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Job Description

  The OSCE Permanent Council Decision specifically mandates the OSCE Presence in Albania to work in the area of parliamentary Capacity Building. Based on previous support the Presence had provided to the Albanian Parliament, Switzerland has entrusted the Presence with an extra-budgetary contribution for a four-year long project “Support to Parliament and Civic Education in Albania”, from November 2018 to November 2022.  The Support to Parliament and Civic Education Project in Albania (“PACEP” or the “Project”) builds on the Presence’s long-term work with the Kuvendi, or Assembly of Albania (the “Parliament”). It focuses on improving the core functions of the Parliament through a series of mutually reinforcing activities each designed with three themes in mind: (1) strengthening Human Resources, (2) developing and supporting innovative technology solutions and (3) promoting transparency and civic education and engagement. The Project targets parliamentary staff, members of Parliament (MPs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and the public at large.

Activities under the Project’s third component, aim at increasing understanding and engagement of civil society with parliamentary affairs and the democratic process in Albania. Recent and ongoing changes in how Parliament functions, including the standardization of operating procedures for parliamentary committees and the introduction of technology the legislative process, will lead to a need for increased public skills and expertise to understand these developments and contribute in the process. Within this framework, the Presence has planned to develop a curriculum for advanced studies on parliamentary affairs, procedures law and legislative drafting in order to equip new generation of law practitioners and other professionals with the necessary skills to both understand and engage in parliamentary process and democratic decision-making. For taking a ground-based and well-informed decision and addressing real needs and potential modalities for introducing such curricula development, including content as well as complementarity (if any) with existing similar initiatives in the country, the Presence will engage two senior experts (a national and an international one) to undertake a feasibility study on accuracy and potential needs within the institutional and academic environment.

Objective of Assignment: The OSCE Presence in Albania seeks an International Consultant to conduct a feasibility study  aimed at both assessing the need for a curricula on parliamentary affairs/procedures and legal drafting in Albania as well as identify potential modalities for introducing this course. The international expert will be working closely with a local expert in implementing tasks and responsibilities of this assignment.

Duration of Assignment:

The duration of this consultancy is envisaged to start from July 2021 until November 2021, for  total of 4 months.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

The International Consultant will work under the supervision of the National Legal Officer and the Project Manager.The International Consultant will have to complete the following tasks: Task 1:  Prepare an inception report (up to 5 pages) which should include the following:
  1. Work-plan including input received from the local expert;
  2. Outline of the assessment methodology to be used for preparing the feasibility study, detailing required tools;
  3. A list of potential stakeholders to be consulted interviewed from international academic institutions where similar courses exist and/or local ones;
Task 2: Based on Desk Research conducted by the local consultant/expert, review and complete the proposed methodology to include data from:
  1. Mapping of existing similar coursesinitiatives in Albania and international best practices;
  2. Summary of legal /quality standards graduate programmes have to comply with in virtue of the enacted domestic legislation;
  3. Two brief reports detailing findings and conclusions from discussion with international and/or local stakeholders.
Task 3:  Conduct a comprehensive assessment for introducing a graduate academic programme on parliamentary affairs through at least five (5) online interviews with local stakeholders working in the education sector in the country, as well as other relevant stakeholders with knowledge on the subjects.

Task 4: Prepare a draft feasibility study with support and specific input from the local expert, which should include, main findings from the interviews conducted with stakeholders (Task 3) and mapping phase (Task 2) as well as the following details:
  1. The necessity of the particular programme at university level in Albania according to existing legal framework;
  2. Institutional Capacity Assessment of public High Educations Institutions in Albania;
  3. Required resources to launch/establish the academic program;
  4. Recommended Curricula and organisational standards;
  5. Recommendations for Project follow up activities;
Additional Expectations and Activities The Consultant is expected to:
  • Provide regular updates to the National Legal Officer and Project Manager in charge of the parliamentary support on progress of tasks through at least four (4) online meetings via WebExZoom /phone conferences during home based work.
  • Cooperate with the Local Consultant, plan and share inputs as per guidance from NLO and PM.

Finalized inception report, (at least 5 pages, in Times New Roman 12, 1 space, justified;) prepared together with the local expert, as specified under Task 1; 20 July  2021(tbc) Moderation guide for semi-structured interviews to be conducted with main stakeholders under Task 3 30 July (tbc) Conduct at least (5) online sessions organized with main stakeholders and beneficiaries as detailed under Task 3 20 August 2021(tbc) Feasibility Study (at least 15-20 pages, Times New Roman 12, 1 space, justified;) as detailed under Task 4 All deliverables are to be provided in English language.

20 September (tbc) Necessary Qualifications:

  • Have an advanced degree in political science, or law or public Administration;
  • Documented experience of at least 5 years, in conducting feasibility/research studies on topics related to parliamentary affairs and legislative drafting, academic background and experience in teaching, development of curricula on topics related to political science and law;
  • Professional experience with institutional Development Projects and/or legislative drafting is an asset;
  • Previous experience in working with an international organization is desirable;
  • Fluency in English
Remuneration Package:

Remuneration will be based on the selected consultant’s/expert’s qualifications, experience, the tasks and deliverables for this position and in accordance with the OSCE established rates.

If you wish to apply for this position, please use the OSCE's online application link found under

please use the OSCE's online application link found under

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The OSCE is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all religious, ethnic and social backgrounds to apply to become a part of the Organization.

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