Management Sciences for Health (MSH)

Deputy Chief of Party/Technical Director (Reproductive Health/Family Planning, Usaid/Integrated Malaria and Fp/Rh Activity)

Management Sciences for Health (MSH)

Job Description

Management Sciences for Health (MSH) is seeking a Deputy Chief of Party/Technical Director for a potential five-year integrated health program supporting malaria and reproductive health/family planning activities in Angola, which contribute to improved maternal and Child Health outcomes. Malaria continues to be the primary health concern in Angola and is the principal cause of morbidity and mortality. As such, one of the main objectives of this program is to further reduce malaria deaths and substantially decrease malaria morbidity, particularly among children less than five years of age and pregnant women. Additionally, many Angolans, including adolescents, have sexual and reproductive behaviors that put them at risk of reproductive health (RH) problems. These behaviors pose a threat to the well-being of Angolan youth, particularly girls. A second objective of this program aims to reduce maternal and Child Mortality by increasing access to family planning (FP) information, services, and commodities.

OVERALL RESPONSIBILITIES This position will be responsible for leading the technical direction of all RH/FP components of the USAID/Angola Supporting Malaria and Reproductive Health/Family Planning Activities, ensuring that staffing is aligned with the Activity’s vision, goals, and plans to achieve desired program results. With guidance and support of the Chief of Party (COP), the Deputy Chief of Party (DCOP)/Technical Director (TD) will coordinate the provision of RH/FP technical services, harmonize efforts, and maximize synergy and integration between program areas and units. S/he will set a positive tone for the entire project and inspire staff to apply results-based approaches for timely delivery of activities and deliverables, including but not limited to producing high quality documentation of project successes and lessons learned for local and international audiences, as well as quarterly reports.

  • Provide RH/FP technical leadership and managerial oversight for the project and ensure the efficient implementation of RH/FP project activities and the timely reporting of those activities to the doonor, stakeholders, and MSH headquarters.
  • Facilitate collaboration with partners, USAID, clients, and stakeholders, including MSH headquarters. Maintain partnerships that engender trust and respect.
  • Work in close collaboration with the project leadership team to ensure coordinated and effective operational support for the project and for MSH in Angola.
  • With the Finance &Administration Director, adapt and implement Management Systems with standard operating procedures to administer all activities funded by the agreement.
  • Promote a team approach that emphasizes high level performance, creative approaches, the achievement of personal and project goals, and a collegial approach that is focused on assisting one another to succeed.
  • Advise the COP on alignment of human resources with project work plans and SOW from the donors, MSH, and partners including on external sourcing of human resources and consultants.
  • Set direction and coordinate annual work plan development, implementation, and review.
  • S/he will identify opportunities for integrated planning and implementation creating synergies between various program areas.
  • Guide and coach project staff in leveraging project, non-project and community resources through the establishment and maintenance of partnerships and networks.
  • Contribute to a knowledge management system where the donor vision and government values reach beneficiary communities, and where learnings are documented and shared to adapt program strategies.
  • An advanced degree at the Masters level or above in social science, public health, or other appropriate area is required.
  • 8+ years of experience in the implementation and management of international development projects, specifically, with combined experience in two or more technical areas such as RH/FP and maternal and child health.
  • Demonstrated ability to build and maintain relationships with senior-level colleagues, particularly interacting productively, proactively, and comfortably with government agencies, NGOs, private sector groups, USAID and other donor organizations.
  • Demonstrated experience in Program Management and administration, and contract compliance. Experience with USAID projects is strongly preferred.
  • At least 5 years of supervisory experience. Must have a proven track record of building teams and fostering collaboration in order to achieve goals, meet milestones, and produce high quality written qualitative, quantitative, and narrative deliverables. Familiarity with USAID regulations and administrative procedures in the implementation of donor assisted projects.
  • Track record of strong commitment to sharing knowledge, documenting experiences, supporting creative initiatives, and sharing credit.
  • Demonstrated strategic agility, diplomacy, Conflict Management, team building, written and oral communication, and negotiation skills.
  • Fluency in written and spoken Portuguese and general professional proficiency (FSI3) in English required.
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