Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

International Safeguarding Coordinator

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Job Description


Location: Any MSF office*

Contract: Permanent, full-time contract

Starting date: Asap

Deadline to apply: 26.02.2023

*By default, the successful candidate will be offered a contract in the MSF office of their country of residence at the time of application


Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers Emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, healthcare exclusion and Natural Disasters. MSF offers assistance to people based only on need and irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation.

MSF International is the legal entity that binds MSF’s 24 sections, 25 associations and other offices together. Registered in Switzerland, MSF International provides Coordination, information and support to the MSF Movement, as well as implements international projects and initiatives as requested.


MSF International has five key roles: to promote coordination between MSF entities and international platforms; to ensure transparent exchange of information and intentions for informed decision-making and accountability; to facilitate and promote coherent common representation towards external actors and institutions, donors and the general public; to provide visibility and ensure accountability of international projects, activities and decisions; to act as the Secretariat to the International Board. The role of the International Safeguarding Coordinator (ISC), makes a strategic contribution to the roles related to Coordination between MSF entities and platforms, and exchange of information and accountability.

The international platforms are places where strategic discussions occur on the evolution of MSF, the challenges and opportunities we encounter and how to address them collectively. Among them, the Intersectional ethics Platform on Behaviours (IPOB) objective is to create a collaboration between ODs regarding the prevention, the detection and the management of abusive behaviours allowing improvements in the practice.

In the context of the MSF movement’s transformation, increasing complexity and growing number of stakeholders, the role of the International Safeguarding Coordinator will become key in ensuring the IPOB’s leadership strategic engagement with internal stakeholders and international platforms, on relevant institutional processes and initiatives and in driving discussions on larger, long-term strategic initiatives, often leading their adoption and implementation.


The International Safeguarding Coordinator reports to the Secretary General of MSF International and is a member of the MSF International Management Team. S/He chairs the IPOB and oversees a number of other related initiatives related to safeguarding and behaviour.

The International Safeguarding Coordinator will maintain close functionality with other International Office Coordinators, particularly the International HR Coordinator, the International Comms Coordinator, the IOHRC, and other relevant stakeholders such as DEI leads, the DEI WG facilitator, etc.

The International Safeguarding Coordinator manages the Global Pool of Investigators Manager.


The International Safeguarding Coordinator is a connector and bridge-builder on strategic issues and stakeholders on all elements related to safeguarding.

1) Leading on Safeguarding related areas

The International Safeguarding Coordinator is responsible for leading and facilitating progress on a number of strategic areas of movement wide relevance:

lead in the development of movement wide pro-active approaches to safeguarding, including the development of relevant policies and systems in partnership with other relevant stakeholders (operations, comms, HR);in coordination with the IPOB define a relevant set of data to be monitored and reported on for the field and HQ on a yearly basis and ensure continued improvement of consistency of definitions, Data Collection and Analysis; present the yearly global behavioural report to key stakeholders and ensure it is used to build understanding of behaviour issues, approaches and strategies; manage the production of a yearly global behavioural report (covering data for field and HQ) for external publication;overseeing the overall set-up of a Global Pool of Investigators and line manage the Global Pool of Investigations Manager;engage in the development of an international “appeal” mechanism;actively drive, link with and report on the Core ExCom Actionplan on Tackling Institutional Discrimination and Racism, especially category 5 – Abuse and Irresponsible Behaviour.

The International Safeguarding Coordinator will support the efforts of the different entities in the mobilization of the MSF movement’s capacities for specific behavioural matters.

The International Safeguarding Coordinator will keep abreast of best practices and developments in the area of safeguarding, complaints mechanisms, tackling abuse and inappropriate behaviour.

S/He will also support existing International Office abuse management mechanisms and contribute to developing relevant policies and practices as needed.

2) Chair of the IPOB

The International Safeguarding Coordinator will prepare and chair meetings of the IPOB in order to reach the objectives as defined in the TORs of the platform. This includes but is not limited to:

In consultation and collaboration with other members, leads in the agenda and priority setting of the IPOB, and in doing so coordinates with other key platforms, to ensure topics are discussed in a timely and well-prepared manner.Coordinate cooperation with the Ambassador Network on Ethical Behaviour (ANEB).Promoting innovative approaches and improvement of practices as well as evaluation of the current behavioural practices across the movement.Ensuring proactive and timely information-sharing among members, seeking coordination of different behavioural approaches and strategies, promoting transparency in a spirit of mutual accountability.Connect with other relevant groups such as the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion working group, HR, Comms, Fundraising.Ensure platform sharepoint site and TORs are relevant and up to date.

3) MSF International Management Team member

The International Safeguarding Coordinator is a member of the MSF International MT. The International Safeguarding coordinator serves as a key member, in support to the SG, of the MSF International Management Team (MT) and will play an active role in supporting the SG to define the priorities and activities of MSF International within their area of expertise, including definition of annual and multiyear work plans of MSF International.

The International Safeguarding Coordinator will inform other MSF International Coordinators on key behavioural issues that could affect transversal areas: HR, DEI, Comms, fundraising and proactively reach out to relevant counter parts in case of need (such as external requests for information, acute crises, etc).

As a manager, s/he will implement good management practices, including annual evaluations of direct reports.

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