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Logistician/Research Assistant (Usaid Liberia Data, Evaluation, Learning, and Technical Assistance)

Social Impact

Job Description

Logistician/Research Assistant

USAID Liberia Data, Evaluation, Learning, and Technical Assistance (DELTA), Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Human Resource Needs Assessment

** Please note: This is a local position. Only those in Liberia will be considered. **

Social Impact is a Global Development management consulting firm. We provide monitoring, evaluation, strategic planning, and capacity Building Services to advance development effectiveness. We work across all development sectors including democracy and governance, health and education, the environment, and economic growth. Since 1997 we have worked in over 100 countries for clients such as US government agencies, bilateral donors, multilateral development banks, foundations, and nonprofits.

In Liberia, SI supports International Business Initiatives to implement the USAID-funded Liberia Data, Evaluation, Learning and Technical Assistance (DELTA) program. Our teams provide analytical and Advisory Services to USAID/Liberia’s Office of Program and Project Development and Development Objective teams to support the Mission’s project Design, performance monitoring and evaluation, and operational learning and adapting.

Project Objective:

Many Liberians lack access to quality clean water and sanitation (WASH) services compared to other countries in the region, which contributes to poor health outcomes especially for children. Access to improved WASH services is hindered by weak sector governance, government institution capacity to manage, and funding constraints. Data from UNICEF and WHO Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP 2020) indicates that, about 75% of Liberians have access to a basic level of drinking water: 85% of urban residents and 64% of residents in rural areas. A lack of latrines and Management Systems cause inadequate access to sanitation and hygiene services, and in rural areas and for many urban residents open defecation is the primary method of human waste disposal. According to data (JMP 2020) about 18% of Liberians had access to basic sanitation services: 29% of urban residents and just 6% for those in rural areas.

Liberia would benefit from improved sector governance and more capacity and financial models to design, build, operate and maintain the medium to large scale WASH infrastructure (e.g. water supply systems, institutional toilets). Government, communities, and private sector actors have limited capacity to manage and maintain water and sanitation infrastructure in both rural and urban areas of the country. At the national level, this problem is exacerbated by the lack of Coordination among WASH-related ministries and entities and compounded by the shortage of sufficiently skilled personnel in government and civil society related to water and sanitation. However, the gaps in data availability and quality across the country calls into question the current state of human resources for WASH in Liberia. To understand human resources needs related to WASH in Liberia, USAID/Liberia intends to carry out a human resource gap Analysis related to WASH operations, maintenance, management and training, and assess current and future HR needs related to WASH in all 15 counties of Liberia.

USAID/Liberia has engaged DELTA to conduct this gap analysis and assessment. This assessment will provide USAID/Liberia with robust information about the workforce needs related to water supply and sanitation (WASH operations, maintenance, management and training) and associated gaps as well as:

  • Identify types of training institutions and programs for WASH professionals in Liberia

  • Quantify the existing HR training capacity in the country and assess the gaps/shortages

  • Analyze the skills and education levels required to operate and maintain medium to small sized water and sanitation systems annually in Liberia in the following areas:

    1. Drinking water - piped systems and small systems
    2. Sanitation - sewer networks and wastewater treatment (as applicable)
    3. Sanitation - on-site systems and fecal sludge management (as applicable)
    4. Hand hygiene - facilities/technologies and behavior change
    5. Any other sanitation infrastructure relevant to specific in-community needs (including community toilets and hand pump operations)
  • Specific planning and training efforts required to fill the operations and maintenance (O&M) HR gap

  • Clear recommendations on how to address the HR gaps and needs in Liberia

Position Description

** Please note: This is a local position. Only those in Liberia will be considered. **

Social Impact is seeking an individual to serve as the local Logistician/Research Assistant on this assessment. The Logistician will schedule and coordinate interviews with relevant WASH, HR, and international development professionals in Monrovia and in six other counties. The Logistician will also travel with the team during four weeks of fieldwork and take detailed notes during the interviews. This will be a part-time position during interview scheduling with full-time responsibilities during the fieldwork period. A detailed breakdown of responsibilities is listed below. This is a part-time position reporting to the Team Leader. The estimated LOE for this position is 30 days, from an estimated start date in January through May 2023.


  • Researching/collecting contact information of interview targets and scheduling interview appointments (time and location) via phone and email.
  • Prior to fieldwork, support preparation of fieldwork logistics, such as hotel, ground transportation, and arranging meetings, under direction from the Team Lead.
  • Manage the daily fieldwork schedule and re-confirming interviews with study participants. Share the schedule frequently with the assessment team.
  • During fieldwork, attend and take detailed notes at key informant interviews (KIIs) and focus group discussions (FGDs) with identified stakeholders in Liberia depending on the team’s needs. Where appropriate, these meetings will require recordings to be taken as well.
  • Complete other logistical/administrative tasks as assigned.
  • Communicate in a timely and effective manner with all project personnel.


  • At least two years of experience working for international development organizations.
  • Background in Administration and/or logistics for research studies.
  • Demonstrated organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Ability to work independently to meet deadlines and adhere to high quality standards.
  • Strong professional written and verbal communication skills required.
  • Willingness to travel to multiple counties in Liberia.

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