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For Development of an Information Management and Visualization System Compiled by Somali Resilience Program (SomReP) World Vision Somali Office Background

The SomReP[1] consortium established in 2013 is an ambitious approach to tackle the challenge of recurrent droughts and the chronic vulnerability that results among pastoralists, agro-pastoralists, and peri-urban households across Somali. Seven international NGOs with deep experience in Somali have joined as a long-term consortium to build and field test a resilience model based on the latest global resilience thinking, innovative livelihood approaches for the Somali context, and bridging the relief to development continuum.

In more than six years, SomReP has been implementing numerous resilience projects which have impacted positively on thousands of beneficiaries. The interventions have helped to improve the absorptive, adaptive and transformative capacity of households to respond to shocks which has ultimately led to improved economic wellbeing and resilience to shock and stress.

Owing to complexity of interventions[2] that SomReP implements, a backlog of data is collected at different levels to help the programme monitor progress and assess the impact of its interventions. The data are collected through a mobile Data Collection system, KoBo. Considering the large volumes of data collected and the complexity of the programme, it has become increasingly challenging to process, analyse real time data and track progress at different levels: process, output, outcome, and impact level. It is against this background that SomReP seeks to hire the services of a consultant to help develop an information management, analytics and visualization platform that will enable SomReP track progress at different level (process, output, outcome and impact levels).

The consultancy sought after will therefore provide further recommendations, support and help in setting up a mobile data collection system, a cloud based database, a web based application that will be able to upload all data from the previous implemented projects as well as register new projects and activities together with a Data Visualization platform that will facilitate the Analysis of collected data. The system should also generally support generation of user-friendly ad hoc reports and insights. The consultant will also be required to build capacity of the World Vision Somali IT and Monitoring and Evaluation team of the consortium on updating and maintenance of the system to be developed.

Objectives and Scope of Work

The objectives of this consultancy is to develop an Information Management and Visualization System that will support SomReP and World Vision Somali in mobile data collection, managing, processing and analysing real time data and visualizing the key results on identified indicators to support decision making process. The Data Management and visualization system shall include development of a dynamic dashboard that will constitute a holistic project’s management information system.

The consultancy is crucial in creating dynamic linkages between field data forms, GIS data and creation of a cloud-based M&E database as well as working to continually identify, acquire and enrich the raw data & M&E database with external spatial and quantitative data relevant to SomReP’s M&E systems. The consultant is expected to deliver timely results in a wide range of areas including but not limited to the following: 1. Project requirement/problem definition:

The consultant will be expected to meet with the technical unit M&E and Programs personnel for a one-day workshop to understand the user requirements and provide technical advice and recommendations on the system proposed. This is to be done during the inception phase of the consultancy.

2. User permission modules and user interface:

The consultant will be expected to design the project managers user interface that will incorporate user permission levels on the front-end application. The consultant will collaborate with the consortium technical unit monitoring and evaluation and program personnel to define the user groups (levels).

3. Server-filter:

The consultant will be expected to code and test server filters for activities and beneficiaries in line with the user permission levels.

4. Activity capturing and definition module:

The consultant will be expected to incorporate a module for defining and capturing activities at the household, community and group level. Provision should be made to allow for activity revision and modification as well as addition of a narrative section for the explanation or justification of activity modification. The system to be developed should be in a position to incorporate a performance-tracking module that flags activities that are non-performing through tracking and monitoring the activities set target against the planned within the specified project timeline.

5. Narrative report capturing module:

The system to be developed will be expected to incorporate a report capturing module that allows the program managers to attach their narrative reports with pictures. The attachment file format and template will be agreed upon during the inception workshop.

6. Unique/Distinct counting of beneficiaries:

The system to be developed should be in a position to define new database views to solve distinct counting of beneficiaries benefiting from several interventions due to layering and sequencing of different projects.

7. Creation of a Database:

The consultant will be expected to recommend a database schema and support creation of a cloud-based database that will eventually be compatible with Power BI dashboard platform and data collection applications.

8. Provision of beneficiaries’ unique identification number:

The consultant will be expected to incorporate a module for providing and capturing beneficiaries’ unique identification number and which will be aligned to the consortium’s and World Vision Somali beneficiaries’ registration form.

9. Master log-frame and project update module:

The consultant will be expected to incorporate a module for capturing new and updating ongoing projects. The module should capture the start and end date, status and implementing consortiums members under the project. Provision should also be made to allow track for expenditure at the consortiums and World Vision Somali members level.

