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Consultant (Partnership Survey Data Analysis)

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Job Description


Working in partnership is central to Save the Children International’s (SCI) Theory of Change, and to the organization’s mission to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children and achieves immediate and lasting change in their lives. The successes, opportunities and challenges of the Save the Children Thailand Country Office are based to a large extent on how we collaborate with partners. Partnership issues cut across program and support sectors, and require a high level of Coordination if we are to ensure quality relationships.

Save the Children International Partnership Principles:

Save the Children International believes that good partnership encompasses the following principles: · Value Driven and Empowering relationships: implying aligned values, mutual respect and recognition of respective contributions and potential; · Transparency and Accountability: which imply that openness and honesty in working relationships are pre-conditions of trust. Only with transparent working and information sharing will a partnership be accountable to its stakeholders; · Mutual Benefit: means that those expected to contribute to the partnership should also derive added value from it, in addition to bringing about changes for children. Only in this way will the partnership ensure the continuing commitment of partners and therefore be Sustainable.

The Partnership Survey Purpose:

In keeping with our Partnership Principles we want to ensure that our partners have space and confidence to provide feedback to Save the Children, and trust we will use this feedback to improve our practice and learn as an organization. It is for this reason, that we have launched this partnership survey in an attempt to gather valuable feedback from our programmatic partners on the quality of our relationships in accordance to partnership principles, outlined above. The survey result will not only help Save the Children Thailand to track partner satisfaction but based on the feedback received, Save the Children Thailand will develop and deliver an action plan to respond to the partner’s feedback.

Consultancy Description

Purpose of the consultancy

To ensure neutrality and confidentiality, Save the Children Thailand is looking for a consultant to work on data Analysis (both quantitative and qualitative data) and reporting the results of Partnership survey from 23 partner organizations.

Scope of the consultancy

The consultant will check and clean the entered data and analyze both quantitative and qualitative data respond from partners. The consultant will prepare the power point presentation and a full report with 2 pages summary of the Data Analysis and drawing conclusion and recommendation from the result in both English and Thai.


The consultant will work tentatively during 17 Feb- 11 Mar 2021 and will deliver on the following: Deliverables

Number of working Days

-Data check and clean -1 Day -Data analysis and reporting -10 Days -Present finding and submit 1st draft report -1 Day -Report revision and submit Final report with 2 pages summary in both English and Thai -3 Days Note: Dates and times for deliverables will be changed upon consultation with the candidates.


The consultant will report to the Coordinator" id="link" class="link">MEAL Coordinator and the Partnership Working Group Chair. Save the Children will approve all plans and documents developed by the consultant.

The consultancy will be both, remote and in-person. Any costs due to travel related to the consultancy should be covered in the consultancy budget proposal.


The applicant is requested to submit the proposal, work plan, and detailed budget with their application. The financial competitiveness of application will be considered in the selection process. All costs associated with delivery must be included. Please factor in translation cost include translation of respond information (we expected to have respond in English and Thai and a few in Karen), translation final presentation file, summary pages and full report; SCI will not pay for non-work travel, per diem, translation, supplies.


  • Thai applicant or foreigner with work permit.**
  • Language proficiencies required include Thai and English.
  • Experience in work related to Partnership framework or partnership strategy is an asset.**
  • Proven experience with quantitative and Qualitative Research methods, and statistical analysis using statistical software.**
  • Ability to work independently and meet tight deadlines**
Submission for the consultancy application

  • Submissions for the consultancy must address the TOR and include:
  • Name and contact details of the applicant
  • Resume of the lead consultant
  • A cover letter outlining the relevant experience and expertise of the consultant as well as initial ideas on the approach to be taken to achieve the consultancy objectives
  • A draft summary proposal (Design, methods, approach) to meet the scope of the consultancy (max 5 pages)
Period of open for submission: 8 – 14 February 2021 Submission through: Further enquiry:
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