United Nations Volunteers (UNV)

Develop A Responsive Website Based Multi Management System Software for School District & Branches Programs

United Nations Volunteers (UNV)

Job Description

You develop a Responsive Web- based Management System Software and its mobile Apps for School District & multiple branches management of its institutes and its projects anywhere. You will use MS Visual Studio (free edition), ASP.net core, MVC 5, C#, Web Api. MS Access , mssql server 2019, bootstrap 4.0 (free), sql server, MyQL . The software for school will change the old Managemnet methods of usingning hands,blackboard and paper, reduce unnecessary employees, wast of time, save money and improve work performance, multiple administrative and management task workload quickly, store data in one system/server, train Staff, IT & software engineers. Our SMS is suite for any educational institute—toddler, nursery school, college and universities, and Online Learning Program. Is used by school &income enterprise created for sustainability helping parent, staff, and students.It is a cloud-based open-source software helping educational Microfinance & enterprises.

Technology development Information Technology and telecommunications Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) deadline approaching, more than 90 % of schools & income business rojects in low-income countries fail to achieve SDGs. Health, economic, and education goals for local children, refugees, and international students are affected because admin and management of any NGO, Enterprise & school do not use technologies to perform workload quickly, with store & secure database.Education performance literature revealed schools today need to be competent and come out top in providing quality education, improve learning environment, and evaluation methods. But, schools fail due to poor school Administration and management methods based on paper, pen, blackboard & hands with enormously functions and workload. Others can judge schools are in danger losing their real concern by viewing how it is managed , worst time and can't track its performance. Schools need communication system with parents, students and HR,offering parents tools, attendance tracking of their children. We aim to help children get quality education, school improve management,save school money and time. Promote ICT in all key sectors and usage in remote areas by all.

Volunteers: 6 needed 1-5 hours per week / 4 weeks 1) Must have 3+ years Software Development experience & be skilled in above technologies; 2) Must share LINK TO PROTFORIO 3) Must is knowldge of Ms Visual Studio 2019 (free edition), ASP.net core MVC 5, C#, Web Api. mssql server 2019, bootstrap 4.0 (free), sql server, MyQL,SQL Server,MS Access + Excel (and Closed XML .Net Component for Excel .Net programming), source code:Github, JIRA tool for manager; 4) Please provide a resume.

Global English, French
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