Job Description

  The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Information Technology Management office (ITM) in New York is responsible for supporting UNDP Country Offices around the world with Information Technology (IT) solutions. We seek to promote the use of the latest technological advances and solutions across UNDP to further our global impact on the development efforts of the international community. Geographic Information Systems (GIS software) is a cutting-edge tool that can be applied to an array of our global projects related to the environment, energy, and poverty. The ITM GIS Team was formed to promote GIS solutions and expand its use in the planning and implementation of all relevant projects in our country offices and regional bureaux.

Our Unit offers a stimulating and versatile internship in an international environment with contact to various partners from some 166 countries with UNDP presence. We are a team who work in a dynamic and informal atmosphere, and we expect our interns to become vital members of the team. The UNDP/ITM Geospatial Sciences Internship Programme enhances the academic life experience of passionate students as interns and empowers them to become socially responsible, innovative, and environmentally conscious leaders of tomorrow. As an intern, you will also gain worldwide connections with other top-talented interns and UN staff from other agencies and be given tasks and opportunities that have a direct global impact on international development efforts

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist the GIS Team to develop technical solutions. including a Machine Learning model, using Earth Observation data to detect changes to built-up areas along the coastline of West-Point, Liberia, with source code that can be expanded to other areas of interests;
  • Assist in developing algorithms and mathematical or Statistical Models using Earth Observation data and local ground information;
  • Use ESRI GIS products to communicate results including dashboards, storymaps, etc.;
  • Contribute to draft quality focused training material, procedures, instructions and templates from best practice and disseminate through a Practice Community;
  • Assist in hosting webinars and presenting/explaining GIS solutions that are developed in-house to country offices.


  • Geospatial data: has experience working with GIS data including vector and raster datasets, geo-tagged data, remote sensing data products including satellite imagery;
  • Data Science: has prior experience writing code and developing scripts for machine learning modeling and geospatial Analysis, preferably using python and Arcgis;
  • Communication: communicates effectively when working in teams and have a proactive attitude with a goal-oriented mind-set;
  • International Development: knowledge of UNDP global efforts and an enthusiasm for working in an international organization;
  • Collaboration: displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability and Interest and motivation in working in an international organization.

Required Skills and Experience


  • You are currently in the final year of your bachelor’s degree; or you are currently enrolled in a Master’s degree; or you have graduated no longer than 1 year ago from a master’s degree or equivalent studies;
  • Preferred educational background in the field of Computer Science, data science, mathematics, engineering, geography, or equivalent;

  • Knowledge in one of the following fields is required: machine learning, mathematical modelling, geospatial analysis, satellite Data Processing;
  • Knowledge in ArcGIS Online/ Enterprise platforms, Microsoft Azure is an advantage;
  • Knowledge in developing API scripts and scripting languages is an advantage;
  • Experience with gathering, consolidating and analysing data from databases and reports is an advantage;
  • Interest in developing sustainable solutions for country offices, focusing on GIS and Earth Observation data;

  • Fluent in written and spoken English is required.
  • Working Knowledge of other UN languages is an advantage.

  • UNDP will not pay for the internship but will provide a monthly stipend in accordance with the provisions of the UNDP Internship policy. All other expenses connected with it will be borne by the intern or sponsoring Government or institution;
  • Where an intern is financially supported by an institution, government or third party, UNDP will pay the intern the difference, if any, between the external financial support provided and the applicable UNDP stipend;
  • Except for the stipend, all other expenses connected with the internship will be borne by the intern, sponsoring government or institutions;
  • Interns are responsible for securing adequate medical insurance for the duration of their internship with UNDP and must provide a medical certificate of good health prior to starting the internship;
  • There is no expectation of employment following the internship;
  • The intern is responsible for obtaining necessary visas and arranging travel to and from the duty station where the internship will be performed.
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