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Job Description


Work Location : Ethiopia – Filtu Type of Post : Other Possible Location : Funding : Expected Travel : Type of Contract : Language Requirement : Application Deadline : Employee Duration : Full-Time

I Job Summary

The position holder shall be in charge of technical quality implementation and delivery of high quality maternal and Child Health services and working with the mobile health and Nutrition team in the assigned woreda to improve services accessibility for inaccessible sites and the mobile community. She/ He will mainly be responsible for the daily implementation of the antenatal, postnatal care services, support pregnant mothers to deliver at health facility and arranged referral services. Consulting and providing Family Planning services based on informed decision of mothers, providing immunization service for children and women, health education, sanitation, safe motherhood and child health as per the nationally approved mobile health service guideline. She/he supports people’s empowerment, Collective Action and solidarity, social cohesion and inclusion as well as gender equity. Facilitates and encourages active participation and networking between individuals and communities in recognizing problems, identifying solutions, and implementing project activities related to the identified solutions. Establishes and maintains close working relationship with communities and community organizations in her/his working area and ensure the maternity care services are going on to the acceptable standard.


Job Responsibility #1 Technical Support and facilitate community action planning and targeting

Support Health Extension workers (HEWs) in the targeting and identification pregnant women and facilitate enrolment of pregnant mothers to antenatal care (ANC) services. Facilitates community meetings and community action plan (CAP) preparation by working with HEWs and organized community structures and ensure that the participation of each community groups in problem identification, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of maternal health services Ensures CARE’s key program principles of accountability, empowerment, nondiscrimination are followed in community Analysis and action plans; Support HEWs on the targeting of children less than two for growth monitoring and promotion (GMP) and Facilitates enrolment of children less than two to GMP sessions. Assesses maternity service-related problems and initiate appropriate responses at community and primary health care unit level; Prepare maternity service plan together with the partners and representatives of the community and ensure implementation;

% of Time: 30%

Job Responsibility #2: Facilitate implementation of project activities and monitoring

Provide basic maternal and child health services such as antenatal, postnatal, Family planning, immunization for children, pregnant and non-pregnant mothers, encourage institutional delivery, facilitate referral service for pregnant mothers and providing health education. Facilitate training, closely work with Ministry of Health staffs at Health posts, Health center and hospital and district level. Organize daily, weekly and monthly over view and reports of antenatal, postnatal, expanded program of immunization (EPI), family planning services and health education Facilitate the referral of maternal cases across the service delivery centers and ensure improved continuum of care. Adherence to and implementation of safe motherhood protocols and procedures for better maternal health service. Participate in Capacity Building training including, onsite training to HEW and nurses, health education sessions and other SBCC activities. Follow up absentees/defaulters from antenatal services and facilitate their return to maternity services. Supports the program integration with nutrition services for children and PLW through proper referral linkage while they are malnourished. Ensure Job aids are available at Health posts (HEW quick reference, Look up table, report format, tally sheet and supply stock control balance form and others as appropriate) Supports Community Mobilization along with Health extension workers and women development armies; Facilities, organizes, and builds skill and knowledge of pregnant and lactating mothers on appropriate child feeding practices, basic hygiene and sanitation Ensures that activity implementation is informed by CARE’s core rights-based approaches and principles, gender equity, and community level advocacy in particular. Builds capacity of women development armies and committees, undertakes participatory monitoring of project implementation works, and records lessons learned and reports to her/his supervisor;

% of Time: 35%

Job Responsibility #3: Strengthen partnership, institutional linkages and working relationship

Strengthen community platforms such as the Health Development Armies (HDAs) together with relevant government stake holders/partners such as the HEWs and facilitate maternal health services at community level; Represents CARE at kebele (s) level as a member of the health task force; Work with government stake holders and ensure that the work plan of the project to be part of the work plan of the kebele; Closely works with health institutions, Health Development Armies (HDAs) and communities at kebele and village level to ensure adequate linkages are established and maintained;

% of Time: 15%

Job Responsibility #4: Reporting and Learning

Support quality recording and documentation of the maternal and child health services Prepares weekly, monthly and quarterly reports and submit it to her/his supervisor Supports and facilitates community involvement in annual innovation and knowledge fairs Collects basic information, best practices, case studies, and lessons and report to her/his supervisor Use maternal and child health service data for local decisions or actions making in consultation with Her/His supervisor; Undertakes personal professional development initiatives identified with his/her supervisor;

% of Time: 15%

Job Responsibility #6

Perform other duties as assigned.

% of Time: 5%

III Gender Equality

Be observant of any misbehavior regarding gender and report it to the responsible person. Produce sex disaggregated data at HH, community, project, program and organizational level as appropriate. Uphold gender and diversity values of CARE whenever dealing with staff, communities and partners.

IV. Problem Solving (Thinking Environment)

The level of problem solving this position will face is level number two. What has to be done and how to do it are clearly defined, and the incumbent will face identical or similar problems on a regular basis.




BSc. in Midwifery Nursing or clinical nursing with experience on midwifery services.



At least three years maternity related work experience. Experience on community based mobile health and nutrition (MHN) services. Knowledge and practical experience of the primary health care level maternal and child health services; Skill in facilitating on job hands on training for health workers, HEWs, and Health Development Armies (HDAs); Field experience of community mobilization. Previous experience in pastoralist communities. Knowledge of local language-


NGO experience



Communication skill, good human relations, willingness to reside in rural areas; Firm belief in teamwork, gender equality, sensitivity to HIV/AIDS, conceptual understanding of participatory approach and sustainable development. Knowledge of local language


Respect, accountability, courage, excellence, stress tolerance, information monitoring, developing teams, interpersonal skills, coaching, problem solving, planning and organizing.


The Midwifery Nurse is expected to establish open relationship with the community, government counterparts and other community based organizations in order to facilitate and encourage active participation in overall development activities and internally, with Health officers, Supervisors, Project Managers, and other concerned staff.


The Midwifery Nurse based in the project woreda and lives among the community. She/ He can travels on foot long distances (50%) and stand about 30% during training sessions.

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