10. System Access Controls and User Permissions and Context Monitoring and Reporting

The system to be developed should be in a position to restrict views for consortium’s staff and World Vision Somali from the different members organization by having filtered views for district, communities, activities and registered beneficiaries. The project manager tool should be able to have activities filtered by States, Regions, District, result areas, communities, status, timeline including implementation period (yearly, quarterly and monthly) and project. A module should also be created to allow for downloading of filtered data set from the project manager’s tool and also generating of reports.

  1. Strategy/programme impact tracking
The data base should allow capture of strategy KPIs under ministry impact, operational excellence, Ministry funding and people learning and growth. Further to that, allow collating, analysis and visualization of strategy performance against targets in the areas highlighted at different levels of KPI hierarchy 12. Training and system documentation:

The consultant should be able to develop a standard operating manual that will document the development process and guide users on the use of the system. This will then inform the basis of the training to be provided to the IT team and consortiums Program and M&E personnel on the use of information management system.

13. System piloting:

Deployment of the live project manager’s tool. Consultant to monitor the project manager’s tool remotely, troubleshoot and fine tuning of the live system if need arises. Consultant to review and implement the program manager’s feedback for a period of three months after the roll out of the system 14. Data Mapping:

Consultant in collaboration with the technical unit, M&E team to upload and map the past SomReP and World Vision Somali projects data onto the new project manager’s data structure.

15. Data security:

The consultant will be expected to ensure the system is configured in such a way that data/information security and the security standards in the supplier qualification check are adhered to.

16. System migration:

The consultant will be expected to migrate the system developed so that it be hosted internally in World Vision Server and test case each phase to ensure a smooth migration. This will be done after the three-month free maintenance period.

Time frame and estimated working days

The assignment is expected to start in the month of March 2021 and be completed within 60 working days Key competences, technical background and experience required

Applications are open to individuals or registered firm/company both international and local based.

Applicants should have the following skills and qualifications:

§ Must have done 3 similar systems in the past 2 years. Part of the application process will include sending a link to previous work § Proven work experience as a data/systems Analyst, use of web enabled systems and prior experience in development of an information Management Systems related to resilience projects in a Humanitarian context § Strong experienced in Software Development (ex: Web development in JS, PHP, and HTML). Prior experience in development of an information management system for humanitarian organization will be an added advantage.

§ Experience with data modelling and statistical tools preferably in R and Python § At least 7 years’ experience in M&E or M&E systems design § Experience in developing data visualization tools/dashboards using Power BI § Extensive database management skills including complex queries, performance tuning and database development § Familiarity of mobile data collection platforms including KoBo, ONA and ODK § Ability to design and implement version I and II of KoBo toolbox, API for both internal and external data access § Advanced degree (Masters level) in a relevant field (Computer Science, data/information management, advanced statistical analysis, information technology, software engineering and Monitoring and Evaluation) § Adequate technical manpower to carry out the project and complete it on time.


The application document should include the following; I. Technical Proposal § Profile of the service provider § Understanding of the ToR § Ability to meet the functionalities sought § Samples of proof of similar work undertaken – shared as attachment or URL/link § Proposed architecture and system design of the information management system II. Financial proposal (budget) in USD and which should be inclusive of all applicable taxes and project related cost clearly tabulated.

[1] SomReP is consortium comprised of ACF, ADRA, CARE, COOPI, DRC, Oxfam, and lead agency World Vision that aims to enhance resilience of chronically vulnerable people, households and systems in targeted pastoral, agro-pastoral and peri-urban livelihoods zones in Somali by strengthening adaptive, absorptive, and transformative capacities, improving eco-system health and program learning and research on resilience.

[2] Which are generally layered and sequenced to achieve maximum results.

Application Process All interested bidders are requested to submit their Technical Proposals and Financial Proposals in Separate documents as attachments (Bidders who will combine both technical and financial proposals shall be disqualified) via email on or before 14th February 2021.

Bids received after deadline shall not be considered.

Email title should be;- Development of an Information Management and Visualization System.

Your financial proposal should have your professional fee and any other related cost clearly tabulated. Financial proposal should not be part of the technical proposal,it should be a separate document.

Only selected candidates will be contacted and further required to make a demo of a similar information management system they have developed later at World Vision Offices in Karen.

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