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Job Description

CTG stands for Committed To Good. With an ethical approach at the heart of all that we do, it is a description that makes us proud. Respect for the fundamental Human Rights of our staff, and those our staff encounter, is a cornerstone of our values. We strive for Gender Equality, inclusion and diversity, providing fair and equal opportunities for all. We take a zero tolerance approach to corruption and stay true to local labour laws and all local statutory requirements.

In operation since 2006, today we are honoured to serve clients in 15 fragile and conflict-affected states assisting with Disaster Relief, peace building, humanitarian aid and development programmes through our specialised recruitment, HR management and operational services.

Overview of position

  • The positions are located with the ROAP of the RPD & is based in Herat & Jalalabad, Afghanistan. The RPD is responsible for consolidating & enhancing the linkages between our clients activities in the field with their strategic plan, the 2030 agenda & their overall future priorities & to make sure that they are appropriate to the country context.
  • Our clients ROAR manages their project portfolio in the APAC region. It ensures that country priorities are in alignment with their organizational policies & strategic objectives & brings through its regional representative to the attention of the EMC opportunities & challenges in the region, allowing for timely feedback & responses to urgent demands & requests from the member states.
  • The Afghanistan program is a strategic partner of the GOIRA in promoting sustainable urban development. Since 1992, our client has worked closely with the govt., municipal & local authorities, especially Afghan communities, contributing to the physical & social reconstruction of the country. Their work has focused on assisting the govt. in the development of urban policies & regulations, strategic urban planning, increasing municipal revenue, establishing CBO's, addressing the land & housing needs of IDPs, returnees & contributing to the provision of basic urban services.
Role objectives

Municipal finance activities:
  • Support provincial municipality in strengthening municipal finance & revenue collection system & capacities.
  • Support sustainable increase in safayi fee collection.
  • Implement practical recommendations for consolidation & enhancement of local processes, tools, systems to improve, safayi fee collection system, tenure security & equality in benefits, including for women & youth in the provincial municipality.
  • Introduce elements of participatory budgeting by linking revenue to delivery of services in the nahias (districts) where it was collected.
  • Track & monitor the progress made against baselines & indicators for the collection & use of safayi revenues.
  • Provide data to the NPO on measures taken to benefit local residents from land based revenues, with specific focus on the impact on women & youth.
Municipal governance activities:
  • Support provincial municipality in improving municipal finance transparency & accountability.
  • Implement practical recommendations for consolidation & enhancement of local processes, tools, systems to strengthen the social contract & state legitimacy.
  • Raise awareness of the importance of transparency, accountability & equity in the collection of safayi fees through appropriate communication channels.
  • Promote ownership by communities & residents including women & youth through participatory budgeting & their involvement in the business process.
  • Mainstream gender equality & youth empowerment in municipal finance activities.
Capacity Building & Knowledge Sharing activities:
  • Organise & present training events & learning exchanges.
  • Support onsite training activities.
  • Document, analyse & identify trends & lessons learned in the course of the project.
  • Continue OJT & institutional Capacity Development of municipalities to take over safayi fee related functions.
Results expected:
  • Social contract & state legitimacy are strengthened through improved transparency & participation in collection & expenditure of safayi fees.
  • Municipalities have increased revenues from safayi fees.
  • The capacity of relevant actors to promote, establish & / or implement the collection & use of safayi fees is strengthened.
Project reporting

The position reports to the Municipal Finance Officer.

Key competencies- Ability to identify & resolve budgetary problems & identify sources for Data Collection. Shows pride in work & in achievements, demonstrates professional competence & mastery of subject matter, is conscientious & efficient in meeting commitments, observing deadlines & achieving results, is motivated by professional rather than personal concerns, shows persistence when faced with difficult problems or challenges, remains calm in stressful situations. Takes responsibility for incorporating gender perspectives & ensuring the equal participation of women & men in all areas of work.

- Works collaboratively with colleagues to achieve organizational goals, solicits input by genuinely valuing others’ ideas & expertise, is willing to learn from others, places team agenda before personal agenda, supports & acts in accordance with final group decision, even when such decisions may not entirely reflect own position, shares credit for team accomplishments & accepts joint responsibility for team shortcomings.

- Develops clear goals that are consistent with agreed strategies, identifies priority activities & assignments, adjusts priorities as required, allocates appropriate amount of time & resources for completing work, foresees risks & allows for contingencies when planning, monitors & adjusts plans & actions as necessary, uses time efficiently.Team management This role has no team management responsibilities.

Further information Qualified female candidates are encouraged to apply for this role.
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