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Place: Kabul, Afghanistan, with regular field trips Starting date: April 1st, 2021 Length: 6 months Closing date for applications: March 2nd, 2021 “Outraged by the injustice faced by people with disabilities and vulnerable populations, we aspire to a world of solidarity and inclusion, enriched by our differences, where everyone can live in dignity”. Humanity & Inclusion (HI) is an independent and impartial aid and development organisation with no religious or political affiliations operating in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. We work alongside people with disabilities and vulnerable people to help meet their essential needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights.

Since the organisation was first founded in 1982, we have set up development programmes in more than 60 countries and responded to many emergencies. Today we have a budget of around 150 million euros, with 3500 employees worldwide.

HI is engaged in an employment policy in favour of disabled workers.

For further information about the association: www.hi.org.


Handicap International Afghanistan works in the Southern (Kandahar, Nimroz), Western (Herat), Northern (Kunduz) and Central (Kabul) regions of Afghanistan, which covers more than half of the people with disabilities in the country. HI in Afghanistan currently operates projects both with partners and directly, these are managed by about 200 national staff in four locations, three bases (Kandahar, Kunduz and Herat) and Kabul main office.

HI is currently involved in different sectors of activities:
  • Physical and functional rehabilitation (both on service provision and training – technical assistance), in development and chronic crisis settings
  • Mental Health and Psycho-Social Support (MHPSS)
  • Support to inclusive governance through victim assistance projects
  • Inclusive livelihood
  • Mine Risk Education
  • Health through COVID response

Despite the country having moved towards a more progressive democracy, conflict is still ongoing and, in some areas, escalating and people are fleeing conflict in unstable districts ruled by Armed Opposition Groups (AOG) and Returning refugees are predominantly in 2 areas: Herat (people returning from Iran) and Kandahar (people returning from Pakistan).

Under ECHO funded Emergency project Emergency Mobile Team (EMT) addresses the urgent need for functional and physical rehabilitation, Psychosocial Support and mine risk education (MRE) in Afghanistan particularly in provinces with acute needs due to new shocks or returnees movement, through a mobile and flexible response. Treatments for people with physical disabilities usually focus on physical aspects. However, psychological aspects play an integral part in patient's recovery. The action will then target the most vulnerable persons at risk of exclusion (including People with Special Needs (PwSN), people with disabilities (PwD), people with injuries, people experimenting psychosocial distress and/or mental health problems), who are often invisible to mainstream relief organizations due to the specificity of their needs. The mobile teams will identify specific vulnerabilities and provide targeted assistance to these vulnerable groups through the provision of rehabilitation, psychosocial and MRE services with a complementary support to the Emergency Response Mechanism (ERM) actors; the action will reduce vulnerability and mitigate the impact of the conflict by facilitating access to lifesaving services, improving functional capacities and independence, strengthening positive coping mechanisms, promoting wellbeing, mitigating psychological distress, and improving the dignity of the targeted beneficiaries.


Under the responsibility of the Technical Unit Manager, you will play a critical role over 6 months to ensure a high level of technical quality on HI’s ongoing MHPSS component, as well as ensuring that the MHPSS Technical Officer has the adequate level of skills and capacities to provide training and understanding of the standards required for the MHPSS intervention. Furthermore, you will be required to ensure strong links to the ongoing EMT Project.

You will spend more time with Technical officer and visit field frequently to work efficiently with the technical field team and visit all three bases depending upon the need.

The role therefore requires significant focus on strategy development, quality assurance, and close collaboration with the Technical and the Emergency Coordinators to determine where best to improve ongoing intervention. The role will also require a high degree of Capacity Building and coaching to both the Technical Officer and the field teams.

Finally, you will closely work with the Coordinator" id="link" class="link">Meal Coordinator on data Analysis.

By the end of the 6-months mission, the objective is that MHPSS Technical Officer has the capacity to independently provide Technical Support and that the technical team (PSS workers and Social workers) is able to implement the activities with a high level of technical quality.

