Habitat for Humanity

Global Evaluation & Evidence Manager

Habitat for Humanity

Job Description


Ensure quality in international evaluations and studies

  • Serve as a subject-matter expert on ethics, Design, and methods, educating and advising Habitat staff
  • Provide direction on the engagement of Institutional Review Boards and oversee related policies and procedures
  • Oversee the design, planning, and implementation of evaluations and multi-year studies including ethical considerations, the collection, cleaning, and Analysis of primary and secondary data
  • Manage concurrent evaluations and studies including managing consultancies associated with these Support the network in accessing key evidence
  • Conduct meta-evaluations, aggregating findings and assessing the quality of evaluations.
  • Review and synthesize learning from evaluations and studies into recommendations, presentations, and papers
  • Communicate results through reporting findings for Knowledge Products and decision making, not limited to soliciting stakeholder feedback, writing up findings for briefs, papers, and/or presentations Capacity Development
  • Develop evaluation and research criteria, guidance, and quality assurance for the Habitat network
  • Support the network in building evaluations into programs, developing TORs, recruiting consultants
  • Support capacity development across the Habitat network to manage quality evaluations Leadership in definition and documentation of research
  • Lead a collaborative process with key stakeholders across the network to develop of Habitat’s International Research Agenda
  • Ensure International Research Agenda allows us to demonstrate Habitat’s impact and its progress in achieving our International Theory of Change
  • Drive evaluations and studies that support the International Research Agenda Nurture collaborative partnerships and resources to fulfil Habitat’s International Research Agenda
  • Scope and broker working relationships with evaluation and research partners
  • Recruit Habitat entities and implementing partners to participate in evaluations and studies
  • Identify local researchers, evaluators, and institutions with whom to collaborate
  • Develop concept notes and proposals for specific evaluations and studies and collaborate with RD to identify funding opportunities
  • Communicate effectively with multiple internal and external stakeholders, not limited to National Offices, HFHI staff, and research partners
  • Participate in HFHI relevant Communities of Practice and collaborate with counterparts within HFHI network as required
  • Establish an external network of organizations and individual experts for joint projects and contractual work
  • Present HFHI evaluations and evidence to external forums and build and maintain network linkages

  • Master’s Degree +10 years relevant experience or PhD + 6 years relevant experience
  • Demonstrated experience with mixed methods approaches and evaluation design and implementation, including quantitative and qualitative Data Collection (designing, piloting, and administering of instruments) and analysis and sampling approaches
  • Experience setting up and running multi-year quasi-experimental studies (Impact Evaluation a plus)
  • Strong quantitative and/or qualitative Data Analysis skills and expertise and experience with statistical software packages (e.g. Stata, SAS, SPSS or R) or qualitative data analysis software (e.g., MaxQDA, NVivo or AtlasTi)
  • Experience using innovative participatory approaches to evaluation and research
  • Experience with culturally responsive approaches to evaluation
  • Experience in translating complex study findings into user-friendly and compelling communication materials and communicating findings concisely and effectively to a wide range of audiences
  • Strong critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills
  • Comfortable working both independently and in team environments
  • Able to build and maintain strong collaborative relationships in a federated network
  • Diplomatic and culturally sensitive
  • Strong organizational and Project Management skills
  • Active support of HFHI Values: Humility – We are part of something bigger than ourselves Courage – We do what’s right, even when it is difficult or unpopular Accountability – We take personal responsibility for Habitat’s mission
Safeguarding: HFHI requires that all employees take seriously their ethical responsibilities to safeguarding our intended beneficiaries, their communities, and all those with whom we work. Managers at all levels have responsibilities to support and develop systems that create and maintain an environment that prevents harassment, sexual exploitation and abuse, safeguards the rights of beneficiaries and community members (especially children), and promotes the implementation of Habitat for Humanity’s code of conduct.
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