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Digital Campaign Consultant (APAC Regional Youth Activism for Gender Equality Platform)

Plan International

Job Description


Plan International Asia-Pacific intends to develop a Regional ‘Youth Activism for Gender Equality’ online campaign platform in order to mobilize young grassroots supporters to take meaningful action for gender equality in Asia-Pacific by engaging in campaigns against child marriage, campaigns to ensure representation of girls and boys in policymaking, campaigns for online safety and campaigns to promote an end to harmful gender norms in education, employment and public life. The working title of the platform is “equALL” but this may change as the concept is further developed.


The objective of this consultancy is to provide technical input and support to the campaigns team from an experienced Technical Consultant that will result in the development of a RFP (Request for Proposal) for the creation of the platform (a website with online campaign capabilities), the bidding of the RFP with qualified providers, provider selection and contracting, with the goal of a completed contract and first tranche payment on or before June 15, 2021.

III. More about our vision for the Platform

equALL will be an open platform for our youth, where both our youth and Plan International’s staff can easily upload content on this platform and facilitate open discussions and interactions between the content creator and other users.

equALL will be a network for young activists across Asia-Pacific, where they can explore the projects/movements happening around them, and easily participate and “take-action” (i.e.: answer a survey, sign a petition, share their opinion, tell a story, post a photo/video etc.). This also helps with collaborative effort, whether on a provincial, national, or regional scale.

equALL will support Plan International to manage our current activists on a regional level, in addition to generating interests and recruiting new activists by having a youth-led platform where anyone can easily take part in. Though lacking in polish and professional-quality, community-based content has been highly regarded and well-received by both the general audience and Plan’s stakeholders by providing an authentic outlook.

equALL will help Plan International in the strategic decision-making process as it allows Plan to see what the youth are interested in, who are most likely to take part in different movements, how they talk and interact with each other and see what works best.


The consultant will:
  • Review all relevant project documents and interview key stakeholders to understand the aims of the project
  • In collaboration with the PI team, develop a detailed work plan that outlines key activities and proposes project decision points
  • In consultation with PI staff, develop an RFP in order to solicit bids from firms/agencies able to Design and build the platform envisioned by PII
  • In collaboration with the PII team create a suggested list of possible existing plug and play tools (e.g. backend CRM) for the platform that would enable easier development, integration and deliverabili
  • Support PI to ensure that the RFP is distributed to qualified service providers and that the procurement process follows PII procurement policies
  • Organize the provider selection process and be an active participant in it
  • Support PI in negotiating a contract with a qualified provider that can be signed by June 1, 2021.

The consultant will work under the direct supervision of the Commissioning lead or their appointed project lead.


Duration of Assignment: The tentative contractual period is from April 1 – June 15, 2021 and may include up to 45 days of working time during that period.


No. / Deliverables /Proposed deadline /Schedule of payment 1 / Work plan, timeline and project costs /TBC /Consultant to bill for actual days worked 2 / RFP developed and distributed to enable deliverable 3 /TBC /Consultant to bill for actual days worked 3 / Successful contract signed/end of project /TBC /Consultant to bill for actual days worked VII. QUALIFICATIONS/SKILLS

The applicant will be evaluated based on technical capacities (70%) and financial proposal (30%). Technical evaluation will be based on the following criteria stated as below.

  1. Experience designing and running digital campaigns /40 points
  2. Experience managing complex projects /40 points
  3. Experience working on campaign and advocacy initiatives in an Asia-Pacific context and/or with colleagues in Asia-Pacific /20 points Total /100 points
Individual consultants will be evaluated based on Cumulative Analysis, the award of the contract will be made to the Individual Consultant whose offer has been evaluated and determined as: a) Responsive/compliant/acceptable; and b) Having received the highest score out of a pre-determined set of weighted technical and financial criteria specific to the solicitation.

Candidates are requested to send the following documents in separated attachment in one application email to and
  1. Application letter explaining your interest in the consultancy and why you are the most suited candidate(s) for this position
  2. Updated CV, including professional reference.
  3. Financial proposal specifying the total lump sum amount (breakdown of the daily professional fee in Euros and proposed number of working days).**
Deadline for Application: 22 March 2021
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