Your main responsibilities will be:
  1. Provide close technical support to the Technical Officer and the team and build his capacity in strategic thinking
  2. Provide training and coaching to the Technical Officer/ team, on identified areas
  3. To support on the strategic direction of the MHPSS project closely in link with the rehabilitation and Mine Risk Education component
  4. To support MHPSS-Technical Officer the Technical Analysis of the data collected through the project
  5. To link the MHPSS strategy implemented in emergency context with the EMT section
  6. To technically contribute towards development of proposals related MHPSS

  • You hold a formal degree in Psychology (Master degree of Psychology or at least Bachelor degree of Psychology, with strong proven knowledge and experience in providing technical support to MHPSS programs in emergency contexts and complementary degree in Sociology / Social Work / Community based approaches)
  • You have at least 4 years of experiences in the field of MHPSS in humanitarian context, if possible in acute emergency
  • You have at least 2 years of experience in providing technical support to programs
  • You have excellent knowledge of MHPSS IASC guidelines, knowledge of protection mainstreaming principles, GBV and CP international guidelines, including GBV IASC guidelines, Child Protection Minimum Standards (CPMS)
  • You are able to supervise, accompany, coach and manage a team
  • You show abilities to design and facilitate trainings and on the job coaching
  • You are able to work under high pressure, without constant supervision and able to deal with rapidly changing context and plans in all circumstances
  • You have a high level of autonomy and initiative, you demonstrate strong organizational skills as well as strong interpersonal and intercultural skills
  • You have strong writing, reporting skills and computer skills (MS Word, Excel, Outlook and other relevant software)
  • You are able to contribute to development of MHPSS related proposals and development of MHPSS strategy
  • You demonstrate strong internal and external Coordination and representation skills
  • You are diplomate, patient and have excellent communication skills
  • A previous experience with HI, is a plus
  • You speak and write English fluently

The position is based in Kabul. Expatriates as well as afghan employees are allowed to travel to bases in all provinces and to some project’s location, upon ad-hoc assessment of the security situation, and follow-up on daily basis. Expatriates can be accommodated in the bases located in the 3 provinces (Kunduz, Kandahar, and Herat).

Security is a major concern in Afghanistan with potential for kidnapping, regular terrorist attacks in the cities and severe conflicts in Eastern, Northern and Southern Areas and to a less extent Western areas apart from most provincial and district capitals. Thus, limited recreational and leisure activities are available. Freedom of movement is limited in all bases and expatriates always travel in cars with drivers. At times depending on the security situation, expatriates may be confined to the guest house.

Accommodation is in a secure guest house, close to the office, with other expatriates. Common accommodation with a partner can be arranged if both work for international organizations with matching security regulations. The guesthouse is spacious with independent rooms. There is a cook (except during the weekends) and other staff who do the laundry and cleaning.

Western goods can be found in expat supermarkets.

Both women and men have to dress and behave as per local culture standards, which particularly includes wearing scarf in all public places for women.

There are no specific measures or restrictions put in place by the government in regard ot Covid-19 pandemic. However, safety measures (hand-washing, wearing masks) are implemented in HI offices.


At HI, the conditions offered are up to your commitment and adapted to the context of your mission. Particular attention is paid to health issues and your personal situation.

We offer an induction and training path adapted to our staff members and we have a HR policy oriented toward mobility and professional development.

  • 6 months International contract starting from 1st, April 2021
  • The international contract provides social cover adapted to your situation:
    • Unemployment insurance benefits for EU nationals
    • Pension scheme adapted to the situation of our employees: if you already have a personal pension scheme HI will contribute at the same level of your personal monthly contribution with a maximum of 272.53€/month ; if you do not have a personal pension scheme, we will open a private pension account with your contribution of 272.53€/month and a contribution of HI of the same amount
    • Medical coverage with 50% of employee contribution
    • Repatriation insurance paid by HI
  • Salary from 2757 € gross/month upon experience
  • Perdiem: 456.01 € net/month - paid in the field
  • Hardship: 500 € net/month paid with your salary
  • Paid leaves: 25 days per year
  • R&R: 5 days every 6 weeks
  • Status: unaccompanied
  • Housing: collective taken in charge by HI
If you are resident in the country: local package
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