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Multi-country Delegation Logistic & Security Coordinator (National Contract)

Terre des Hommes

Job Description

General Responsibilities (Overall purpose) The MCD Logistic and Security Coordinator (LSC) is the head of the logistic and security department, in charge of supervising and leading the implementation of logistic and security activities of the MCD Jordan and Palestine.

S/he reports directly to the MCD Representative (CR) and is a member of the Strategic Management Team (SMT). The LSC is responsible to ensure an efficient, timely and high level of support to the implementation of the programme in both countries and to guarantee security measures are always in place and executed promptly in all operational areas of Tdh delegation in Jordan and Palestine.

The main tasks of this function are:

· Management of the fleet; · Procurement – supply; · Stock and assets management; · Management of operational premises and functioning; · Security management; · IT Management.

Specific Responsibilities / Context (Tasks) CONTEXT

Terre des hommes Lausanne (Tdh) opened its delegations in Palestine in 1973 and in Jordan in 2007. Since September 2019, both delegations have been gathered under one common entity, a Multi-Countries Delegation (MCD).

The main coordination office of the MDC is located in Amman (Jordan) and there are 2 sub-offices 1 in Jerusalem and 1 Gaza (Palestine) in addition of several others implementing venues through local partners with around 40 employees.

The MCD is having at the beginning of 2021 a total budget of around 3 million USD, funded by SDC, ECHO, UNOCHA, UNICEF, AECID, DAP and Tdh funds.

In both countries, Tdh implements a resilience-based approach aiming to strengthen the whole system for the benefit of refugee communities and vulnerable host communities. Thus, Tdh provides support to children, youth, family/caregiver and communities while working on Capacity Development of key local – formal and informal – actors.

Over the decades, Tdh - one of the Child Protection leading agency in Jordan and Palestine - has developed specific expertise in Migration, Access to Justice (A2J) and Child Labor (CL) programs - via projects implemented through direct implementation – centers and mobile units - and recognized local partners.

The MCD Logistic and Security Coordinator (LSC) has the following responsibilities: Strategy and Policy:

· Participate in drawing up strategic guidelines and intervention strategies for the MCD with the Country Representative and the SMT: collect the data and analyses the opportunities and the risks. Initiate discussions on improvements to be made in his/her field. Participate in the development of new tools in his/her field of activity.

· Draft and contextualize Tdh institutional Logistic Standard Operational Procedures and ensure they are disseminated, respected and implemented; · In the absence of or if outdated, put in place new polices in alignment to HQ guidelines and changing donor needs; · Always ensure that the MCD operations are run at its optimal, cost efficiently, any potential risks are identified, and staff are logistically supported to function efficiently; · Ensure the efficient management of work at the department level through proper planning and execution strategies in alignment with the delegation strategy and action plan to improved logistic and security processes, systems and services across the MCD, and ensuring this plan is sufficiently resourced and implemented; · Conduct periodic reviews of the logistic and security systems (tools, capacities, people, processes, resources) in collaboration with Q&A department to continue learning and enhancing the overall systems in the delegation; · Ensure that the logistic and security tools are updated and fit for purpose, based on the needs of the delegation; · Ensure that the MCD is well informed on a regular basis on the donor regulations and coordinate with the programme team to ensure that donor regulations regarding logistics, procurement and security are implemented accordingly; · In collaboration with Risk Management Department in HQ make sure that Tdh institutional policies on Fraud, Prevention of Financial of Criminal Activities and the Safeguarding policies are always effectively implemented in the delegation ; · As a member of the SMT contributes together with the other coordinators in periodically reviewing, analyzing and implementing the strategic plan of the delegation and in the formulation of the annual strategic priorities and action plans.

Management of the fleet of vehicles

· Ensure transportation and vehicle allocation planning meets the needs of the delegation at all time; Advice the CR and the SMT on the best viable solutions to increase efficiency and reduce costs related to transportation for the delegation; · Plan the need for vehicles and identify the best requirements for vehicles/equipment and choose the suppliers; · Negotiate with the service provider(s) to always have fuel efficient, user & environment friendly, safer, modern cars; · Ensure the monitoring and follow up system of movement and fuel is in place and being used by all the log department team (logbook, monthly fuel follow up, etc.); · Ensure that transportation means for the MCD are safe and in best condition for all staff, including that the preventive and curative maintenance of vehicles is done on a periodical basis; · Diagnose breakdowns and organize the repairs within due time and according to the urgency of the situation; · Ensure that the monitoring tools for effective fleet management are accessible, being used and reported to by all Logistic department teams across the MCD.

· Provide an Analysis of the transportation needs, vehicle management and fuel consumption to the SMT on a monthly basis and whenever it is required by the supervisor.

