Job Description

Fixed term | 12 Months | April / May 2023


Created in 1993, ACTED is an international non-governmental organization pursuing a dual mandate of emergency response and development interventions in 40 of some of the world’s most vulnerable countries affected by conflicts, disasters or socio-economic hardship. With a team of 7,000 national staff and 400 international staff, ACTED implements 500 projects a year to support more than 20 million beneficiaries, notably in hard-to-reach areas.

ACTED goes to the last mile through programs and approaches that look beyond the immediate emergency towards opportunities for longer term livelihood reconstruction and sustainable development. Guided by the motto “Think Local, Act Global” and its 3Zero –Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, and Zero Poverty – strategy, ACTED puts local territories at the centre and provides a tailored support to local needs.


ACTED has been present in Yemen since 2012 with a coordination office in Sanaa, and 4 area offices in Ibb, Sa’ada, Aden and Al Hudaydah. The INGO intervenes in ten governorates of the country (Al Dhale’e, Al Hudaydah, Al Jawf, Ibb, Raymah, Sa’ada, Taizz, Hajja, Dhamar, Lahj), riddled by conflict since 2015. The charity provides emergency response, as well as deliver rehabilitation and development projects with WASH, shelter, food security and Agriculture-programming" id="link" class="link">Agriculture Programming, camp coordination and Camp Management, economic recovery and market systems, cash and voucher programming.

After the start of the conflict, ACTED shifted strongly towards emergency programming, while remaining committed to longer-term livelihood and development strategies. The teams pursue programming in response to emergencies while building disaster resilience, co-constructing effective governance, and promoting inclusive and sustainable growth. Using a multi-sector approach, ACTED aims to comprehensively meet the needs of the most vulnerable displaced and host communities.

You will be in charge of

The Country Projects Coordinator is responsible for the provision of coordination and support as well as strategic planning and technical guidance on activities implemented in the mission, within the area, but not limited to CCCM, Livelihoods, Cash and WASH & Shelter. He/She plays a leading role in providing technical inputs to the country strategy and project development at the local and national level. Moreover, he/she supports the Project Teams in the planning, design, implementation, supervision, and potential expansion/development and Administration of CCCM, Livelihoods, Cash and WASH & Shelter interventions.

1. External Positioning

  • External Relations

a) Ensure external representation of ACTED, at country level, with local authorities, other project stakeholders, donors and partners.

b) Participate in and report (internally) on sectoral meetings, clusters and working groups involving all relevant stakeholders such as donors, NGOs, UN Agencies, inter-governmental institutions

c) Ensure effective coordination and collaboration with key stakeholders and partners, i.e. NGOs, Civil Society Organizations, community groups, and governement counterparts.

d) Identify opportunities to collaborate and coordinate efforts with other organizations to ensure our activities build upon – rather than replicate – the work of others.

  • Project development
  1. Collect and analyse primary and secondary data related to the CCCM, Livelihoods, Cash and WASH & Shelter sectors in Yemen.
  2. Analyse the activities in the CCCM, Livelihoods, Cash and WASH & Shelter sectors and relevant stakeholders.
  3. Identify the needs of the most vulnerable populations through regular visits and literature review, and through the design and implementation of relevant needs assessments in close collaboration with AMEU and Program teams.
  4. Lead CCCM, Livelihoods, Cash and WASH & Shelter project conceptualization workshops.
  5. Provide technical inputs into proposal design and ensure new or adapted projects for the CCCM, Livelihoods, Cash and WASH & Shelter sector focus on maximizing efficiencies, impact and integrated approaches.
  6. Internal support and coordination

2.1. Coordination

  1. Support the development and maintenance of a coherent programming strategy across ACTED’s areas of intervention in Yemen.
  2. Promote harmonization of approaches and methodologies across the different projects by developing and monitoring use of common tools, as well as creating opportunities for experience sharing and learning.
  3. Brief Project Managers/Deputy Project Managers about main WaSH/Infra issues and updating them on a regular basis.
  4. Organize internal projects review meetings.

2.2. Technical leadership

  1. Define CCCM, Livelihoods, Cash and WASH & Shelter project implementation modalities and methodologies (including, but not limited to technical specifications, identification and registration of beneficiaries, distribution, and sensitization)
  2. Lead the development of all technical tools related to CCCM, Livelihoods, Cash and WASH & Shelter projects (ToRs for consultants and evaluators, ad hoc reports, capitalization reports…).
  3. Analyze the appropriateness, adequacy and potential impact of all interventions in the CCCM, Livelihoods, Cash and WASH & Shelter sectors based on known contexts and needs.
  4. Provide Technical Support to the Project Managers/Deputy Project Managers and other project staff to implement ACTED projects to a high-quality standard.
  5. Liaise with WaSH/Infra technical staff on a regular basis to ensure technical assistance is provided to projects when needed.
  6. Disseminate tools, research, best practices and lessons learned internally and externally through publications, networks, working groups, events, and conferences.

2.3. Staff Capacity Building

  1. Participate in the training of project staff members.
  2. In coordination with Project Managers identify individual training needs and ensure access to training and professional development opportunities is appropriate to the skill gaps and needs.
  3. Provide training to projects teams on ACTED flagships and best practices.
  4. Develop training material for different trainings to share within the project teams.
  5. Develop capacity-building programmes for local actors (including partner NGOs and relevant local services providers).

Expected skills and qualifications

  • At least four years of field experience in Program Management and coordination
  • Demonstrated communication and organizational skills
    Ability to train, mobilize, and manage experienced staff;
  • Flexibility and ability to multi-task under pressure;
  • Ability to work well in unstable and frequently changing security environments;
  • Willingness to work and live in often remote areas under basic conditions;
  • Proven ability to work creatively and independently both in the field and in the office;


  • Salary between 2800 and 3000€ monthly (before income tax), depending on the level of education, security level, etc as well as a monthly living allowance of $300
  • Accommodation and food provided in ACTED guesthouse
  • Pension, health insurance, life insurance and repatriation assistance (& unemployment insurance for EU citizens)
  • Flight tickets every 6 months & visa fees covered
  • Contribution to the luggage transportation: up to 100 kgs, depending on the length of the contract
  • Rest & Recuperation (R&R) every 2 months, flight tickets covered up to $500 and allowance of $200
  • Annual leave of 25 to 43 days per year
  • One week pre-departure training in ACTED HQ, including a 3-days in situ security training
  • Tax advice (free 30-minute call with a tax consultant)
  • Psychological assistance

How to apply

Please send your application (CV and letter of motivation) by email (, including the reference: Country PC/YEM

Please note that ACTED will never charge a fee for the recruitment process.

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