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  Impact Initiatives is a humanitarian think tank, based in Geneva, Switzerland. The organisation manages several initiatives that facilitate the development of information tools and products in order to enhance the capacity of aid actors to make evidence-based decisions in Emergency, recovery and development contexts. The IMPACT team comprises over 60 HQ-based employees, and over 200 employees based in its 25+ countries of intervention. For more information visit: and

We are currently looking for a HR Manager to join our HQ team in Geneva. The position is initially for a maternity leave cover of 6 months, but may be extended thereafter.

Position: HR Manager Department: HR Supervisor: Head of HR / Director" id="link" class="link">Executive Director Duration: 6 months Start date: Early June Location: Geneva, Switzerland SUPERVISION

The HR Manager will be supervised by the Head of Human Resources / Executive Director FUNCTIONS

The HR Manager will ensure the management and follow-up of the HR department following units: 1) Recruitment 2) Career and internal mobility 3) Admin. and payroll unit, in alignment with the HR procedures and in the most efficient way. This includes the following:

1. Recruitment

In support of the Head of HR / Executive Director, the HR manager will have the following responsibilities vis- à-vis the IMPACT recruitment unit: a. Support in the filtering of CVs and submission for validation to the Head of HR / Executive Director on a weekly basis b. Arrange daily meetings with the recruitment unit for the follow-up of the candidates considered in the recruitment process, ensuring the monitoring tool is updated and that the recruitment processes is followed in a timely manner, and identifying any risk or blocking point that may require further follow up from HR manager (in liaison with Head of HR / Executive Director) c. Arrange or participate in any interviews (especially for more senior candidates) as relevant d. Review on a weekly basis with the Recruitment HR officer: the Applications follow-up, the Global Recruitment follow-up, the Posting follow-up to ensure it is accurate and complete, establish priorities and discuss any risk or follow-up action point vis-à-vis IMPACT’s Country Representatives or any relevant staff e. Review and validate on a daily basis the offers, contracts and new placements emails submitted by the recruitment unit, ensuring any recruited staff is validated by the Head of HR / Executive Director f. Support the Recruitment HR officer on any query regarding candidates’ questions, salary negotiations, starting dates, benefits, etc., liaising with the Head of HR / Executive Director accordingly and including one-to-one follow-up calls with candidates, especially with senior ones.

Follow-up on any key issue with the Head of HR / Executive Director g. Review on a weekly basis the Contracts follow-up to ensure that contracts are signed in a timely manner

2. Career and Internal mobility

In support of the Head of HR / Executive Director, the HR manager will have the following responsibilities vis- à-vis the career and internal mobility unit: a. Arrange meetings twice a week with the Career and Int. Mobility officer for the review of the following tools, identifying any risk or blocking point that may require further follow up from HR manager:
  1. The Staff follow-up: to ensure that staff next steps’ contracts are discussed well in advance, that no staff remains without a contract and that staff exiting are identified as such
  2. The Internal mobility follow-up: to ensure that any internal mobility candidate is included and the process is followed-up in a timely manner
  3. The Contracts follow-up: to ensure the all contracts are signed in a timely manner
  4. The Surge follow-up: to ensure that all ongoing surge are up-to-date with the process and that ended surges have received a mission report
b. Make sure that all exiting staff fills out the exit survey, review the exit survey/call minutes and follow- up on any key issue with the Head of HR / Executive Director c. Arrange one-to-one calls with staff as per needs, especially senior or key staff, regarding contractual discussions or any discussion on personal matters that staff wants to discuss about

3. Admin. and Payroll unit

In support of the Head of HR / Executive Director, the HR manager will have the following responsibilities vis- a- vis the admin. and payroll unit: a. Arrange weekly meetings to discuss on the unit work plan (especially around payroll), priorities and any blocking points b. Once a month, review and validate the staff reimbursement requests c. Once a month, review the Attendance sheets follow-up and address any potential issue d. Once a month, review the Exit Follow-up to ensure that the closing of exits is processed in a timely manner and identify blocking points to be addressed e. Payroll: ensure that the payroll is processed in a timely manner; review and validate it as soon as it is ready, ensure pay slips are distributed on time and payroll payment is processed accordingly f. Insurances: follow-up with HR officer to ensure (i) all insurance monthly invoices are reviewed and processed on time, (ii) that registration and deregistration of staff in the insurances is done properly and noted in the CFU; (iii) that all staff’s maternity leave, sick leave and accidents are properly communicated to insurances; g. Working permits: review on a monthly basis the Working permit follow-up ensuring all Switzerland based staff have a valid working permit and that new working permit or working permits renewals are submitted on time h. Once a month, review the psychologists’ invoices follow-up to ensure they are paid on time, that reimbursement is requested to the medical insurance and that these are submitted by the medical insurance i. Ensure all staff queries/requests vis a vis Administration and payroll matters are answered in a timely and accurate manner and support the Admin and payroll HR officer in any relevant/major query

4. General management, reporting and other:

a. Ensure all the steps above are done in a timely manner, with the highest levels of professionalism, respect and confidentiality, and in alignment with the organization procedures and policies b. Prepare and arrange weekly meetings with the Head of HR / Executive Director to ensure the sharing of information and discussion of any risks regarding the above-mentioned processes c. Arrange weekly HR meetings with all HR team members, ensuring that every member is updated on any relevant organizational aspect, each other’s planned leave, each other’s achievements from previous weeks and priorities for the upcoming week d. Ensure the HR team provides the related updates in the weekly HQ office meeting e. Maintain open and regular communication with the Head of HR / Executive Director, HR director of our sister organization (ACTED), other IMPACT Directors, Head of departments and Country Representatives to ensure regular updates on progresses, issues/risks, etc.

f. Follow-up on the communication (i) between the HR units and (ii) between the HR department and other departments to ensure they are fluid and contributing to the construction of strong professional relationship g. Ensure professional and timely communication flows between the HR staff and all employed staff h. Ensure the career and personal management of the HR team members, arranging weekly check-in meetings, providing regular performance feedback, carrying out the yearly appraisals when relevant, and finding replacements on time when needed i. Dept. reporting: ensure the preparation and submission of a monthly Unit Dashboard, if possible j. Carrying out the HR induction k. Support as relevant the consultancy contractualisation process


· Master’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration etc.; · At least 5 years of experience in Human Resources/Administration /Business Management field · Fluent in French and English · Analytical thinking with an ability to handle large amounts of complex data · Mastering of internal control tools (standards, procedures and techniques) · Excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint and Excel) and Accounting Software (SAGE) · Ability to work in a multicultural environment · Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written with the ability to listen and connect with staff deployed in the field.

· Managerial qualities, Team spirit, Reliability and discretion, Proactivity, strength of proposal, Rigor and sense of organization.

· Ability to work under pressure; Ability to build trust within the organization and to manage competing demands in a timely manner.


  • Previous experience in HR management at an international non-profit/non-governmental organization
  • Demonstrated interest for humanitarian and development topics
  • Knowledge in HR / management as well as taxation and business Law
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