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This position is advertised open to internal and external applicants.

Electrician 1. Organizational Context The Electrician will function under direct supervision of the Admin Officer assisting him/her in General Electrical installation, maintenance and other electrical related matters of the Sub Office under area of responsibility (AOR). Incumbent will have close working relationship and Coordination with ICT and other Administrative staff-related services in UNHCR Sub Office Gambella.

2. Nature of the Position UNHCR Sub Office Gambella is covering the Sub Office of Gambella, Field Office of Pugnido and Field Unit of Dimma. In terms of energy, Gambella Sub Office (old and new compound) is the one combining Grid and Generator (as backup) sources of energy, others are using Generators only. For Gambella, the power consumption is estimated to 1,500 KWh/day during working days and 600 KWh/day during weekends for Pugnido 700KWh/day during working days and 600 KWh/day during the weekends and for Dimma 600KWh/days during working days and 250KWh/day during the weekend.

The operation is run by different types of Generators with different power rates: 2x275KVA in Gambella new Office,3x100KVA in Pugnido and 2x100KVA in Dimma all operated automatically from ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch).

Except connecting Pugnido and Dimma Offices to grid, UNHCR in Gambella Region is planned to go green with Solar System. In addition to energy sources that require qualified technicians to maintain them, there are many other equipment such as Air conditioners, cooking machines, lights etc... that require professional installation and maintenance.

3. Accountability The incumbent is responsible for maintenance, repair, overhaul, and rebuilding of diesel generators and other electrical appliances within the premises of UNHCR.  S/he is also expected to apply and ensure adherence to safety programmes related to the safe operation of air-conditioning and refrigeration installations, electrical systems, generating sets or power tools and equipment of the building and maintenance trade.

4. Responsibility ¿ Ensure that all new electrical installations in the office and guesthouse premises are done in accordance to the standard acceptable norms of performance and safety.

¿ Identify and advise the office on any improperly done and already existing electrical installations and undertake remedial action to bring them up to standard.

¿ Work out maintenance schedules and follow up maintenance on the electrical installations.

¿ See to it that all electrical installations in the office and guesthouse premises are properly maintained so as not to pose a danger to staff members or to the equipment connected thereto.

¿ Oversee all maintenance activities carried out on the office/ guesthouse power generators by external contactors.

¿ Carry out basic maintenance tasks on the office/ guesthouse power generators, including regular checks on the oil levels, fuelling, and adding water/ coolant.

¿ Identify obsolete or unsafe equipment and recommends replacements.

¿ Draw up a list of spare parts which are required.

¿ Assist the office concerning the purchase of suitable and good quality electrical materials and supervise all electrical works that the office may assign to external contractors.

¿ Enforce the respect of established local and international electrical standards for all electrical installation and maintenance activities that carried out in the office/ guesthouse premises by external contractors.

¿ Carry out the physical inventory check.

¿ Keep an updated logbook of run hours-maintenances or services done/scheduled and fuel consumption.

¿ Inspect, test, evaluate, calibrate, and update generator systems and wiring to improve reliability and to assure dependability and safety and compliance.

¿ Prepare reports of inspections and labour and material estimates to apprise supervisors of conditions of property and equipment and materials needed for repairs.

¿ Train co-workers to perform preventive maintenance, produce monthly reports, and repair equipment.

¿ Perform other related duties as required.

5. Essential Minimum Qualifications and Experience ¿ Completion of secondary school or post-secondary certificate in Electrical Studies, Electricity, Electronics/Electro-Mechanics; or related field.

¿ Minimum 2 years relevant experience in installation, repair, and maintenance of generators with High School Diploma; or 1-year relevant work experience with Bachelor or equivalent or higher.

¿ Knowledge of English ¿ Experience in electrical installation/maintenance 6. Desirable Qualifications & Competencies ¿ Experience in UN and INGO environment ¿ Be able to work effectively in unstable, challenging, and fast-paced environments.

¿ Field experience with UNHCR and/or with other humanitarian organizations is an asset.

Core Competencies: Accountability Communication Organizational Awareness Teamwork & Collaboration Commitment to Continuous Learning Client & Result Orientation Managerial Competencies: Empowering and Building Trust Cross-Functional Competencies: Analytical Thinking Technological Awareness Competencies as defined in Job Profile Knowledge of 'English' is Essential.

Please note that UNHCR does not charge a fee at any stage of its recruitment process (application, interview, meeting, travelling, processing, training or any other fees).

An eliminatory or complementary written test for shortlisted candidates may be conducted which will be followed by competency-based interview.

Female candidates are encouraged to apply.

The Closing Date for Submission of Applications is Thursday 22 April 2021 (Mid-Night Ethiopia Time).

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