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Work Location : US - Atlanta, GA Type of Post : Not Applicable Other Possible Location : Any country where CARE USA operates Funding : APPROVED Expected Travel : up to 40% Type of Contract : Language Requirement : ENGLISH Application Deadline : Employee Duration : Full-Time

CARE is a leading humanitarian and development organization dedicated to fighting poverty and social injustice with a special emphasis on human rights, gender equality and women and girls. CARE works in a variety of contexts from protracted crises to stable development settings and recognizes that a good comprehensive assessment of the underlying drivers of food and nutrition insecurity point to poverty, gender inequity, non-inclusive governance, poor adaptation to Climate Change and the inability to manage other economic and political shocks and stressors. To address these underlying drivers of poverty, the CARE Food and Water Systems (FWS) Global Team has developed the "She Feeds the World" (SFtW) framework, which underlies all of CARE's food and water systems (FWS) programming. The SFtW framework leverages CARE's experience and tools to bring about access to productive assets and resources to women and vulnerable groups, build capacities to improve their productivity, increase incomes through Agriculture and other livelihoods, increase the awareness of the negative impacts of climate change and how to mitigate them, increase access to critical nutrients and the adoption of effective behaviors to reduce malnutrition, ensure healthy lives for all members of society, and increase the capacity of women, men, boys and girls to adapt to and absorb shocks and stressers to build sustainability. Wherever possible, CARE works at the systems level to develop responsive governance systems that address the immediate and longer term needs of food insecure populations. At the same time, CARE works with market actors and systems to build their responsiveness to poor households, women and youth to enable their full participation. Increasing incomes of program participants through improving Agricultural Productivity and effective market linkages is at the core of CAREs agriculture and Markets work. We seek to ensure that small scale producers particularly women remain active and effective participants in the market place.

The Deputy Director for Agriculture and Markets ( A&M) under the FWS portfolio seeks to empower poor women farmers to increase their productivity, profitability in more equitable and climate resilient agricultural systems at scale.


Strategic and technical Global Leadership on Agriculture and Markets. - Agriculture and non-agriculture inclusive and gender trans-formative value chain development and market engagement are key Livelihood pathways for the Food and water Systems. The Agriculture and Markets Deputy Director will support FWS efforts to provide high quality technical assistance for agriculture and markets in its programs globally. This will include supporting and building the capacity of Country teams and programs to adopt market led practices that seek to increase market-led Agriculture Programming. Fundraising and Resource mobilization - The Deputy Director for Agriculture and Markets will work closely with the Director of the team to coordinate and spearhead fundraising and resource mobilization efforts that seek to increase funding for programs. Staff Management and Leadership - This responsibility requires excellent competency and skills in team building, Coordination, delegation with support and accountability, Problem Solving, and strategic decision-making. Knowledge Management and Learning - As part of our increasing need to multiply impact through knowledge management, partnerships and learning, the incumbent will support documentation and development of publications that demonstrate FWS in Agriculture and Market Systems development. Alliances, Partnerships and Representation - The FWS partnerships framework ensures effective partnership that scale and multiply the impact of CARES work. The incumbent will support the formulation and development of various partnerships that enable implementation of FWS work. These will include partnerships that aim to multiply the impact of FWS programming particularly around she Feeds the World Framework. This will include working closely with the partnership Director of the FWS team. Represent the Agriculture and Markets team and FWS with various donors, partners and peers and contribute to the other functions and technical areas of the FWS Unit.


Master’s degree in economics, social sciences, business, international development, agribusiness or any related field and combined with training in organization change and leadership. 10+ years in Program Management, technical assistance and Program Design. Demonstrated capacity to utilize and support others in utilizing a range of learning tools and approaches, both virtual and in-person. years of senior management/leadership experience with international agencies. 10 years of experience in international programming in economic development or food and nutrition security. Experience in GED and geographically disbursed and multidisciplinary team management. Successful fundraising experience. Planning for and oversight of large budgets. Experience in research design and monitoring and evaluation.


Overseas/international work experience. Experience as knowledge manager or trainer/coach at the manager/director/Coordinator level(s). Multilingual, but excellent in English.

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