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Information Systems Officer

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Job Description


The United Nations Global Service Centre (UNGSC) provides critical Supply Chain, Geospatial, Information and Telecommunications Technologies services and Training to all Secretariat Entities, Peacekeeping and Special Political Missions, Agencies, Funds and Programmes of the UN system worldwide.

The position is located in the Programme Management Planning Unit (PMPU) of the Technology Development, Design and Planning Section (TDDPS) within the Service for Geospatial, Information and Telecommunication Technologies (SGITT) at the UNGSC, Valencia, Spain.

The incumbent will work under the supervision of Chief of the Section or other designated officer.


Within delegated authority, the Information Systems Officer may be responsible for the following duties:

• Support the planning and management of all major project, programmes, tools and information systems within the mandate of UNGSC SGITT, monitoring the progress of the projects Analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of new, moderately complex systems, and/or, participates as a member of a team with responsibility for major components of the more complex systems;
• Support the Business Benefit Realization Management Framework to identify, analyze, deliver and sustain projects and programmes’ benefits, in alignment with the organization’s goals.
• Manages the budget of the Project Management and Planning Unit, formulating and monitoring budget allocations and expenditures, verifying funding and ensuring no overrun occurs;
• Develops technical specifications for the procurement of equipment and contractual services, and coordinates the technical evaluation of offers and proposals received;
• Develops detailed systems and other functional specifications and user documentation for the project management system tool, framework, and procedures as required;
• Identify benefits, and map them against organizational goals and objectives
• Provides specialized advice to users, analysing users' requirements and translating these into new applications; determines application systems integration and linkage issues;
• Maintains, upgrades or enhances existing Project Management Systems; troubleshoots and provides continuing support, to include resolving difficult problems, advising on the use of new techniques, monitoring transactions to measure performance and continued effectiveness of assigned systems, etc;
• Develops training materials, operating and user manuals; trains staff in assigned, or using the Project Management and Business Benefits Realization Management tools;
• Develops disaster recovery plans relating to information systems and ensures appropriate planning and training of those responsible;
• Researches, analyses and evaluates new technologies and makes recommendations for their deployment;
• Participates in writing reports and papers on systems-related topics, system requirements, information strategy etc;
• Provides professional leadership and work direction for the Unit, develops the yearly work plan, mentors and supervises personnel of the Unit.
• Provides professional leadership and work direction for the Project Management Office (PMO), and overseeing reporting, and compliance with the applicable project management framework and related tools.
• Develops plans for major IT systems projects within UNGSC and filed missions and entities supported by SGITT, monitoring the progress of the design, installation and commissioning of the various systems;
• Leads the Project Management Office (PMO) team in the operation and maintenance of Project Management Tools.
• Devises and administers disaster recovery plans; provides training for support staff to implement these plans to ensure optimal readiness;
• Responsible for the proper implementation of backup and recovery procedures.
• Maintains a regular review of the Project Management systems.

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