Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

Logistics Coordinator

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

Job Description


All NRC employees are expected to work in accordance with the organization’s core values: dedication, innovation, inclusivity and accountability. These attitudes and believes shall guide our actions and relationships.

Roles and Responsibilities

The role of the Logistics Coordinator is to manage the Logistics function for the Moldova Country Office and provide leadership to the Logistics team.

Generic responsibilities (max 10)

Adherence to NRC policies, guidance and procedures. Implement NRC’s systems and procedures at area level. Ensure adherence to NRC policies, handbooks, guidelines and donor requirements. Prepare and submit reports and Analysis. Ensure proper filing of all support documents. Support line managers in procedures and require support team trainings. Management of support team. Ensure development and implementation of administrative systems and procedures. Actively promote PSEA (Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse) standards & principles within NRC and amongst beneficiaries served by NRC. Provide anti-corruption, transparency and cost efficiency focus in all processes (e.g. in procurement, vehicle management, Asset Management). Ensure safe and efficient transport of staff and materials/goods.

Specific responsibilities

Coordinate and oversee the management of the supply and logistics support for operations in ROMO Country & Area Offices, including requisitioning, receiving, storing, issuing and delivering goods.  

Ensure monthly documented meetings with direct reports with particular support to their development and Capacity Building. Ensure internal and external compliance regulations are adhered to, within deadline, for all Logistics activities. Oversee the Logistics Officers in the management of Moldova CO & AO procurements and explore the options to further expand the potential procurement opportunities in the vicinities of the area of support. Manage, implement/maintain and follow NRC standard warehousing practices and supervise warehouse staff in record keeping to full audit standard. Provide training for line managers with logistics responsibilities, particularly in procurement procedures, fleet and stock management. Other tasks as assigned by the Logistics manager

Critical Interfaces

By interfaces, NRC means processes and projects that are interlinked with other departments/units or persons. Relevant interfaces for this position are

Auditors (internal/external) Relevant implementation staff Budget holders Scale and scope of position

Staff: 2 Logistics Officers Stakeholders:


Information: Office 365

Legal or Compliance: Internal and external compliance regulations


Competencies are important in order for the employee and the organization to deliver desired results. They are relevant for all staff and are divided into the following two categories:

Professional Competencies

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