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Communication Coordinator Analyst (GDPRD)

International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Job Description

  The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is an international financial institution and a specialized United Nations agency dedicated to eradicating rural poverty and hunger. It does so by investing in rural people. IFAD finances programmes and projects that increase Agricultural Productivity and raise rural incomes, and  advocates at the local, national and international level for policies that contribute to rural transformation.

Post's organizational accountability

The Global Donor Platform for Rural Development (GDPRD, or “the Platform”) is a network of bilateral and multilateral donors, international financial institutions and foundations that share a common vision of the role that Agriculture and rural development play in reducing global poverty and combating hunger and malnutrition. The Platform Secretariat, hosted by IFAD, supports members’ initiatives to enhance development effectiveness through knowledge sharing and advocacy.

As part of the External Relations and Governance Department (ERG), the Global Engagement, Partnership and Resource mobilization (GPR) Division has a specific focus on global engagement, partnerships (including with the private sector, foundations, bilateral and multilateral organizations), and on driving the resource mobilization efforts with traditional and non-traditional donors and partners. Within this framework, the GPR Division addresses three main functions: (i) global engagement and multilateral relations; (ii) South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC); and (iii) replenishment, resource mobilization and advocacy. Among its broad range of functions, GPR is the division in IFAD mandated to host the Secretariat of the GDPRD.

The Communication Coordination Analyst, reporting to the Senior Partnership Officer (Coordinator, Global Donor Platform for Rural Development Secretariat), is responsible for implementing the Platform’s communication and outreach strategy, to improve the networking and communication amongst the diverse members of the Platform. S/he is responsible for constantly updating the information on the Platform website; editing and publishing articles for the website; social media management; drafting articles for Platform’s online-newsletter; supporting the production of Platform PR-material (Platform presentations, flyers, brochures etc.) as well as for drafting short papers such as info notes or more comprehensive studies, and the Platform’s Annual Report. Additionally, s/he will be facilitating the Platform’s engagement in the thematic rural development and food security policy areas, supporting working groups and their members in the implementation of their work programme, such as organizing webinars, workshops or side events. S/he will contribute to the Platform’s progress reports and annual reports on the respective workstream topic.

The Communication Coordination Analyst will be responsible for the following functional activities:
  • Information management
  • Substantive support to the strategic planning of external and Internal communication and outreach strategies
  • Build and maintain partnerships
  • Managerial functions

Key results expected / Major functional activities

1. Information management:
  • Draft content for the Platform website, e-newsletters, policy papers, etc.
  • Maintain GDPRD social media presence
2. Substantive support to the strategic planning of external and Internal communication and outreach strategies:
  • Coordinate the Platform’s communications, including by advising the Senior Partnership Officer on key monitoring indicators and making recommendations on the contribution of communication and outreach activities to the Platform, as required.
  • Coordinating research on the Platform’s visibility, reputation surveys and communication audits.
  • Work closely with Platform members to collect stories from their projects in the field and shape content for corporate products, outreach and priority engagements, to ensure overall coherence of messaging and data as well as information-sharing, within the Platform as a whole.
  • Coordinate multi-component, communication initiatives receiving and consolidating inputs, maintaining a strategic overview of the communication priorities – particularly with regards to the implementation of the Platform’s communication strategy.
3.Build and maintain partnerships:
  • Lead the Platform’s communications efforts around partnerships, to publicize results achieved and conform to the Platform’s visibility requirements, globally and at field level.
4. Managerial Functions: Is accountable for integrity, transparency, and equity in the personal use of assigned resources, including equipment and supplies.

Impact of Key results / Key performance indicators The work requires Analysis of current trends. While the type of analysis and decision¿making varies, typical examples include: interpreting a body of rules, regulations and precedents to determine new communication opportunities.

Communication Analyst positions have access to advice and on-the-job training from more senior officers.

Representation / Work relationships

The work relationships of Communication Analysts involve close interaction with team members, and staff of other Platform Members, and throughout IFAD. This requires skills in building constructive, effective relationships.



  • Strategic thinking and organizational development: Personal influence (Level 1)
  • Demonstrating Leadership: Personal leadership and attitude to change (Level 1)
  • Learning, sharing knowledge and innovating: Continuously seeks to learn, shares knowledge and innovates (Level 1)
  • Focusing on clients: Focuses on clients (Level 1)
  • Problem Solving and decision making: Demonstrates sound problem solving and decision making ability (Level 1)
  • Managing time, resources and information: Manages own time, information and resources effectively (Level 1)
  • Team Work: Contributes effectively to the team (Level 1)
  • Communicating and negotiating: Communicates effectively: creates understanding between self and others (Level 1)
  • Building relationships and partnerships: Builds and maintains effective working relationships (Level 1)

  • Knowledge of the principles and concepts of communication, excellent writing skills and experience in communications initiatives.
  • Ability to identify issues, formulate guidance  and make conclusions and recommendations.
  • Analytical and organizational skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively in a diverse organization tailoring language, tone, style and format to match audience; ability to present sometimes negative results in a considered and tactful manner to promote acceptance.
Minimum recruitment qualifications


  • Advanced university degree from an accredited institution in journalism, communications, social sciences or other job-related fields. The Advanced University degree may be substituted by a first university degree (Bachelor or equivalent) plus at least four additional years of relevant professional experience, over and above the minimum number of years of experience as stipulated below.

  • At least two years progressively responsible relevant experience in a multi-cultural organization providing analytical Communication Support.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English. Working knowledge of another official language (Arabic, French, or Spanish) is desirable.

Other information

Applicants should note that IFAD staff members are international Civil Servants subject to the authority of the President of IFAD, and they may be assigned by him/her to any of the activities of IFAD, including field assignments and/or rotation within IFAD.

In the interest of making most cost effective use of funds and resources, we are only able to respond to applicants who are short-listed for interview. Candidates who do not receive any feedback within three months should consider their application unsuccessful Candidates may be required to take a written test and to deliver a presentation as well as participate in interviews.

Candidates may be required to take a written test and to deliver a presentation as well as participate in interviews.

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