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Graphic Designer (NTD BCC Strategy)

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Job Description

1. Introduction

Accelerating the Sustainable Control and Elimination of NTDs (ASCEND) is a £200 million investment from the UK government’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), to advance the impact and sustainability of national programmes tackling neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). To be implemented between September 2019 to March 2022, ASCEND comprises of two lots - one focusing on South Asia, East and Southern Africa (lot 1) and the other on West and Central Africa (lot 2). ASCEND lot 1 is implemented by a consortium of technical partners led by Crown Agents, including Abt Associates, Oriole Global Health and the Royal Tropical Institute. Central to ASCEND 1’s approach is a close collaboration with National Governments and other implementing partners, to enhance national approaches to NTD control and elimination. ASCEND’s goal is to contribute to the global goal of reducing the burden of targeted NTDs so that they are no longer a public health problem.

In Mozambique, ASCEND will focus on 3 NTDS – Trachoma, Lymphatic Filariasis and Schistosomiasis anchored on the following broad areas of intervention: (i) *Treatment and prevention of disability, including mass drug Administration (MDA), diagnosis and treatment, surgeries, morbidity management and disability prevention.* (ii) *Increasing the integration of aspects of NTD programmes within the health systems.*** (iii) *Strengthening national health systems, integrating efforts to strengthen the relevant building blocks of the health system.* (iv) *Data for targeting and monitoring, including impact assessment and alignment of NTDs with national and international MEL systems and processes.* (v) *Cross-sectoral collaboration, in particular within the health and WASH/BCC sectors. * Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), has contracted Crown Agents together with its consortium partners to act as Fund Manager for ASCEND in Mozambique. Therefore, Crown Agents will work with the Ministry of Health (MoH) to support the immediate procurement of services from Implementing Partners (IPs) that will further the above-stated objectives of ASCEND in the country.

2. Scope of work

The Graphic Designer will be working closely with the consultant for development of behaviour change communication (BCC) and will be responsible for the Design, production and lay-out of IEC/BCC materials. ** The Graphic Designer will report to the head of the National NTD Program Manager and to ASCEND Country Lead.

The Graphic designer Officer will be responsible for the following: · Meet with NTD Program, consultant and ASCEND consortium to determine the scope of work · Use digital illustration, photo editing software, and layout software to create designs · Create visual elements such as logos, original images, and illustrations to help deliver a message · Design layouts, including selection of colors, images, and typefaces · Present design concepts to NTD Program, consultant and ASCEND consortium · Develop data sheets for graphic and digital products to facilitate their use · Incorporate changes recommended by main stakholders into final designs · Test materials on the ground with the target audience (s) · Review designs for errors before printing or publishing them

3. Expected Outputs and Deliverables

Proposed activities and outputs

3.1 Creation and definition of communication branding (type of image, logo, slogan, colors, etc.) for a specific type of disease This will involve:
  1. Coordination with the NTDs Program, ASCEND and BCC consultant
  2. Design of printable educational material, including presentation of various proposals of existing disease information to be chosen by project implementers and beneficiaries
  3. Production of audio and audiovisual material for education and awareness, including presentation of various proposals of existing disease information to be chosen by project implementers and beneficiaries
  4. Illustration of training material, in line with the chosen branding, based on existing disease information
  5. Presentation of products in the initial and final stages to obtain opinions from partners and beneficiaries. Insertion of comments received and editing as agreed with the project implementers
  6. Participate in scheduled meetings with project implementers and partners to discuss the materials that best fit the strategy currently under development.
  7. Preparation of technical sheets for each product, with a detailed description of its main technical characteristics and branding vis-à-vis its target audience
  8. Testing the material in coordination with the consultant who is developing the communication strategy.
  9. Adaptation and formatting of the products developed to the various media, online and offline
The anticipated start date for implementation will be 26th February ending 30 March 2021 Application instructions

Interested consultants responding to this advertisement must apply to the entire service as outlined above.

4. Recommended Approach and complimentary services

Leave no one behind

ASCEND is committed to implementing a 'leave no-one behind' (LNOB) approach across all programme activities. This means that all government partners and implementing partners must also demonstrate a commitment to leaving no-one behind in programme design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Leaving no-one behind means putting those who are most at risk of falling behind first. ASCEND's commitment to leaving no-one behind is based on the following four principles: a fair opportunity in life; everyone counts and must be counted; respect for the voice of those who are furthest behind; and ensuring equitable access to health services. Personnel and consultants working on ASCEND should demonstrate an understanding of how the LNOB principles outlined above could be integrated into their work.

5. Staff requirements

• Proven experience in developing educational and awareness materials (Graphic Design, audio and audio-visual material) • Experience in education and dissemination of information in public Health Sector in Mozambique • Work experience in behavior change projects in public health sector and / or in water and sanitation.

Send a: · covering letter and a copy of your CV and portfolio · 1 - 2 videos (up to a maximum of 4 mins each) produced and broadcast in public health campaigns and projects and or WASH (or link to them) · 1-2 audios (up to a maximum of 4 mins each) produced and broadcast in public health campaigns / projects and or WASH · 4 examples of material (poster, leaflet, etc.) designed and used in public health campaigns / projects and or WASH to “” by 19th February 2021 NOTE: This is a nationals only position
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