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Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Job Description

Issued on: 2/8/2021 Solicitation Number: ET.72037.02.2021 For: JEOP Final Evaluation Proposal Deadline: 03/01/2021 Project Overview

For the final evaluation CRS seeks to assess the impact and efficiency of JEOP interventions implemented since August 2012, in terms of achieving SOs and IRs and producing unintended results (positive or negative). The evaluation will also assess how the management, implementation and external factors affected results to inform future Food Security Programming. In particular, the evaluation will look at the following:
  1. Evaluate relevance - assess the overall JEOP strategy in terms of its relevance to address acute Food Insecurity, producing unintended outcomes, while considering contextual changes that have occurred since the program began implementation (e.g. Covid-19)
  2. Effectiveness - evaluate the effectiveness of strategies and interventions in terms of promoting or constraining achievement of intended/unintended results, their acceptability and perceived value to target individuals;
  3. Efficiency - assess efficiency, strengths and weaknesses of JEOP structures and Management Systems;
  4. Impact - evaluate JEOP’s impact (intended and unintended) on project participants and communities served.
  5. Coherence - How well does the intervention fit? To what extent do other interventions (particularly policies) support or undermine the intervention, and vice versa? Includes internal coherence and external coherence.
  6. Learning from experience - document best practices, lessons learned and challenges from activity Design and implementation
Requirements and Qualifications of the Evaluation Team: o Masters or above educational qualification in relevant fields such as social science, development studies, development evaluation, Disaster Risk Management, etc.

o Experience in evaluation design, methods, management, for USAID Title II Emergency Food Security Programs.

o Technical subject matter expertise (emergency food security, Title II programming).

o Technical expertise and skills in food security and early warning systems is a critical requirement.

o Strong background in cross-cutting program priorities (gender equality, women’s empowerment, protection disability and inclusion, environment, etc.).

o Multi-country experience in addition to Ethiopia experience; local language skills a plus.

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