue reports, and other relevant reports on vulnerability, peripherality, livelihoods, social well-ness, and lessons from adaptation projects.
  9. Study and adopt local development planning tools developed under LECReD project, and through other national stakeholders including the National Disaster Management Authority and Maldivian Red Crescent, in integrating resiliency into local development planning.
  10. Develop training modules to support (c) and (g).
Expected Outputs and Deliverables

The consultant shall be responsible for the following deliverables:
  1. Inception report including findings of the desk review and stakeholder consultations.
  2. Updated local development handbook to include enhanced alignment and support of the Government’s NDC, CSRI and SAP commitments.
  3. Collate LECReD products to develop a formalized toolkit including Island Disaster Management Planning (IDMP), Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (VCA) and other identified tools.
  4. Training plans and material as needed for LGA.
The following table shows an indication of the duration for the deliverables: Stakeholder consultation and desk review of existing material 10 days Inception report detailing scope of work and methodology Climate resilient planning component(s) for the Local development handbook, councillors’ handbook and WDC handbook 12 days Updated LECReD toolkit as applicable to LGA’s local planning needs 12 days Training modules and material needed for LGA 12 days The consultant is expected to present first drafts of all outputs for comments, before submission of final products after incorporation of feedback from UNDP, LGA and other stakeholders as necessary.


Corporate Competencies

  • Demonstrates integrity by modelling the UN’s values and ethical standards and acts in accordance with the Standards of Conduct for international Civil Servants;
  • Advocates and promotes the vision, mission, and strategic goals of UNDP;
  • Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability;
  • Treats all people fairly without favouritism.
Functional Competencies

  • Knowledge about the UNDP programmes would be an advantage;
  • Proven strong analytical abilities;
  • Ability to work under pressure with several tasks and various deadlines;
  • Ability to actively generate creative, practical approaches and solutions to overcome challenging situations;
  • Excellent writing, presentation/public speaking skills;
  • A pro-active approach to problem-solving;
  • General IT Literacy

Required Skills and Experience

The successful candidate is expected to possess the following academic and professional qualifications:
  • A minimum of a postgraduate (masters) degree in sustainable development, developmental studies, environmental science/management or a related field; and
  • A minimum of three years professional experience in the local or international environment/development sector.
  • Excellent communication skills in English and Dhivehi.
  • Experience in local/subnational development planning.
  • Experience working with local councils will be an added advantage.
The consultant shall work under the guidance of UNDP and LGA, and shall be accountable to the assigned Programme Officer, RCC, for each deliverable as stipulated in the proposal. Meetings with UNDP and LGA will be held as and when needed.

Duration: 46 days Duty Station: Maldives with possibility of remote working depending on health and safety conditions during the contract period.

Recommended Documents

Interested candidates should submit:
  • A letter of interest
  • Detailed CV and completed P11 form
  • Portfolio of previous work/projects
  • Financial proposal ?of payment
The consultant will be paid in full upon completion of the assignment and presentation of final invoice.

Note: Please note that UNDP jobsite system allows only one uploading of application document, so please make sure that you merge all your documents into one single file.
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