Knowledge Management and Learning Advisor (Regional Mandate - Latin America)


Job Description

ATTENTION: Candidates must presently be living in one of the program countries (Bolivia, El Salvador, Honduras or Perù) Through its mission, Oxfam is committed to promoting the well-being of children, youth, women and men.

Oxfam has a policy of zero tolerance for any behaviour that contravenes its code of conduct, including sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse, as well as lack of integrity, corruption and fraud.

To achieve this, Oxfam will ensure that it recruits people who demonstrate the same values and expects everyone already working in the organization to share and embody this commitment.


Oxfam-Quebec is implementing its new volunteer cooperation program (VCP) entitled "Equality in Action" in close collaboration with Oxfam teams in the countries of intervention. This program will take place over a period of seven years (2020-2027) in thirteen countries and three regions.

The VCP aims to increase the performance of local partner organizations in developing countries in implementing inclusive, innovative and sustainable development initiatives that will advance Gender Equality in all 13 countries. The knowledge, capacity and expertise of qualified volunteers will be leveraged through short and long-term assignments with local partner organizations.


In close collaboration with the Oxfam team in the country of intervention, the volunteer will:
  • Contribute to the knowledge and learning agenda of Oxfam's regional influence strategy
  • Provide direct support to national VCP managers and partners (and indirect support to other countries in the region) in the implementation of a knowledge and learning agenda by identifying needs, gaps, priorities and solutions
  • Generate and share learning on women's rights priorities through participatory processes of reflection, Monitoring and Evaluation, where learning is used in future strategy Design, planning, accountability and internal/external communication.
  • Support the Coordination of a community of practice on monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEAL), where it will lead the establishment of laboratories for experimentation and learning.
  • Facilitate spaces for training and exchange in the priority areas identified in the regional agenda. The processes involve VCP partners and are developed according to feminist principles.
  • Document and compile lessons and experiences from Latin American and Caribbean countries to feed into the learning agenda and accountability system.
  • Disseminate knowledge generated by research and program monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEAL) processes among teams, countries, partners and strategic partners, and at the regional level.
  • Facilitate exchanges with VCP partners to improve their mastery of the women's rights approach.
  • Ensure the implementation of partnership and feminist principles that imply a major institutional transformation for Oxfam and where the design, planning and MEAL processes are key spaces for dialogue and empowerment.
  • Practice annual accountability for VCP contribution with quality reports
  • Share and embody Oxfam’s commitment to a zero-tolerance policy against behaviour that violates the code of conduct, including sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse; intimidation; lack of integrity; corruption and fraud.
  • Participate in development efforts in Canada during and after the mandate by contributing to the dissemination of the program, projects, partners, etc. through testimonials, life stories, photos, quotes, etc.

  • Be domiciled in Bolivia, El Salvador, Honduras or Peru and have:
    • Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status in Canada
    • or citizenship of a Latin American country
  • Academic background in Social Sciences, Political Science, communication or other relevant field.
  • Experience in Latin America in the field of development and cooperation
  • At least 4 years of proven professional experience in the development and implementation of monitoring, evaluation and learning or research methodologies and tools
  • Experience and skills in Data Collection
  • Professional experience in the field of women's rights
  • Advanced Spanish and English, spoken and written. Intermediate level of French desirable
  • Mastery of Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint) and of Skype, Teams, Zoom,
  • Training and facilitation skills
  • Adherence to Oxfam's mission and values, including the promotion of equality between women and men

  • Living and housing allowances
  • Medical and life insurance
  • Volunteer Support Program
  • Days off (20 days off/year for mandates of 12 months or more)
  • Airline ticket home at the end of the mandate
  • Access to various Training Courses
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