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Invitation Letter for Technical Evaluation (Water and Irrigation Infrastructure Rehabilitation Program)

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Job Description


  • Job number: SRH05461

  • Domaine de competence: Water Sanitation and Hygiene promotion
  • Statut: Consultant
  • Type de poste: Overseas missions
  • Country: Syria
  • Contract Type: Consultant

    About us

    Deadline for offer sharing: 3rd August 2023 - 12h00 Syrian time

    Technical evaluation Start Date: 1st September 2023

    Technical evaluation End Date: 30th October 2023

    Location: North East Syria (for the field assessment part), Syria Mission

    Detailed Term of Reference of this Technical Evaluation need to be request to Solidarites International by email to the following email:

    SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL (SI) is an international humanitarian aid association which, since more than 40 years, has been providing assistance to populations affected by armed conflicts and natural disasters by meeting their Basic Needs for food, water and shelter. Particularly committed to the fight against diseases linked to unsafe water, the leading cause of death in the world, SI's interventions provide expertise in the field of access to Drinking Water, sanitation and hygiene promotion, but also in the essential area of Food Security and livelihoods. Present in some twenty countries, the SI teams – 2500 people in total, made up of expatriates, national staff, permanent staff at HQ, and a few volunteers - intervene with professionalism and commitment while respecting cultural norms.

    About the mission

    In North East Syria, a decade of conflicts, ISIS’ occupation and subsequent battles have caused extensive damages on essential services and infrastructures, and reduced access to both, drinking and irrigation waters, resulting in an extremely inefficient system of water supply and irrigation water distribution. The current state of the water infrastructure in NES continues to put the population at risk.

    Water is one of the main factors driving instability in the region, and water is central to North East Syria’s Agriculture-based economy. The drop in water levels of the Euphrates River, the decline in rainfall, the mismanagement and the unlimited extraction of groundwater all contribute to recurrent water shortages. Additionally increasing the risks of high salinity in water sources and irrigated soils are documented, affecting the prospect of yields and agriculture in the upcoming years.

    About the project

    Within the framework of the project “Rehabilitation and maintenance of essential drinking water – and irrigation infrastructures in Raqqa and Jazeera regions” funded by the European Union, SI is addressing urgent and protracted WASH needs. Building on its previous expertise, and continuing its effort in improving water infrastructure in North East Syria.

    The project implements different activities and rehabilitations covering both Raqqa and Al Jazeera regions. Below is a summary of the planned activities:

  • Restoration of capacities and operational efficiency of drinking water infrastructures in the regions of Tabqa, Raqqa and Jazeera, including pumping and treatment systems as well as water station connections to the main electrical “service lines”, prioritized over the “public lines” for power supply,
  • Support to water departments in Tabqa and Jazeera regions: providing light and heavy equipment accompanied by dedicated trainings for maintenance teams and water station operators, as well as providing chlorine and support to water Analysis laboratories.
  • Improve electrical access for some water station through repair or creation of electrical service line.
  • Repair of Irrigation Systems in Raqqa, including infrastructures, such as, canals, lifting irrigation stations and operational of equipment like control gates.
  • Support to the Irrigation Department in Raqqa Region:

  • Provision of maintenance of heavy machinery which is urgently needed to address maintenance and operation of irrigation systems and regular cleaning of canals and drainage system,
Technical Capacity Building to improve extension service to farmers on climate smart irrigation and Agricultural Practices.

About the consultancy

The objective of the technical audit is to implement a Technical Evaluation on the works/services carried out by Solidarites International during the project. Due to the number of infrastructures rehabilitated only a few relevant infrastructures will be evaluated. Additionally, the Technical Department in charge of daily O&M (Water or Irrigation Department) supported by SI during this project will be part of this Technical Evaluation to assess the sustainability of the activities. The population which benefits or will benefit from these activities will not be targeted as already included in an ongoing external Third-Party Monitoring evaluation.

This Technical Evaluation will mainly focus on the following activities:

1 Water Infrastructure in Raqqa governorate. 1 Water Infrastructure in Jazeera Region. Raqqa Irrigation Department support.

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Your profile

SI expect that the field Technical Evaluation will be manage by one person.

The profiles of the key experts should have professional technical skill and experience in these fields:

Drinking Water infrastructure (Design / implementation / monitoring) preferably a minimum of 5 years experienced. Civil work (for Water Station and mainly Irrigation activities). Procurement process. Institutional support of Technical Department or Local Authority in charge of the O&M of water / hydraulic infrastructures. Humanitarian / development activities experienced, minimum of 3 years. Technical Evaluation for similar kind of project at least 1 reference. Work experience in post war or crisis affected area minimum of 3 years. Engineering or University degree in hydraulic or Relevant technician degree with more than 15 years of experience English is compulsory, Arabic a plus.

Application process

Interest applicants are required to submit their proposal, as requested in the Term of Reference of this Technical Evaluation (cf ToR for more detail and complete list):

Criteria of evaluation of the offers will be:

Price: 50% Quality of methodology of the consultancy: 25% Capacity/reference: 25%

Solidarités International considers individual candidates and teams equally (for team the main persons considered (Capacity / reference) will be the person doing the technical assessment).

The applicants must send off requested documents electronically. The deadline for submission is 3rd August 2023 at 12h00 (Syrian Time). To the following email:


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