Job Description

Reporting to the Under Secretary General, Global Relations, Humanitarian Diplomacy and Digitalization (USG-GRHDD), the Director of the Digital Transformation Department (D-DTD) will operate as a Digital Visionary - that is, to provide strategic leadership and guide the IFRC Secretariat as well as the 192 National Society member network to adapt and innovate humanitarian services, drawing on digital services, data-enabled decision-making, and other opportunities for digital transformation in support of the IFRC’s Strategy 2030. The incumbent will be responsible for the development and implementation of business transformation, Information Technology and digitalization services throughout the organization, thereby supporting the same transformation in 192 national societies, setting the vision, and drawing stakeholders together on this digital journey.

The D-DTD will have full leadership responsibility for the implementation of the digital transformation strategy and the positive impact it will have on members of the Federation.

The incumbent will lead the execution of a collaborative multi-department and multi-organization Digital Accelerator Team within the IFRC Secretariat and network to increase the IFRC’s performance effectiveness, technical effectiveness, social effectiveness, and resourcing through coordinated and interoperable digital and data services. In addition, this role will build a variety of external partnerships aimed at supporting IFRC and its members to implement the digital transformation.

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