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Consultant (Nuclear Safety Technical Support)

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

Job Description

  Organizational Setting

The Department of Nuclear Safety and Security (NS) formulates and implements the IAEA's nuclear Safety and Security programme, which encompasses the Agency's activities to protect people and the environment from radiation exposure, and responds to the safety and security related needs of its Member States.

The objective of the Division of Nuclear Installation Safety (NSNI) is to achieve and maintain a high level of safety of nuclear installations worldwide that are under Design or construction or in operation.

The Division does this by establishing standards of safety for the protection of health, including standards for nuclear power plants and other nuclear installations and facilities, and by providing for the application of these standards through, among other things, support for the IAEA's Technical Cooperation programme, the rendering of safety review services, the promotion of education and training, the fostering of Information Exchange and the Coordination of Research and Development. In addition, the Division helps ensure safety at nuclear installations by promulgating international safety instruments such as the Convention on Nuclear Safety and the Code of Conduct on the Safety of Research Reactors.

NSNI comprises five Sections:
  • External Events Safety Section
  • Operational Safety Section
  • Safety Assessment Section
  • Regulatory Activities Section
  • Research Reactor Safety Section
The main objective of the Regulatory Activities Section (RAS) is to help enhance effective regulatory infrastructures for nuclear safety in Member States based on IAEA safety standards and the use of self-assessment. The Section's activities include safety review and advisory missions to Member States, the development and revision of safety standards, support for effective regulatory development for countries embarking on new nuclear power programmes, development of training programmes for regulators, and organizational aspects related to the Convention on Nuclear Safety.

Main Purpose

Develop and finalize safety guidance documentation including organizing and participating in consultancy meetings, technical meetings and reviewing content for technical accuracy in line with IAEA safety standards.

Functions / Key Results Expected

  • Develop and finalise the following TECDOCs:
    • Regulatory Enforcement Process & Legal Action
    • Conduct & Use of Regulatory Nuclear Safety Research
    • Regulating the Safety & Security Interface during oversight of nuclear installation
  • Prepare presentations, coordinate Member State technical inputs and conduct literature research to assist in the preparation and conduct of consultancy and technical meetings.
  • Provide the required technical expertise in the areas of regulatory enforcement, legal proceedings and the conduct and use of regulatory research.
  • Develop training material, including e-learning, to support Member States in the implementation of IAEA safety requirements and TECDOC related guidance specifically in the areas of Management of Regulatory Experience, Integrated Safety Assessment and Regulating the Safety & Security interface.
Qualifications and Experience

  • University Degree in Engineering or Applied Science (Physics, Chemistry or engineering).
  • Minimum 10 years of experience in nuclear science/engineering within a nuclear safety context.
  • Good knowledge of the Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) project structure, system and components and experience of regulatory oversight and licensing during the various phases of construction, commissioning and operation of NPPs.
  • Practical experience in the development and implementation of the regulatory framework (regulations & guides) for the oversight of nuclear power plant.
  • Experience in organizing and coordinating regulatory interventions such as review and assessment, inspection and enforcement for nuclear power plant.
  • Experience in drafting technical documents.
  • Excellent oral and written command of English. Knowledge of other official IAEA languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish) is an asset.

The remuneration for this consultancy is a daily fee of up to a maximum of € 300, based on qualifications and experience. In case duty travel is required within the assignment, a daily subsistence allowance (DSA) and travel costs are provided. Health coverage and pension fund are the responsibility of the incumbent.

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