Procurement, Supply

· Organize market assessments processes on a periodical basis together with the team, aimed at improving operations efficiency, cost effectiveness and high-quality service provision to beneficiaries; · Establish and maintain a database with donor procurement standards or policies and ensure these are applied to the relevant project procurement. In coordination with the MCD Programme Co., ensure the project teams are aware of these standards and requirements; · Assess the risks and benefits resulting from any contractual agreement with suppliers based on the principle of cost-effectiveness and on Tdh Procurement policy and advice the SMT accordingly; · Guarantee all contractual relationships with suppliers are in accordance with the legal provisions of the country and with Tdh policies in place and handle orders and service contracts according to the established rules; · Ensure a Procurement Tracking System is in place, functional and accessible by the management and operations teams; · Ensure the Logistic department handles procurement requests with efficiency through an organized system of purchasing goods and services: orders, tracking, taking delivery, any customs, clearance, conformity checks and budget check; · Ensure purchasing logistics procedures are always followed by all Tdh staff (procurement plan, tracking purchase, etc.); · Ensure that transportation and packaging of goods/merchandise is done accordingly; · Schedule shipments and track them up to their destination.

Asset and Equipment Management

· Establish and maintain an updated asset and equipment list for all locations and projects across the MCD and share with SMT on a monthly basis; · Conduct spot checks to ensure the availability, status, use of the assets and equipment; · Ensure the equipment and running cost / staff are properly factored into the annual budgets and project budgets; · Monitor the additional equipment required and advise on the purchase; · Ensure that all assets and equipment in the MCD are properly identified, registered and labeled according to Tdh rules; · Ensure that all necessary equipment for the smooth running of the operations is properly installed, maintained and used by all staff in all locations; · Ensure proper takeover of assets and equipment when staff exits the organization; · Provide training in the handling of equipment and develop operating procedures if needed; · Ensure the management of the storage room which should be kept secured, in order and clean always; · Ensure that all items as needed by the field and the coordination office are always available and the storage room is accessible; · Take delivery of the merchandise and check the quality & quantity; · See to the physical management of the stock and in particular, attend to phytosanitary measures and expiry dates if needed; · Monitor the stock list and implement the relevant tools (stock cards, bin cards etc.).

Management of operational premises and functioning

· Ensure a proper management of all rental contracts for all premises, including expatriate accommodation contracts and take proper measures to renew, renegotiate or change terms when needed; · Ensure a proper management of contracts linked to internet and telecommunication, etc; · Ensure all premises are in good conditions and meet the labour law regulations and security and safety regulations for the wellbeing of the staff; · Ensure adequate and required furniture are in place and functioning; · Ensure follow up and supply of office supplies; · Ensure the premises and furniture are provided with regular maintenance and repairs; · Ensure that safety and security standards are applied in all premises, · Assess the safety and security standards in the partners premises and of the Child Friendly Spaces and provide recommendations to the programme team; · Report any violation of standards to the SMT and make sure that all measures are taken to address the situation immediately.

Safety and Security Management

· Conduct and keep updated context and risks analysis based on reliable networks and sources in collaboration with the country Representative (CR); · Draft and regularly update the countries security plans and guidelines in collaboration with the Risk department in HQ and ensure that it is properly disseminated and understood by all expat and national staff and ensure its implementation; · Lead the safety and security assessment processes in identifying new operational areas, in coordination with the Programme CO., and the MEAL Manger and ensure that all project/operations/bases have in place an updated risk and Security Plan; · Develop emergency evacuation plan for each office premises, and orient staff on this plan; Ensure that an Evacuation Plan is in place and updated regularly.

· Factor in expat staff and their family members into the security and evacuation plans, especially in responding to medical, legal or evacuation needs; · Ensure that all Tdh staff is informed, understands and adheres strictly to Tdh and Country Security rules and manage the safety and security in coordination with the Country Representative (CR); · Conduct safety and security oversight on a periodical basis and hold security briefings with the SMT and the management team; Be able to recognize, exploit and analyze the information that can have a repercussion on Tdh operations; · Ensure that Tdh delegation is represented in all security working groups and develop networks that enable access to flash news / updates and any key trends; Ensure that security alerts are disseminated to the SMT and all staff on time; · Establish a maintain a network with the main stakeholders related to security in the community, local and national authorities, security state bodies and other NGOs; Assess what are the current procedures of other NGOs in the target zone.

· Ensure that safety equipment is present, up-to-date and in compliance in the different office, guest houses and project locations; · Ensure a country profile is updated and shared with all visitors before their travel; · Ensure all visitors are provided a security briefing and ensure their security and safety while in-country for official visit; · Ensure the management of visibility materials and in collaboration with the Communications Advisor ensure that all staff is equipped with visibility materials; · Ensure that all receive immediate support in case of any incident in alignment with Tdh policies and regulations and ensure the incident report is filled on time and with quality; · Lead in the development of a contingency plan, by factoring all possible scenarios and how logistic & security will ensure the safety of national and expat staff in the field and enable the organization to continue operations in serving the most vulnerable people in compliance with the Core Humanitarian Standards.

