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NRC in Ukraine

The Norwegian Refugee Council has been present in Ukraine since 2014, helping more than 700,000 people with food, shelter, water, sanitation, and legal assistance. The rapid change of situation in February 2022 during which the whole of Ukraine became affected by the conflict required a significant scale-up of Emergency programmes. Today NRC is providing support to people affected by armed conflict and those fleeing in search of safety.

Prior to the escalation in armed conflict in February, NRC’s operations focused on government-controlled areas (GCA) of the Donbas Region (Luhansk and Donetsk Oblasts). Following the February 2022 invasion, continues to support populations in the East through our office in Dnipro with emergency, life-saving food, NFI and emergency shelter assistance to people trapped in hot zones. In the West, NRC established area offices in Lviv and Ternopil, in the South, NRC has presence in Odesa, with the country office based in Kyiv.

We are seeking highly qualified, resilient, dynamic professionals to respond to Ukraine crisis and support people in Ukraine.

Role and responsibilities

The purpose of the Protection Information Management Technical Officer’s position is to provide technical information management accompaniment to the Protection programme, through which NRC reaches out to the conflict-affected people having faced or facing protection risks.

The Information Management Technical Officer will contribute to the development, rollout and maintenance of NRC’s crucial information Management Systems supporting protection activities, including protection monitoring, case management services, individual protection assistance, and supporting community self-protection mechanisms and initiatives.

The Protection Information Management Technical Officer will perform the following functions:

Support and contribute to the development of Data Management systems through documentation, implementation, and Coordination of standardised information flows. Develop, implement, manage and administer databases and related procedures in a secure and safe manner. Design and implement data solutions for managing beneficiary data. Implement and maintain a filing system for Protection-related documentation. Ensure proper storage of protection information management data, tools and information. As delegated, ensure Data Quality control in the NRC protection data management tools. Work closely with Protection Specialist to ensure databases/data storage solutions are user-friendly and Data Protection compliant. Facilitate introduction of new ideas, technology, methods and approaches in order to improve the quality of data management in the programme. General follow-up of the NRC routines in relation to Protection project documentation. Provides quality control and oversight of the data that is being collected and identify and address errors in collection, input and output. Ensure project-specific databases that meet donor and NRC programme requirements are developed and fully operational during the life of project. Extract and analyse information from primary and secondary sources with further processing and representation. Contribute to donor, internal and other types of reports; strategy documents, preparing and providing of dashboards, statistical charts, tables, and other visualisation methods as required. Prepare and develop status reports, regular activity reports and other reporting tools as requested by the Protection Specialist. Submit reports with the extraction of data from IM platforms and lessons learnt as requested by the Protection Specialist. Communicating between technical and non-technical staff. Ensure Capacity Building of project staff and transfer key skills to Protection team in relation to databases and other information management tools, processing and use of protection data. Ensure teams are trained on data protection mechanisms and ensure compliance with data protection protocols. Facilitate capacity-building of staff by creating guidelines, checklists and other tools as required. Ensure adherence with NRC policies, tools, handbooks and guidelines. Contribute to specific protection risks and needs analyses. Contribute to designing of protection response to identified risks and needs.
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