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Icla Programme Development Manager

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

Job Description


Duty station:  Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Please note fluency in both Spanish and English is required for this position. Candidates who do not command either of the languages will not be able to be considered.

1. Background/Context

All NRC employees are expected to work in accordance with the organisation’s core values: dedication, innovation, inclusivity and accountability. These attitudes and believes shall guide our actions and relationships.

In recent years, the populations of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala (often referred to as the countries of North of Central America, NCA) have been affected by devastating violence, extreme weather and other natural disasters. The number of displaced people has been growing dramatically: every year hundreds of thousands become internally displaced or flee their country trying to make their way to the US or Mexico and often get stuck in between or are sent back to their country, where they face additional challenges. From 2018 on, Mexico has de facto become a country of refuge, accommodating significant numbers of vulnerable migrants and refugees, despite being self-declared as a non-safe third country. The increasing restrictions to accessing asylum in the United States have led to an exponential increase of asylum applications in Mexico and a similar increase in asylum cases is being registered in Central America, for different reasons. 

NRC has been responding to mounting internal and external displacement since 2015, focusing on the protection crisis, but also integrating education, shelter, and WASH interventions and recently launching a livelihoods and food security programme.

The Information, Counselling, and Legal Advice (ICLA) Programme Development Manager (PDM) for North of Central America and Mexico will be responsible for the ICLA strategy, technical guidance, Capacity Building and quality control, and for support to fundraising across the four countries of operation.

In Honduras and El Salvador the ICLA PDM will provide Technical Support to the ICLA teams who are under the leadership of the Area Manager, who is also responsible for project implementation. In Guatemala and Mexico (forthcoming), the ICLA PDM will design, develop, and be responsible for implementation of the NRC ICLA programme including managing and building up the growing ICLA team.

The ICLA PDM is expected to particularly focus on the development of the Housing, Land, and Property component of the programme.

2. Role and responsibilities

The following is a brief description of the role:

Development/update of ICLA strategy, technical SOPs / guidelines and macro-logframe. Compliance and adherence to NRC policies, tools, handbooks and guidelines. Responsible for the development of ICLA funding proposals, project budgets and donor reports Overall management of designated ICLA project staff in Guatemala and Mexico Coordination and management of Guatemala and Mexico ICLA project implementation (activities, budget and project documentation) in line with proposals, strategies and donor requirements. Ensure capacity building of and transfer of key skills to overall programme staff across the four countries of operation. Liaison and collaboration with relevant local and national authorities and stakeholders and representation of NRC in relevant forums/cluster/working groups. Promotion of the rights of displaced people and people affected by violence in line with the advocacy strategy. Ensure participation in Project Cycle Management (PCM) key events. Responsible for the oversight of M&E of the project in Guatemala and Mexico, including Data Collection, Analysis and evaluation. Collaborate closely with the Area Manager and the ICLA PM on implementation of ICLA projects in Honduras and El Salvador. Contribute to the development of Country and Area strategies. Ensure that ICLA interventions address both programmatic and relevant policy issues and contribute to national, regional and global tools, guidelines and policy and research studies. Technical oversight of all ICLA programming in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico. Ensure that key learnings are extracted from implementation of ICLA programmes, and incorporate them in programme and staff development processes. Responsible for ensuring Safe and Inclusive Programming standards are integrated and implemented in ICLA programming. Lead the development of alliances with key ICLA actors. Research and analyse HLP challenges in the various countries of operation and identify HLP disputes dynamics (Conflict Prevention and Conflict Resolution). In close coordination with the Advocacy team, articulate concerns and organize evidence relevant to ICLA issues for populations affected by violence and displacement in the North of Central America and Mexico. Liaise with government officials, humanitarian/development actors, and civil society. Technically supervise the design of trainings for humanitarian actors, government officials, community leaders and other stakeholders.

3. What We Are Looking For

Minimum 3 years of experience from a senior level project implementation position in a humanitarian/recovery context. Advanced academic qualification in a relevant field (law, social sciences or related disciplines). A clear understanding of protection issues, legal frameworks and professional standards in humanitarian and displacement contexts.  Experience from working in complex and volatile contexts.
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