Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Deputy Operations Director

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Job Description

As part of the overall strategy of the MSF WaCA section, and under the responsibility of the Director of Operations, the Deputy Operations Director plays a leading role in the association. He/she is at the heart of the social mission, in a process of close collaboration with operations and improvement of MSF's medico-operational practices. He/she is participating in the definition of MSF WaCA's medico-operational strategy, to translate it into politics and to monitor its implementation after validation by the associative bodies. He/she is responsible for the quality of MSF's operations and provides support to the field in Emergency responses.

The Deputy Operations Director provides support to missions to help them mainly define their medico-operational plan. He/she will therefore actively participate in the development of the WaCA medico-operational project. It ensures the proper functioning of the missions, being attentive to the development of increased autonomy for the fields and the good orientation of the support actions. He/she is responsible for certain cross-cutting files defined with the Operations Directorate.

Responsibilities :
  • Participate and assist the heads of mission in the definition of the 3-year medico-operational plan and its annual variations, ensuring that the Heads of Mission and the various departments participate in the development of the 3-year strategic plan.
  • Ensure the identification and formulation of the main medico-operational issues in collaboration with the Medical Director (research and monitoring activities in the areas of interest of operations, meetings and work with external actors)
  • Ensure that the key objectives of the other divisions are integrated into the mission plan.
  • Ensure that the needs planning, the team support plan and the results evaluation plan are clearly formulated and implemented.
  • Assist Heads of Mission on matters related to the implementation of operations, paying particular attention to the Security of the teams.
  • Facilitate the implementation of the project by ensuring that the resources available are matched to the resources required for the deployment of missions.
  • Ensure the relevance and quality of projects and facilitate the dissemination of results.
  • Organize the submission to the Project Committee of mission openings or closures and will ensure the dissemination of decisions after arbitration.
  • Propose public communication positions.
  • Participate in the supervision and animation of the Operations support team (especially during the operations meeting and operations seminars).
  • Set directions, define objectives and evaluate work.
  • Identify training needs within missions.
  • Work closely with Ops media to ensure the coherence of each other's policies with operational objectives.
  • Represent the director of operations on certain platforms (meeting)
  • Participate in the development and realization of spaces for exchanges and training of field teams (e.g. coordinators' weeks, project and environment).
  • In some cases and by delegation, represent the Director of Operations within the MSF movement.
Expérience :

· Expérience MSF confirmée de 4 ans, dont une expérience de Chef De Mission, de préférence complétées par une expérience à des fonctions à responsabilité au sein d’une cellule.

· Expérience de responsabilité terrain au sein d’une organisation médicale internationale exigée · Un parcours à responsabilité au sein d’un siège d’une ONG et un Master en santé publique, épidémiologie ou études humanitaires sont des atouts
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