Internal Communications Coordinator


Job Description

The Internal Communications Coordinator will Design and execute an organization-wide communication strategy and staff engagement strategy. S/He will be leading a range of Internal Communications activities and events including: planning and hosting all-staff events, building partnerships with key internal clients, coordinate and plan of Internal Communication campaigns, provide message development support to internal clients, which includes CARE USA’s leadership team. Other responsibilities will include communications platform management and training, moderation and governance of all internal messaging, building close partnerships with IT and People and Culture teams. The role will seek to increase employee engagement and understanding, awareness, inspire multi-directional communication across multiple channels, and support Change Management initiatives. The role will plan and execute internal communciation activites and strategies across different regions, countries and languages.


  • Develop and coordinate organization-wide internal communications strategy to increase employee awareness, understanding and engagment across different regions, countries and languages. Activites include: planning and hosting weekly all-staff townhalls, developing communication cascades, management of translation services, developing visual communication strategies, supporting leadership team and other key internal clients in developing internal communications.
  • Develop and coordinate organization-wide employee engagement strategy to inspire multi-directional communication across the organization. Activites include: providing communications support for organization-wide strategic initiatives, planning and hosting employee engagement events to faciliate connections and a sense of community, partnering with People and Culture team to design and execute other employee events and programs to build Organizational Culture and foster a sense of community.
  • Communciations platform management to include being a community manager and primary point person for management of SharePoint, Constant Contact and other communication technologies / platforms / channels.
  • Support of CEO and Supervisor's needs. Coordination of any department interns. Other duties as assigned.

  • Bachelor's degree with background in English, Marketing/Advertising, Communications, Law, behavioral field or equivalent combination of education and work experience. Strong writing and project management and execution skills are a must.
  • Three years of previous professional experience in a similar position, demonstrating
  • Strong writing skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Strong project management and execution skills, event planning skills
  • Use of various design tools and Media Platforms, and advanced editing and persuasive writing skills. Or equivalent proven leadership and education in communications.
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