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CARE has launched an organizational program ‘Safer Roads Around the Globe’ to ensure that we are responsible for the ethical use of the vehicle fleet that we operate, that our journeys are safe, and that CARE, our partners and vendors manage our travel and interactions with the environment, in a way that is accountable to the communities that we serve.

The Director – Global Fleet Management and Safety (GFMS) is the organizational lead, responsible for developing and driving organizational fleet strategy and ensuring current industry practice is implemented in relation to the safe operation of CARE’s global fleet. The role holder will be expected to lead the GFMS team in working collaboratively across the organization, with Partners and with Vendors, to deliver agile and flexible ‘end to end’ transportation solutions for CARE’s operations.

CARE is committed to enabling a sustained, focused and proactive approach to reduce accidents and improve the efficiency and the impact of our fleet operations on the environment. We recognize that our commitment calls for an approach that goes beyond Road Safety, requiring us to evolve and standardize existing practices, while supporting our partners and vendors with their accountabilities to operate to the highest standards.


Leadership: lead the development and implementation of CAREs Global Fleet Management and Safety strategy; assure that all activities under the SRAG are aligned to international standards and CARE’s vision for SRAG; develop a Global framework that empowers local leadership to be accountable for Fleet Management and Safety, including Policy, Standards, and other initiatives; develop a monitoring and oversight capacity. Policy and Standards: oversee the development and review of a CARE USA, Global Fleet Management and Safety Policy; develop Global Fleet Management and Safety Standards for local implementation; establish CO compliance Mapping and KPI oversight framework, including dashboards, reports; research and recommend technological solutions (Telematics and Electronic Logging Devices - ELDs) to ensure that CARE has a ‘Global to Local’ Fleet monitoring capacity; Establish global standard and framework to support accident reporting and investigation. Operational Fleet Management and Safety: provide Technical Support to Regional and Country Level stakeholders, ensuring that policy accountabilities are understood and that local capacity meets the needs of the local fleet. Roll out a framework to enable local fleet managers and drivers to comply with global policy and local protocols. Training & Knowledge Management: collaborate and coordinate with Risk Ready to develop an online and in-country Driver & Fleet Management Training curriculum. Mentorship and Talent Management: conduct workforce planning and identify and nurture top talent in regions, with the aim of developing a local Fleet Management and Safety capacity. Relationship management and representation: build networks and lead CARE’s engagement strategy, to provide recommendations on best practices/industry standards.


University degree in associated subject or 10 years demonstrable, relevant experience of Fleet Management and Safety Programs. Project Management qualification, or 10 years demonstrable experience of establishing and managing complex global projects Adult learning qualification, establishing and delivering training to adult learners Crisis & Incident Management qualification or 5 years demonstrable, relevant experience 10 years field experience working with INGO global or regional operations managing complex Logistics or safety programs Demonstrable technical experience of managing vehicular fleets and logistics. 10 years demonstrable technical investigation experience of conducting and reporting Has a experience to manage start up and complex programs across multi dimensional environments environments Strong user level skills on MS Office products Demonstrable report writing experience Demonstrable experience of analyzing data and metrics

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