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Consultant - External Review of Race Equality and Equity in Iom, Home Based

International Organization For Migration (IOM)

Job Description

Classification : Consultant, Grade Other Type of Appointment : Consultant, six months Estimated Start Date : As soon as possible Closing Date : 31 January 2021 Established in 1951, IOM is a Related Organization of the United Nations, and as the leading UN agency in the field of migration, works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners. IOM is dedicated to promoting humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all. It does so by providing services and advice to governments and migrants.


Staff members of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) are represented by the Global Staff Association (GSA). The GSA aims to safeguard the collective and individual rights and interests of IOM staff members globally, promote their welfare, resolve issues arising between IOM staff members and the Administration, and advocate with the Administration for changes that will benefit IOM staff members and the Organisation as a whole. In 2017, IOM created the Global Staff Association Committee (GSAC) to replace the Staff Association Committee in Geneva and to act as the executive body of the GSA. GSAC members were elected in 2018.

Through this consultancy, GSAC seeks to develop a five-year global Anti-Racism Strategy for IOM and contribute towards supporting the Administration’s efforts to making IOM into a model for racial equity, ultimately contributing to staff well-being.

Under the overall supervision of the GSAC Chairperson and direct supervision of the Diversity and Inclusion Officer (based in the Human Resources Management Division) and in consultation with existing anti-racism working groups, the successful candidate will be tasked with performing all activities listed under Core Functions / Responsibilities below.

Core Functions / Responsibilities:

Research, Coordination, and Planning

1. Devise an implementation plan and timeline of the work and deliverables based on the Terms of Reference, to be reviewed and agreed upon with GSAC and the Diversity and Inclusion Officer.

2. Engage in preliminary consultations with GSAC and the Diversity and Inclusion Officer to gain an in-depth understanding of the IOM context and receive background information necessary to Design a five-year Anti-Racism Strategy tailored to the Organisation’s specific needs.

3. Facilitate three virtual roundtables with senior management and various units of the Administration to gather in-depth knowledge on the Organisation’s functioning at the managerial and strategic levels and the prevalence of racism and ethnicity-based discrimination in the Organisation.

4. Conduct a systematic literature review and carry out Desk Research on racism and ethnicity-based discrimination in IOM and the UN system in general.

5. Analyse existing IOM data to extract information that can serve to increase understanding of race and ethnicity at IOM, including staffing data as well as the results from the 2019 Global Staff Engagement Survey and the 2016 Diversity and Inclusion Report, among others.

6. Conduct a survey involving all IOM staff in order to gather data on lived experiences and perceptions about racism and ethnicity-based discrimination in the IOM workplace as well as analyse and present the survey results to IOM staff through two global webinars.

7. Facilitate at least three virtual focus group discussions with staff in the Geneva, Manila, and Panama time zones to gather additional structured feedback on staff members’ views, perceptions, and concerns on racism and ethnicity-based discrimination in the workplace from a diverse array of national and international IOM staff.

8. Interview at least 15 staff members from a range of diverse backgrounds and located in different geographical areas in order to gather qualitative data based on their lived experiences.


1. Produce a report based on the literature review, desk research, as well as consultations with IOM staff and the IOM Administration on racism and ethnicity-based discrimination to define the current situation and be used as a basis for formulating the Anti-Racism Strategy. The document should include, among others: a. definitions of “race” and “ethnicity” that can be applied in IOM for staff to self-report incidents of racism and ethnicity-based discrimination.

b. an Analysis of staff members’ needs and experiences, the Organisation’s challenges, and any organisational factors and practices that may contribute to perpetuating structural inequality, as well as key trends.

c. an examination of racial and structural inequalities in IOM, highlighting any potential situations that may be contributing to furthering unjust power dynamics in IOM both for staff members and beneficiaries.

d. an analysis of critical points in the IOM employment cycle and identification of areas where race and ethnicity should be included as a critical factor to reduce bias in employee selection and decision-making processes.

e. an interrogation of intersectionality and its implications in terms of gender, LGBTIQ+ identities, disability, age, and other identity considerations at IOM.

f. concrete recommendations for the development of a five-year Anti-Racism Strategy.

Interaction with Senior Management

1. Present the report to IOM senior management; and 2. Conduct at least one virtual anti-racism training workshop for senior management at Headquarters as well as two virtual anti-racism training workshops for Regional Directors and selected Chiefs of Mission and make recommendations about topics to be covered in awareness-raising Please click "Apply Now" button to view job description and further application details.
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