United Nations Volunteers (UNV)

Design A Responsive Web-based Ux/Ui for Multi School Management System Software and Apps

United Nations Volunteers (UNV)

Job Description

You will Design Responsive website based Management System Software, create UX & UI screenshoots, you can also develop UX pages. The software system will be used by students, parents, teacher , employees and school board. We will give you details, project idea, links to similar screenshoots and you design responsive UX/UI of Management System Software and its Apps.

Art and design Software and applications development and Analysis The responsive web based school management software system will be used by any type of school anywhere, especially in the low income countries to help student access to quality Education and help school reduce wast of time and money by using easy to use software to manage everything related to Education and institution.

Volunteers: 12 needed 6-10 hours per week / 3 weeks 1) Provide us a link to your PORTFOLIO -previous UX /UI DESIGNS OR DEVELOPED Management software or apps. 2) 3+ years in UX/UI Design. 3) If you are also a sDevelop Develope99% adventage. 4) Proficiency in the Adobe product suite including Adobe XD, and Sketch, Invision, or any other leading prototyping Ux/UD design software, Experience working in Agile development frameworks and/or Lean UX 5) Demonstrated knowledge and experience.

Africa English, French
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