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Job Description


Micronutrient deficiencies during pregnancy represent a Public Health problem in Haiti, as well as in many other low- and middle-income countries. The most commonly used intervention to address these deficiencies is the provision of iron and folic acid (IFA) supplements. However, clinical trials have shown that the use of Multiple Micronutrient Supplements (MMS) provides additional benefits over FAF supplements taken alone in reducing adverse pregnancy outcomes. Recent guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend using implementation research to optimize the introduction of MMS in the context of antenatal care services.

In Haiti, the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP), Vitamin Angels, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH) and the Haitian Health Foundation (HHF) are partnering to conduct implementation research to inform the introduction and effective scale-up of an MMS program in five communes of the Grand-Anse department (‘the project’). Recognizing that the full benefits of MMS require a sufficient dose (at least 180 days during pregnancy) and that adherence is a significant challenge for IFA supplementation programs globally, a social and behavior change (SBC) approach is needed to enable pregnant women (i.e. the primary audience) take MMS as recommended.

To Design an effective SBC strategy, the project reviewed the landscape for MMS in Haiti and conducted formative research to identify barriers and enablers to pregnant women taking MMS. With these findings, the project developed an SBC strategy that includes a communication component. To begin, the project needs a creative concept and design templates for all forthcoming SBC communication media and materials.

This request for proposals seeks applications from experienced creative design agencies or individuals capable of developing a creative concept for the project and designing key SBC communication materials.


The objectives of this request for proposals are to design and develop:

  1. A creative concept and design templates for a suite of SBC communication materials to include an image with a name or phrase in Creole, colors and tone
  2. The first set of SBC communication materials

The design should be based on the project’s SBC strategy that is built on findings from formative research, in order to be appealing and meaningful to key participant groups and achieve the specific calls to action.


Objective 1: Creative Concept

Develop the creative concept for the project’s SBC communication strategy. This can also be considered “the Big Idea” or brand identity that will unify all of the SBC communication media and materials with a similar “look, tone and feel”. Keep in mind the design must carry across all recommended channels/tactics to ensure a consistent and impactful experience while delivering on research findings. Please consider the following:

  • Overall design to unify all communications
  • Color palette
  • Image style recommendation

Key activities:

  1. Propose two to three creative concepts for selection by and revision with Vitamin Angels.
  2. Once the concept is agreed, prepare the design including the name (in Creole), color palette, images and design templates (i.e., no content) for two or three application examples, i.e.:
    • Packaging for MMS bottle
    • Poster
    • Pamphlet
  3. With Vitamin Angels, test the concept and design elements with key participant groups to

ensure their appeal, relevance and potential call to action. Refine the design and make revisions according to the results.

  1. Deliver final graphics and designs to organization in electronic format (.pdf and design software) with any text in Creole (and translated into English).

This objective should be completed within three months from the start of the contract.

Objective 2: SBC Communication Materials

Using the agreed upon concept and designs developed in part 1 of this request for proposals, design and pretest the first set of SBC communication materials.

Key activities:

  1. Develop three SBC communication materials:
  • Poster for pregnant women promoting the benefits of using MMS
  • Pamphlet for pregnant women and their family members encouraging the use of MMS while addressing the main barriers to their use
  • Counselling cards for health workers to use when counselling pregnant women and their family members on taking MMS
  1. All materials must be developed in accordance with creative briefs developed by MSPP and Vitamin Angels following extensive formative research and will be finalized in consultation with the creative agency or consultant. Vitamin Angels can provide any additional technical content required.
  2. With Vitamin Angels, pretest with key participant groups to ensure their understanding, interest, identification, and clear call to action.
  3. Revise the design based on pretesting and feedback from Vitamin Angels.
  4. Deliver final designs to organization in electronic format (.pdf and design software) with any text in Creole (and translated into English).

This objective should be completed within six months from the start of the contract.

See deliverables table below for list of deliverables for each activity.


See pages 3-4 of the RFP to review detailed deliverables table, download the complete RFP here.


The contract with the creative agency will last up to six months from March-August. The work will be done in two phases aligned with the two objectives based on specific deliverables. If both parties agree, the contract could be extended for one year with additional deliverables to be agreed upon at a later time.


  • To share the overall SBC strategy that includes the SBC communication activities as well as relevant information available from research collected and conducted by the project.
  • To review, feedback and approve the creative concepts and documents submitted by the Agency.
  • To prepare technical content (in English) required for materials in phase 2.
  • To provide timely release of payment to the Agency based on contractual stipulations.


Vitamin Angels seeks a creative agency with the demonstrated expertise and experience to design creative and culturally meaningful concepts and designs.

The Agency will have:

  • Extensive experience and creativity with communications, including Graphic Design;
  • Work experience in the Haitian context, experience working with MSPP and CADME (Committee for the Support of the Development of Educational Materials) is preferred. Ideally, at least some staff are based in Haiti and able to pre-test in target areas. If the Agency has no presence in Haiti, staff will need to work with Vitamin Angels to partner with a local organization to conduct pre-tests;
  • A proven track record in collaborating with technical experts to design creative and meaningful communications concepts and content;
  • Demonstrated experience preparing high quality communication media and materials, including the ability to communicate the emotional (i.e. not just rational) benefits of a given practice;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the political and administrative context in Haiti;
  • Ability to communicate in English (not all participating staff must speak English, but at least the contact person must be fluent in English) and Creole.
  • Excellent references from past clients related to willingness to collaborate and responsiveness on revisions, and timely submission of deliverables according to agreed upon workplans.

How to apply


- The deadline for submission of applications is February 20th, 2023, or until a qualified applicant is found.

- Applications should be submitted by email to

- Applications must consist of the documents listed below; incomplete applications will not be considered.

  • Technical proposal of 4 pages maximum showing how the candidate understands these terms of reference and how he intends to implement the mission.
  • Financial offer (all taxes included and including travel costs and other costs related to the pre-test of the SBC in the department of Grand-Anse).
  • At least 3 samples of previous work (preferably relevant to the content of this work) and contacts of clients for whom the samples were developed.
  • CVs of all members of the team.

You can download the complete RFP here.

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