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About MIDA

The main objective of IOM MIDA Somalia is mobilizing human and financial resources, in order to contribute to the stabilization and development of Somalia through local and diaspora expertise. MIDA provides the necessary mechanisms to improve institutional performance and their capacity to respond to the needs of the Somali people while at the same time maintaining that the knowledge is left behind once the diaspora experts complete their assignment. The beneficiary institution will host the qualified Somali diaspora expert, and will be responsible to provide a safe and secure work environment. MIDA will monitor the expert while in assignment.

About FGS Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs (MoLSA)

Somalia is a country that is slowly re-emerging from over two decades of internal conflict. Since 1991, over a million Somalis have been forcibly displaced internationally and another 1.1 million displaced internally. Apart from the fact that Somalia has a deep tradition of seasonal and pastoral mobility and circular migration across borders, the years of lost development and a lack of livelihood opportunities has provoked widespread rural-urban migration as well as labour migration and fuel human smuggling, human trafficking, gender-based violence (GBV). Periods of drought, flooding, famine and environmental degradation have further compounded the problem, and the conditions that drive various forms of migration remain both widespread and rampant.

The Federal Government of Somalia is committed to support policy and programme development across the spectrum from helping to determine the timing, phasing and safety considerations of return; to ensuring the continuity of care and well-being for those still in refugee or IDP settlements; managing and mitigating broader assistance to migrants and mobile populations in Somalia; and identifying and predicting new mobility trends and needs; to supporting dialogue that promotes early planning of migration into broader country recovery and Development Planning.

Therefore, the Ministry of labour and Social Affairs is looking for a migration expert dealing with the above migration dimensions of the Somalia.

Activities / Key Results Expected

Under the overall guidance of the Director General Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the incumbent will be responsible for the following duties and responsibilities: · Provide technical guidance and policy advice to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Federal Government of Somalia (MOLSA, FGS) and other national and regional institutions dealing with migration, refugees and crisis related mobility issues and drive the implementation of MOLSA’s Labour migration and refugee intervention strategy Horn and East African migration policies framework, international Labour standards and the ILO’s Fair Migration Agenda and Multilateral Framework on Labour Migration; · Ensure coherence between the Design and implementation of labour migration policies and of employment policies, respectively, in close collaboration with Employment Advisor(s) in Somalia and in the region; · Develop strategies for implementation of the ILO’s Guiding Principles on Labour market access of refugees and other forcibly displaced persons to the labour market, including where appropriate in cooperation with MOLSA’s Employment department; · Develop and coordinate the design and implementation of national and regional strategies and policies on labour migration, in close consultation with all stakeholders; · Design, supervise and conduct relevant analytical and policy oriented research to support the MOLSA’s knowledge base on labour migration, including data on labour migration trends, flows, regimes, contributions of migrant workers to development, and barriers to achieving decent work at national and regional levels, as a basis for the formulation of relevant labour migration policy strategies, initiatives for projects and work programs; · Work to promote engagement with a broad spectrum of Labour migration actors within and beyond Somalia.

· Conduct seminars, workshops and technical meetings; · Prepare recommendations and guidelines for discussion and adoption as MOLSA recommendations on related technical fields; · Write manuals and training guides on related topics; · Disseminate information on action programs through publications and press releases as well as ensuring representation at donors’ meetings, international, regional and national fora and advocacy campaigns; · Provide technical inputs to office documents (sectoral meetings, technical committees, conference reports; · Perform such other duties as may be assigned.

Target Outputs (Measurable Results)

· Design and promote a wide range of special subject-matter-related programs. This involves Analysis of complex or conflicting data, statistics, information or policy guidelines in a manner requiring the advanced application of principles of a recognized technical specialization; · Develop and review an institutional framework, in which social partners can best improve, implement and evaluate efficient and equitable MOLSA action programs; · Assume full responsibility for policy formulation and providing policy advice to MOLSA on institutional strengthening;

MIDA requirements

Besides the specific outputs mentioned in section IV, MIDA is requiring the following steps/actions to be undertaken throughout the assignment. These are standard requirements for all assignments undertaken through this project: 1. Transfer of skills: One of the main responsibilities of the qualified Somali expatriate, and one which he/she will be measured against, will be to ensure continuous and systematic transfer of knowledge and skills as related to the assignment. It will have to be agreed with the beneficiary institution which Civil Servants will have to benefit from this knowledge. ** 2. Work plan: A work plan will have to be developed with the Supervisor during the first week of assignment which will provide clear and time bound activities to successfully implement the outputs of the assignment. This work plan will be shared with the MIDA focal person in the field. This work plan can be revised during the mid-term review to reflect new developments or changes in strategy.

3. Mid Term Review: there will be a mid-term review of the assignment between the incumbent and the beneficiary institution to discuss progress of the assignment and feedback on performance.** 4. Interim and Final Reports: A progress report will be submitted by the incumbent to the Supervisor and to the MIDA focal person in the field. Thereafter a final report will be provided at the end of assignment.**


Level of Education: · Bacheller’s Degree in Social Science, International Relations, law, or Political Science or relevant fields with an accredited academic institution.

· Proven expertise in development, demographics or other relevant technical field; · Migration Management background, ideally also with experience in Labour migration, Border Management, protection and migration and development; Languages needed: Fluency in English and Somali is required General Skills / Other Requirements: · At least 7 years of appropriate experience in migration management programs (including Labour mobility, border management and migrant protection) of which at least three years at the international level; · Knowledge of Labour migration issues in Somalia and the Horn and Eastern Africa region; · Proven ability to establish and maintain strong working relations with Government and Non-Governmental counterparts, international organizations, civil society and private sector entities; · Familiarity with labour migration aspects, labour migration policy and legal frameworks; · Experience to devise new methods, concepts, approaches and techniques, in line with ILO standards and technical guidelines and ability to prepare MOLSA strategy reports in the related field for programme development, the ability to represent MOLSA in high-level government dialogue and to provide policy advice; · Demonstrated technical expertise in Labour migration and/or crisis and refugee movements; · Proven experience as a trainer, facilitator, and presenter on the topics of Labour migration.


(This will be determined by MIDA team based on qualifications (VI) and level of the assignment .

Security and insurance modalities

Health insurance, including evacuation due to medical emergency, will be provided by the project. However, experts will be requested to provide a recent medical certificate stating that they are physically well and apt to work in a hardship area in Africa. Please note that neither IOM nor the donor, according to the contract, will be responsible for the security of the qualified Somali expatriates. The host beneficiary institution will be responsible for the security of the individual. Before leaving the country of residence and upon arrival in in Somalia, the qualified Somali expatriate will receive a briefing including security advice and cultural background.
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