Gbv/Pss Officer-


Job Description


Work Location : Ethiopia – Adwa Type of Post : Other Possible Location : Funding : Expected Travel : Type of Contract : Language Requirement : Application Deadline : Employee Duration : Full-Time


GBV Protection and PSS (Psycho Social Support) officer position holder is responsible to provide Coordination and supervision for effective implementation of the project objective at ground level. S/he will be also responsible for the implementation of Women Lead in Emergency: Strengthening GBV response and directly provide Gender mainstreaming, GBV and PSS technical and professional support for the staff working under her/his supervision.


Job Responsibility 1: Planning and Implementation of Program Activities

Ensures that planning and implementation of the project activities are in accordance with the program principles, approaches, and procedures of the organization; Works closely with other project staffs and partners in planning, and implementing the project activities; Ensures effective implementation of the project activities as per the set plan of action and as per the donor requirement. Makes sure that all plans are down to annual, quarterly and weekly basis and same is done for by project officers and facilitators; % of time 25%.

Job Responsibility 2: Technical Support and Capacity Building

Develop and maintain close working relationship with INGOs and Partner Government officials particularly project signatories at woreda and zonal level. Provides support for all trainings, workshops, and meetings conducted at zonal/woreda level. Work with local authorities and support victims of GBV to get appropriate care and treatment Conduct training need assessment to identify government line offices and project staffs knowledge gap and design appropriate training accordingly. Promote and represent the interests of the Gender mainstreaming, GBV and PSS program with regards to all relevant stakeholders; Contribute to effective information management on SGBV survivors through the provision of disaggregated data on populations of concern and their problems. Contribute to the joint SGBV/ Child Protection Working Group. Oversee & support the day to day implementation of program activities including case management/Psychosocial Support, follow-up and advocacy to meet the needs of beneficiaries & strengthening community capacity to prevent & respond to incidents of GBV Assist Mapping, establishment and strengthening of GBV referral pathways; Assist in conducting rapid PSS assessment Identify individuals who are traumatized and require PSS service Provide PFA for GBV survivors and others in distress Ensure PSHEA is integrated in project implementation Oversee and monitor Women friendly spaces established. Lead community dialogues % of time 20%

Job Responsibility 3: Monitoring and Supervision

Maintain up-to-date data related to GBV /PSS in emergency project activities and deliver it to learning designed and measurement manager for Data Entry and Analysis. Organizes and facilitates joint participatory monitoring programs with zonal and woreda partners. Facilitates/Conducts joint, supportive supervision with Zonal/Woreda /MOH, Women Affairs Bureau and other government staffs from signatory sectors. Facilitates and conduct regular review meetings and project review schedules at all woreda levels along with project staff and work with different institutions to create institutional commitment; Together with other Project team sets project quality standards and action steps and monitor the performance accordingly; Conducts regular supportive supervision to IDPs and host community for girls groups, boys groups, parents and other project interventions % of time = 20%

Job Responsibility 4: Facilitate Learning and Net Working

Establishes firm and institutionalized working relationship with local government officials, community institutions, IDP Committees and other stake holders; Keeps up to date the development in the sectors, including best practices examples in country and ensure ongoing personal development and learning; Prepares regular project progress updates at all woredas level and discuss with representatives of the woreda; Represents CARE in woreda and zone level meetings, coordination forum on issues related to GBV in emergency. % of time =10%

Job Responsibility 5: Reporting, Staff Supervision, Coaching and Team Building:

Develops appropriate reporting formats together with the head Office monitoring and evaluation officer teams Collects, organize and summarize monthly and quarterly performance reports from project officers/empowerment for facilitators. Monitor the quality and reliability of the reports collected from project officers; Supervises, coach and gives technical backup to Project Officers. Conducts performance review and appraisal of the employee under his/her supervision according to the policy of the organization. % of time = 20%

Job Responsibility 6: Perform other duties as assigned. % of Time = 5 %

III. Problem Solving (Thinking Environment)

Levels one and two of problem solving apply to the incumbent. The incumbent involves with daily routine activities, she/he also uses interpolative skills to pick and choose the right solution to address given problems.


Understanding and demonstrated commitment to the importance of gender, youth and social inclusion issues. Demonstrated commitment to principles of Gender Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and PSEAH (safeguarding), as evidenced in previous positions / programming.




Degree in psychology, gender studies, sociology, social work, or related areas of focus from a recognized University. NGO experience is a plus



3 years of relevant experience with the first degree and 2 years of relevant experience for post graduate degree in psychology, gender studies, sociology, social work, or related areas of focus from a recognized University. Experience on implementing or leading Sexual and reproductive health and/or Gender focused projects in emergency Experience on working with internally displaced people



Language proficiency in written and spoken English; Computer proficiency; Good communication and report writing skill; Fluency in the Local Language is mandatory Technical and report writing skill Firm belief in teamwork, gender equality, sensitivity to rural adolescent health, economic and social needs, conceptual understanding of participatory approach and sustainable development.


Respect, accountability, courage, excellence, building partnerships, stress tolerance, building commitment, coaching, interpersonal skill, operational decision-making, planning and organizing, information monitoring.

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