Information & Communications Technology

· Monitoring, maintaining and following up on all ICT equipment, tools and services in the mission, in accordance with Tdh standards, policies, protocols and procedures; · Providing Technical Support and presenting Tdh standards, policies, protocols and procedures to all users. When needed, liaise with the HQ Support Team for 2nd line support, as well as with external providers, to ensure any incidents or problems that cannot be solved at his/her level are appropriately escalated; · Providing educational support (briefing, training and support, etc.) to all users in the delegation.

· Providing regular activity reports in the delegation in accordance with Tdh guidelines. Updating and archiving all user and ICT related documentation due to changes in the ICT infrastructures; · Participating in the establishment of the annual budget of the ICT families. Providing his/her technical expertise in the local purchase process; · Planning, preparing and reporting the visits to the site(s) under his/her responsibility to ensure the preceding points; Coordination and General support

· Represent the MCD in various Logistic and Security for a and networking with other stakeholders at the national level; · Ensure that the logistic team is engaged at the point of project start up (workshop) to develop procurement plans and security plans and to orient staff on the overall Log & security system; · Ensure proper support is provided to the Regional Coordinators based in Amman and in other countries when required and ensure an effective organization of all regional events (planning, vehicles, tracking movements, escort, etc.) · Provide team members with the information necessary for the successful implementation of the projects; · Make suggestions and participate in the project design and in the development of new tools in his/her field of activity; HR management

· Provide appropriate training, mentoring, coaching and Capacity Building of the team under her/his responsibility · Organize team meetings and provide weekly program update and work on monthly action plan for the department; · Follow up daily worker staff attendances, and provide weekly attendance sheets to admin department to facilitate payroll process · Ensure regular feedback to the staff under her/his responsibility and appraisal process when needed; · Support disciplinary measures application if needed; · Manage the annual leaves of his/her staff.


· Adhere to and enforce Tdh budget guidelines and when required donor budget guidelines; · Create Bill of Quantity (BoQ) for goods and services including the estimated prices, to be updated regularly and used as a reference for drafting new proposals budgets and in the budget forecasting.


· Write weekly report to the supervisor and submit the Situational Analysis monthly report with the analysis of the results on time and with quality: · Submit the monthly logistic package to the supervisor and to the Head of Logistic Sector in HQ; · Write logistics section of donor reports and Tdh annual report.


· Knows and implements institutional policies on security, procurement, child protection, PSEA and Code of Conduct and fraud prevention; · Adhere to and enforce current administrative and logistical regulations and procedures; · Commits to ensure the best implementation possible of the Tdh Child Safeguarding Policy (CSP) in her/his area, including participation in annual audit, and reviews and updates of action plan; · Commits to inform the Country Representative and/or the National Safeguarding Focal Point and/or the Head of MENA Region and to deal with any case of any allegations or possibility of transgression, even potential, of the CSP; · Respects Terre des hommes security procedures in Jordan.


Reference document :

This role requires a mastery of Personal, Social and Leadership Competencies (PSLC), Technical and Methodological Competencies (TMC) and Management and Strategic Competencies (MSC)

Sound personal organizational skills, including time management, ability to meet deadlines, multi-tasking, prioritization of tasks, and working under pressure Cross cultural awareness and sensitivity; Flexibility and strong adaptation skills Warrants and respects the rules, the processes and the correct usage of institutional tools Is able to explain Tdh policies Requirements for the position

Qualification: · Education: Post-graduate degree in a Logistics field (supply, IT, mechanic, etc.); · Language: Excellent oral and writing skills in English and Arabic.

Previous experience: · Previous experience with an INGO is mandatory and in an emergency context is preferred; · Minimum 10 years of work experience with at least 5 years of experience in a similar management and senior management position; · Previous experiences in the MENA region, especially Jordan and/or Palestine, would be a distinct advantage.

Knowledge and skills: · Demonstrated knowledge and experience in managing large and diverse staff and/or portfolios.

· Advanced training on Security is a must; · Advanced IT knowledge (hardware and software, Microsoft Office, Internet); · Excellent self-organizing, planning and communication skills; · Proactive, autonomous, rigorous, analytical, willingness and motivation to work in an international and intercultural context; · Ability to travel to the MCD operational areas on a regular basis.

Work location: position based in Jordan or Palestine with regular travels between offices in average every three months .

Previous applications are already taken into consideration, hence those who previously applied to this position do not need to re- apply.

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