Job Description

Fixed-term contract - 6 months Starting date : 01/06/2022 PUI all around the world With its 40 years of experience, Première Urgence Internationale :

  • Supports close to 6 millions beneficiaries
  • With more than 100 Millions € yearly budget
  • Present in 22 countries, on 5 continents
Thanks to the work and commitment of :
  • More than 2000 national staffs
  • Around 200 expatriates from 45 different nationalities
  • And 90 employees at HQ
PUI works in 10 areas of intervention and distinguishes itself by the implementation of an integrated approach in its response. This method aims to identify and understand the needs of all those affected by a crisis. Our teams come together to bring a rapid global response to the Basic Needs of populations affected by humanitarian crises to help them regain independence and dignity.

Learn more on our history, our values, our areas of intervention.

Focus on our activities in Iraq

Our mission in IRAQ has been open since 1983. PUI develops its integrated approach with to bring help to vulnerable refugees, displaced persons as well as host communities (to avoid marginalization when the pressure on available resources becomes unbearable), in order to improve their living conditions and reinforce their resilience to enable them to regain dignity and autonomy. Furthermore, PUI provides a humanitarian response to needs arising from movements of population through actions aimed at reinforcing the existing Health system, and providing Mental Health Psychosocial Support to the people in need, but also at providing access to Shelter, to Drinking Water, Hygiene and Sanitation. Today, the mission is implementing 4 projects.

What about the Head of Mission ?

As Head of Mission, you will be responsible for the smooth functioning and the development of the mission.

For this purpose, you will be responsible for :
  • Safety & Security: You will be responsible for the safety & security of the mission.
  • Programmes: You will coordinate the teams and ensure that the programmes implemented on the mission are properly carried out. You will also monitor needs and suggest new operations and development tracks for the mission.
  • Human Resources: You will ensure that the mission is adequately staffed and supervise the teams (defining objectives, follow-up).
  • Logistical, administrative and financial monitoring: You will ensure that logistical and administrative practices in place respect PUI procedures and formats and are in compliance with donors’ rules and regulations.
  • Medical and technical monitoring: You will ensure that medical and technical practices respect PUI’s procedures and formats and are in compliance with PUI’s operational framework and policy.
  • Representation: You will represent the association in its relations with partners, donors, the media and different authorities.
  • Relations with Headquarters: You will ensure that information is properly circulated between Headquarters and the field and ensure that due dates are respected.

The challenges that await you:

1) It is a particular time in Iraq in terms of humanitarian assistances and funding situation. Humanitarian funding has significantly reduced and the focus is shifting from humanitarian to stabilization and development, however, the humanitarian needs and gaps are still significant. Donor engagement and Fundraising would be the top priority for the HoM in order to ensure the unmet needs of the population in need are addressed and met.

2) With the shift of the context and funding from the humanitarian to stabilization and development, PUI Iraq mission will also need to adapt its strategy to the context. With primary focus of the organization on the humanitarian needs and programs, humanitarian donors and funds, the shift would require strong and continuous long term efforts until reaching there. The transition period which can take 1-2 years would be a challenging period.

3) The country overall political and security situation as well as visa and access issues for different reasons remain a key challenge. These result in not being able to attract potential expatriate profiles, gaps in key positions and remote work with limited physical presence on the ground in many cases. The HoM will need to be prepared for these challenges and filling several gaps at the same time. HoM will also need to ensure to maintain a strong relation with the stakeholders to keep and expand acceptance and reduce access issues.

What you will need to succeed

  • Training : You hold a Master’s degree or equivalent in Humanitarian Action: project management, a technical background related to one of our activity sectors, in human resources management, Financial Management
  • Experience : Strengthened by minimum 3 years of experience in the field with international NGOs in project Coordination, you master international team management, the project cycle and security management. A previous experience as Head of Mission or in an equivalent position would be appreciated. You already worked with Première Urgence Internationale? It would be a definite asset!
  • Skills : You master humanitarian project management and team management, you have a detailed knowledge of donors prerequisites. You also have excellent writing skills.
  • Qualities : You are a good communicator, both in writing and orally. You demonstrate good team spirit, leadership skills and the ability to make decisions, trustworthiness and a sense of responsibility, organisational skills, reactivity, ability to be thorough and to adapt. You have a strong resistance to stress and particularly in unstable circumstances.
  • Languages : English has no secrets for you! All the better, it is mandatory for this position. If you speak Arabic and/or French, it would be a definite asset.

A word from the manager

« Première Urgence Internationale helps civilians who are marginalized or excluded as a result of natural disasters, war and economic collapse and our mission is to defend basic human rights. PUI is working in the very remote and hard to reach areas to provide humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable and in need people. Iraq is one of those missions where PUI assisting population who have been affected by war for decades and are suffering from lack of access to basic services, including IDPs, refugees and host communities in very remote and rural areas. If you have ever thought about being part of a group of experts supporting such vulnerable and needy population in Iraq and around the world, this is the right opportunity for you to achieve your goal. Besides supporting the target population, this will also be a great opportunity for your personal and professional growth as PUI is providing the opportunity for staff Capacity Building and growth. »*

PUI will offer you

  • Status : Cadre with a Fixed-Term Contract
  • Monthly Gross Income : 2 915,00 - 3 245,00 EUR depending on your experience in International Solidarity + 50€ per semester of seniority with PUI
  • Insurance including medical coverage and complementary healthcare, 24/24 assistance and repatriation
  • Housing in collective accomodation
  • Daily Living Expenses ("Per Diem")
  • Break Policy : 5 working days at 3 and 9 months + break allowance
  • Paid Leaves Policy : 5 weeks of paid leaves per year + return ticket every 6 months

Our commitments

Première Urgence Internationale sees diversity of nationalities, genders, beliefs, profiles and statuses among its Human Resources as a major asset for its humanitarian action, and therefore compels itself to the strict observance of the principle of non-discrimination throughout its recruitment process.

Première Urgence Internationale applies a policy of zero tolerance towards exploitation, sexual abuse and mistreatment, in all its forms, of women, children and all other vulnerable persons. It engages all its staff to promote, disseminate and respect the principles set out in its ethical charter.

Please note that Première Urgence Internationale shall not in any case request a financial contribution for administrative costs related to recruitment. Any such information would be fraudulent, please disregard it.

You recognize yourself in this profile and you adhere to our commitments ? You feel ready to take up the challenge and to join PUI great family ?

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