Deputy Regional Security Manager


Job Description


Work Location : Haiti - Port-au-Prince Type of Post : Not Applicable Other Possible Location : Funding : APPROVED Expected Travel : up to 30% Type of Contract : Language Requirement : English, French Application Deadline : Employee Duration : Active Full-Time

Job Summary:

The Deputy Regional Security Manager (Latin America & Caribbean Region) is a new position within the CARE Security Unit, with a primary focus on Haiti. This French-speaking humanitarian security professional will lead the design and implementation of best-practice Security Risk Management for the Haiti Country Office, overseeing strategic and operational tasking to enhance the sustainability of the program in this high-risk context.

In addition to providing support to Haiti’s security risk management, the Deputy Regional Security Manager will support the Regional Security Manager (LAC) and CARE Security Unit objectives in the region, including training, compliance and acting as RSM where required. This role requires a mature practitioner capable of operating in a matrixed reporting structure with a high level of adaptability.


Provide technical Leadership – security risk management CARE Haiti

Lead the production of high-quality security risk assessments in accordance with CARE Security Unit standards, and direct the implementation of risk mitigation across the CARE Haiti Country Office (CO). Lead the development and upkeep of core safety and security documentation, such as safety and security management planning, contingency plans, Business Continuity plans, and other materials at the direction of the CARE Haiti Country Director and the Regional Security Manager (RSM). Ensure the compliance of CARE Haiti with CARE Security Unit Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and lead the development of work plans along with the SSA to ensure any gaps are addressed in a timely manner. Assist the Haiti CO Senior Management Team to ensure that all possible safety and security costs are recovered from direct funding sources, to enable the sustainability of suitable risk management structures for the context. Advise the Country Director on the management of the Country Office security budget and alert Country Office leadership and the Regional Security Manager of any safety and security budget gaps. Coordinate with the RSM and CO SSA on annual budget planning. Work closely with the Country Director to ensure that upcoming priorities and projects are anticipated and suitable risk management strategies resourced and prepositioned ahead of any new activities. Ensure that the RSM is updated on proposed new programs, operational areas or activities in the Haiti context. Provide guidance and oversight to the SSA on fleet management across the country. Cultivate and maintain safety and security networks within Haiti alongside the SSA and in the region alongside the RSM. Incident and crisis management

Lead the development of context-specific crisis contingency planning for CARE Haiti. Support the RSM in the design and delivery of context-specific crisis management training. Serve as the security lead on the Haiti Country Office Crisis Management Team, in communication with the Country Director (as CMT Lead) and RSM as regional crisis Advisor. Work alongside the national SSA to ensure all aspects of staff, asset and program safety are taken into account in effective management of the crisis. Serve as communications focal point during security events, leading immediate, formal, and after-action reporting for the CO. In collaboration with the national SSA, ensure that all necessary internal and external relationships are in place to activate crisis or incident contingency plans. In collaboration with the CO SMT, establish and maintain Business Continuity Plans and protocols, ensure that all necessary internal and external relationships are in place to activate business contingency phases. As directed by the RSM, assist in the development of regional crisis management protocols, plan deliverables, and assist with training and advising as necessary. In the absence of the RSM, step into the role of regional advisor under the guidance of the Director of Operational Security (CSU) and in communication with the LAC Regional Director. Capacity Building

Lead the development of safety and security capacity building of all staff to ensure understanding of – and adherence to – CARE Haiti security management practices and protocols. Closely work with the Haiti Safety and Security Advisor (SSA) to establish enforcement measures of the CO safety and security Standard Operating Procedures, with a focus on building ownership and understanding of security procedures by all CO staff. Develop and enhance the skills and capability of the national Safety & Security Advisor and any other safety & security focal points designated in CARE Haiti. Ensure the SSA has the capacity to manage the Haiti S&S during surge support needs or during DRSM absences from country. Assist the RSM in the delivery of the CSU’s Safety & Security Focal Point training and other relevant courses for Haiti and the region. In Coordination with RISKREADY, support the delivery of context-specific security and medical training for CARE Haiti. If capacity allows, support the delivery of French language training for the CSU. Reporting and advice

Report regularly to the CARE Haiti Senior Management Team to advise of any developments – internal or external to CARE – that are likely to impact the safety and/or sustainability of new or ongoing projects. Ensure that the RSM is apprised of all developments in a timely fashion. Ensure that the security team advises all CARE Haiti staff in a timely fashion and with appropriate detail of all developments that may impact movement, safety or security. Ensure the completion and delivery of all standard and ad hoc reports to the Country Office, Regional Director and Regional Security Manager as required by CSU protocols. Ensure relevant and timely compliance of all key security deliverables for the Haiti CO and any other CO has agreed upon. Develop the quality and timeliness of incident reporting from the CARE Haiti team, building analytical capacity as needed. Regional and CSU responsibilities

Provide gap cover for the Regional Security Manager as required, either due to absence, leave or other urgent priorities, supporting the Country Offices of the LAC region with security risk management advice, guidance and support. Work closely with the Regional Security Manager and Regional Director, alongside the Regional Leadership Team, to remain apprised of regional developments, strategy and priorities, to ensure knowledge and currency when assisting the region. As directed by the Regional Security Manager, participate and/or lead, (remotely or in-person), relevant meetings or trainings. In consultation with CARE Haiti, and where capacity allows, support the CARE Security Unit in the delivery of French language support, training or reporting at the direction of the Regional Security Manager. On rare occasions, and with the agreement of the Country Director and Regional Director, the DRSM may be requested to deploy to another operational location in CARE temporarily in support of critical security management needs.


Bachelor’s degree in a field related to humanitarian work and/or security risk management. Evidence of progressive development through regular vocational training. Fluency in French and English. Minimum of five years of experience in the field of humanitarian security risk management. Experience managing other security professionals. Demonstrated skills in assessment, Analysis and planning, along with strong written and oral communication skills. At least two years of experience living and working in a high-risk environment. Knowledge of the Haiti context and/or other operating environments in the LAC region. Fluency in written and spoken French and English.

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