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Director (Regional Business Development - Latin America & Carribean)

Creative Associates International

Job Description

This is a senior management position that plays a key role in contributing to the company's growth, with a focus on the company's business planning and pursuits in the designated region. In Coordination with programmatic Divisions—Education for Development, Communities in Transition, and Economic Growth and with the Regional Strategy Directors, the Director shapes the new Business Development plans for the region, ensuring coherence, synergy and effectiveness. The position guides capture efforts and teaming strategies, and oversees all substantive aspects of proposal management, including the negotiation of strategic gates along the proposal continuum. This is accomplished through delegation to proposal managers though it is expected that the Director may step into the role of Proposal Manager on key bids. The Director ensures that proposals are appropriately managed and are responsive to solicitation requirements and client priorities. The incumbent routinely interfaces with senior staff in the programmatic Divisions, cross-functional units, and external resources and partners. Additionally, the Director co-leads a Regional Center, in close coordination with the Regional Strategy Director, focused on regional strategy development and the advancing new business acquisition.

The Director, Regional Business Development works under the direction of and reports to the Senior Vice President of Business Development. The position supervises a team of business development staff for the assigned region.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Well-defined new business strategy for the region, which corresponds to corporate capabilities, competitive strengths, and specific market opportunities;
  • Measurable growth, meeting or exceeds annual targets;
  • Well-organized, and harmonious bid processes that maximizes Creative's winning chance;
  • Winning team spirit and culture, built on tenets of inclusion, innovation, technical competence and business savvy;
  • Substantive contributions to constant refinement of BD business processes.

  • Shapes and executes new business development strategy for the region.
  • Leads qualification, prioritization of targets and produces robust pipeline; opportunities align with Creative's program and business objectives for the region.
  • Analyzes client and regional trends, and provides strategic guidance to specific pursuits so that they meet evolving client expectations, including Mission-specific preferences.
  • Oversees end-to-end capture planning and proposal development in the region, and leads the clearing of bid gates and well-established review processes;
  • Ensures appropriate bid resourcing, including composition of teams and bid budgets;
  • Leads presentation of bid/no bid proposals to senior management, including competitive and competitor Analysis and win-strategy;
  • Vets partnering strategies, ensuring they conform with new trends and client priorities;
  • Personally oversees high interest target bids (HIT bid), these representing highest priority pursuits for the corporation;
  • For HIT bids, crafts Marketing and positioning plans to enhance win probability (including, regional, country-level, and bid-specific).
  • Develops, mentors, trains and supervises BD and staff.

  • Master's degree in International Relations, International Development or related field;
  • Expert understanding of business development in an international development context;
  • 15 years of relevant prior experience, with at least 7 years of management-level experience in business development
  • Fluency in Spanish required;
  • Knowledge and understanding of international development landscape and industry trends;
  • Superior facilitation skills;
  • Excellent writing, editing, research, and communications skills;
  • Commitment to international development and to values-driven work environment.
Desired Skills & Qualifications:

  • Expert knowledge of the USAID and State Department marketplace;
  • Prior experience with regional Development Banks;
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